Last Hope Chapter 4 part 6 Family Ties (FluffySadist)


You’re name is Soul. You had just been told that the newly made Queen Velvet had came to the way to Green Roof to see you. You and you’re family were just about to leave to meet the Order Of The Mask in hope to convince them to let Monica stay. But since there were so many royal guards and thinking that this wasn’t a yes or no question. You all decided to go meet Velvet hoping this wasn’t going to take long and you could leave. Following the guard you saw the growing crowd of people looking one in curiosity. Finally arrived at one of many cartridges with the thing making this carriage unique is it being bigger and a lot more fancy than the rest the guard spoke “since hew Majesty onwy asked fo’ Souw 'ou must stay out hewe.” Merlin spoke to me slightly annoyed “nu take to wong kid! We got to go!” The guard opened the door and I began to head inside. once there I saw Velvet… She was sitting by a window and was wearing very fancy clothes. Than finally it clicked to me! She was the mare I saw back in Stablelot during the party! I kneeled to show my respect and Velvet spoke. “Souw it’s gud to finawwy see 'ou! 'Pu nu hab to do that just Sit down we hab a wot to tawk about.” I get up sit down and speak “Am Majesty Bewbet me an’ my famiwy am in quite dah huwwy just to wet 'ou know.” Velvet speaks “whewe to?” I point to the location where going to on one of the maps on the table. Velvet thinks for a few seconds before marking that area down heading to one of the guards and speaks."Put Souw’s famiwy in dah cawwiage behind us. an’ awso stawt head to dis wocation. I look out the window seeing the guard nod and give the map to the carriage driver than going to my family chatting for them for a bit then before they all enter the carriage behind me. Than not a moment later I could feel the ground move below me as we were now off to the meetup point.

Me and Velvet were now sitting and she looks at me and speaks “Souw dah weason Bewbet wanted to see ‘ou am that. Things may be gettin’ bewy bad bewy soon when Bewbet was wiff maximus when he was dyin’ he said. That powah hungwy tywants am goin’ to stwike an’ to seek ‘ou an’ Waius. Things hab been bewy obewwhewmin’ Souw can Bewbet count on ‘ou fo’ hewp?” That was a lot of information to take in… I thought for a bit power hungry tyrants? Laius? I spoke “Yes of couwse am Majesty awways. Buh who am waius? who am goin’ to stwike?” Velvet spoke "Waius am dah weadah of dah fightews guiwd he am cuwwentwy wiff us just in a diffewent cawt though. To be honest when I met him wite aftah Maximus’s death. he was su undewstandin’ an’ hewpfuw fo’ dah initiaw days of wuwin’. he has been dah onwy one keepin’ me fwom goin’ insane! An’ dah tywants that am somethin’ Bewbet thinks about to. Souw hab 'ou ebah heawd of dah owdah of dah mask?" I freeze for a second I had no idea what to say so I just ask the first thing I could think of "what about them?’ Velvet speaks "dewe am a gwoup that seeks dah compwete subjugation of ebewyone. Sewf pwocwaimed schowaws dey wan’ to impwement system of tywanny an’ totaw contwow obah aww fwuffies. An’ if 'ou nu obey am eithah kiwwed ow nebah heawd fwom again.

I speak “Iww make suwe to be on dah wook out” I take a deep breath as Velvet speaks “fank 'ou Souw” As we continued to travel me and Velvet go to know each other better. She told me about the small city of happy farm and about her family and house called Doe and being a caretaker under Maximus. I told her my story about my family my quest to avenge them and Chicago. And with me trying my best not to associate Monica with her order which I think worked Velvet speaks. “hey Souw Bewbet know ‘ou an’ Mewwin am wewated. Do ‘ou hab a famiwy name? I put my hoof on my chin for a moment. No we didn’t have one I speak. “nu we nebah had one why do 'ou ask?” Velvet speaks. “Oh Bewbet was just cuwious. Say twy to think of one!” Hmm maybe I should? I thought for a bit Excalibur? No too cheesy! Braveheart? Nah too boastful! Than finally I thought of one and speak “StwongWing, Souw StwongWing.” StrongWing sounded about right. It gave the feeling of valiance and courage! Or having the strong will to do right! Velvet spekas "otay’ den. Souw of house StwongWing!” After some more walking things started to rain and get foggy. Me and Velvet enjoyed some nice drinks as I speak “hey Bewbet how am we goin’ to make suwe these tywants am goin’ to attack?” Velvet speaks. “Fo’ nao Bewbet just wants to get dah woyawty of aww dah gobewnows. aftah that weww me an’ waius am stiww pwepawin’ fo’ dah next step.” Suddenly we all stop and the carridge driver speaks “whewe hewe!

