Last Hope Chapter 2 part 7 Stablelot (FluffySadist)


You’re name is Soul you are a black and white Pegasus stallion with a dark mane. For the past day you have been traveling to Stablelot. before that you started you’re training with Driscoll first running than hoof to hoof and after that sword fighting each time Driscoll taught to a lesson and once you were done with those the rest of the day was spent building endurance and building muscle. This went on for 3 weeks and once you were finished you had changed drastically. You were now much more muscular and strong you were able to run a lot farther and were much more skillful with hooves and sword. Once you were outside the gates ready to depart you met with Driscoll who when asking if you had everything you checked not being able to find you’re sword than Driscoll called out he had with him a box and told you he threw you’re sword away and to open it. Opening the box you saw what had to be the nicest sword you ever saw looking so grand and sharp it must had cost a pretty penny. You hugged Driscoll thanking him for the training and gift. Driscoll was coming with you having some errands to run in Stablelot going into the front wagon while yours was in the back. Once inside Willy took interest in the sword asking if he could see it showing him both Merlin and Monica took a look and Merlin asked if I was going to name her. After thinking I decided to name it after the sword mentioned in the moving pictures that gave Merlin his name. A sword in a stone Excalibur.

During the travels I asked Merlin about the whole naming the your weapon thing he said that when a warrior has a weapon so great or for one they had for a long time. There’s a tradition to name it and once you do you carry that weapon for life for it is now sacred and once you die the weapon is passed down through generations until it breaks or is replaced. While asleep I and the rest of my friends were rudely awakened as we were told to get off that we were here. Stepping out I saw Driscoll and the other front wagon passengers were out. And there was a massive stone wall infront of us it was much higher than the one at seaside. The gate was closed one of the caravan guards came can have a hoof gesture to one of the gate guards peaking through a small hole in the wall. After a few seconds the gate opened and inside I saw something that left me speechless. The city in every direction looked endless and it wasn’t like I could see much as most of the buildings at the entrance were multi story trade buildings made of wood and stone. Even in the early morning the streets were packed with people. Looking you could see lot’s of workers raising orange banners and blocking some parts of the road off in preparation for unification day parade. there were really only two buildings that towered over everything else the first and tallest was the Imperial palace it was made from metal and looked ancient compared to the rest of Stablelot but even then it looked strong and grand with most of the building being painted white. The second was a large circular structure also looking ancient the building was draped in multiple orange banners with the main entrance having a large portrait of Xerxes this building had to be The Arena.

As we were walking heading towards Main Street Merlin spoke to me “‘ou wanted to go get somethin’ to num. Mewwin knows dis pwace pwetty cwose by dey sewbe a mean wat stew!” I looked at Merlin and responded “suwe why not.” We started to follow Merlin with only Driscoll not coming since he had left telling us we will meet him later once he finished some errands. Walking we arrived at Main Street. The street was around double the size of a normal street in the center stood a large pillar with engraving showing the story of unification. Also on Main street were most of the headquarters of the major guilds. The buildings were made out of stone and most were 4 to 7 stories tall. Continuing to follow Merlin he stopped at a cramped alleyway between two large building’s signaling us to follow him we did. It was pretty dark most of the sunlight was blocked out then we reached a door with a small candle illuminating it Merlin opened it and we followed him inside. inside the place was small with there only being a few tables we sat down and a employee approached “wewcome what couwd I get 'ou!” Merlin spoke “4 wat stew’s pwease an’ wiff 1 of dah owdew’s make dah meat wittwe mowe tendah.” The employee nodded and left while waiting I saw a large poster it was in the style of a tournament bracket with a logo of two crossed swords it also showed the faces of a lot of mean looking fluffies. Looking at it I could make out my face curious about this poster I walked over.