I speak. “‘Ou an’ am guawds can stay hewe. Dis shouwd onwy be a few moments!” It looked like Velvet was about to ask a question but I had already left the carriage I say my family come out the other carriage as well approaching me they spoke “damn Souw dah cawwiage we wewe in was su comfie! How did dah tawk wiff Bewbet go what does she wan’?” I speak as we slowly enter the fog looking for The Order “oh not much Mewwin ‘StwongWing’. Aww she wanted was us to come awong an’ guawantee dah woyawties of aww dah gobewnows just that I think.” Merlin looked at me confused and spoke “StwongWing?” We could no longer see the carriages now this fog had become so thick! continuing to walk I could feel myself getting more and more nervous I really hope what Velvet said about the Order Of The Mask wasn’t true. All that Monica told me about the Order seemed to completely contradict what Velvet said saying they were scholars seeking a better world. Monica approached me “Souw ‘ou wook upset! Nu wowwy Monica suwe things am goin’ to goo otay’!” And just as Monica started to give me a hug… We saw dozens of silhouettes.

We all stopped waiting patiently than one of the silhouettes approached. It was Master Horse he after a few moments of walking he looks at Monica and speaks. “It’s been a wong time Monica…” Monica speaks “daddeh!” Monica and Master Horse go up and give each other a hug Master Horse speaks. “‘Ou’be compweted am finaw twiaw nao it’s time fo’ us to weabe. ‘ou see somethin’ bewy impowtant am about to happen an’ am needed.” Master Horse looks at us and Monica stops hugging him. “Fank ‘ou fo’ pwotectin’ hew. Weww make suwe am pwotected an’ not tawgeted.” Protected? targeted? What the hell is he talking about! Monica speaks "Daddeh Monica know ‘ou wan’ me to head back to dah compound buh… Dah peopwe Monica met out hewe. Dah wewationships I fowmed wiff them. Daddeh Monica feew wike I can do su much gud if Monica stay wiff dah gwoup am wiff instead of at dah compound! Of couwse ou can awways bisit Me! an’ iww nebah webeaw any secwets buh oh… Daddeh pwease! Monica doesn’t wan’ to be stuck doin’ somethin’ I hate! Monica wan’s to be happy!" As Monica was speaking Master horse slowly began turning his head looking at us. Even though he was wearing a mask I could feel a sense of pure rage radiating from him as Monica finished speaking he was silent Monica speaks again. “Daddeh?”

Master Horse looks at Monica and speaks “Howse shouwd hab nebah wet 'ou come up hewe.” As he said that another silhouette approaches looking at us. they were wearing a large black robe and a mask of a creature I never seen before Master Horse looks at them and speaks “GWANDMASTAH!” The Grandmaster looks at Master Horse than at us and speaks. “'Ou faiwed me Mastah Howse. When ‘ou towd me of dis twiaw ‘ou said it wouwd gib usa weawff of knowwedge buh wook. It’s su obbious Monica has gwown attached to dah suwface an’ cawe’s about these ‘peopwe’ much mowe den hew Owdah. Awso ouw scouts hab found an entiwe awmy of Motow sowdiews hidin’ in dah fog! Am sowwy Howse buh Monica has wed us wite into a faiwed twap! She am a twaitow!” Monica falls back to us she started breathing heavily and spoke “NU! DEY WEWE JUST TWABEWIN’ WIFF US! DEWE JUST GUAWDS! DIS AM AWW A MISUNDEWSTANDING!” Holy shit! HOLY SHIT! We had to get out of here! all silhouettes were all yelling at us calling Monica a traitor and other horrible names finally The GrandMaster speaks "SIWENCE! Mastah Howse I owdah 'ou to head back! 'Cos on my authowity I owdah Monica an’ hew new ‘Famiwy’ to be executed." Fin

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have the next part done in a few day’s and of course constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Sir, have you ever heard of a comma? You should learn to use them. Commas help break up sentences without needing a full stop, and helps in better visualising what is happening in a scene.

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