I approached one the the cooks they were sitting right next to the poster and looked like they were on break. The cook was a black stallion with a dark blue mane the cook was also slightly chubby and wearing a chefs uniform and hat when I approached him I began to speak. “Hewwo sowwy fo’ bothewin’ ‘ou buh Souw was wondewin’ what am that postah about?” The Cook looked at me than at the poster than spoke “oh dis just shows aww dah fites happenin’ tomowwow nothin’ that speshuw weawwy.” The Cook was about to go back to what they were doing than gave a look of shock looking at me than back at the poster than back at me. “hey 'ou am one of dah guys on dah postew!” I give a small nod than speak “Yes Souw was wondewin’ who that pewson abobe Souw am?” I pointed to the portrait of the Fluffy above me. They were a light grey stallion with a brown mane one of the fluffies eyes was missing with a very visible scar. The Cook looked for a moment than responded “Oh damn ugh to be honest Petah has nu idea buh Petah knows someone who does. Hey Wucy dewe’s someone hewe am gon’ wanna meet!” I heard footsteps Peter spoke “heads up how do petah put it? wucy am a weawwy big fan of dah Awena.” a voice spoke getting more clear every second. “Petah Wucy doesn’t hab time fo’ dis! Wucy has 4 owdews of wat stew that nee’ cooki-” as Lucy turns her jaw drops in shock.

Lucy was a mare with a yellow coat and had a green mane she was also wearing a chefs uniform and hat but it was pretty messy from all the cooking. “Wucy nu can bewiebe it’s an actuaw gwadiatow! Wucy knows 'ou am Souw can Wucy pwease hab am autogwaph!” Lucy comes running up to me “Suwe Souw guess. Hey do ‘ou know who iww be fightin’ sowwy Souw just got hewe.” Lucy looks at me than at the poster than back. “Oh couwse Wucy can! someone wike ‘ou wouwd nee’ aww dah hewp can get of couwse 'ou see that fwuffie up dewe am BoneHoof,” I was going to ask for some more context but Lucy was running back to the kitchen than after 10 seconds she came running back with some notepad and ink and places it down and smiles. “who’s BoneHoof?” As I say this I cover my hoof in ink and start signing the notebook Lucy looking like the happiest person in the world responds. “Oh BoneHoof? ‘Ou see a few yeaws ago BoneHoof was a saiwow wiff a unknown name an’ duwin’ a boyage he was shipwwecked. When he wecobewed he had weawized he was on wand wuwed by a cannibaw cuwt. fo’ obah a yeaw he fought them kiwwin’ most untiw he was abwe to get dah attention of smaww fishin’ boat an’ was wescued. Nobody knew who he was aww dah scaws made him unabwe to be identified BoneHoof cwaimed dah Fwuffie that washed up on dah cuwsed wand was dead an’ bonehoof was bown!” To be honest BoneHoofs story sounded pretty badass but it also made me a little worried as he would be the first person I would be fighting and he wasn’t going to be the last as if I was able to defeat him I would have to fight and defeat two more fighter’s before fighting Xerxes himself. “Am dah stowy twue?” Lucy responds “that’s dah stowy bonehoof towd.” Felling satisficed I decide to head back to my table “Fank ‘ou Wucy an’ Petah” Peter gives a nod while Lucy speaks “am wewcome Souw!” As I come back I sit down and after a few more minutes the food arrives and we eat. After we are finished we pay and leave. After some walking exploring the city we meet up with Driscoll at that time it was dusk “Souw gud am hewe. It’s time to head to dah Awena we hab to be compwetewy pwepawed when dis thin’ stawts!” I sigh than speak. “Dis am it otay’ just one wastes’ thin’ befowe we weabe” I go and give a hug to each of my friends Merlin gave me a hug with a pat on the back. Monica gave me one brushing my wings. And Willy gave me a tight hug with a few tears in his eyes after that me and Driscoll left heading to the Arena knowing that tomorrow could very well be the day I die. Fin

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have the next part out in a few day’s and I’m pretty exited to write it as part 8 is going to be almost nonstop action! And of Course constructive criticism is always appreciated.