Lemongum death (Artist: Carpdime) (fb id: 21399)


Ah LemonGum, daddy will ressurect you for some extra time fun in a moment. But for the meantime, slap away!

The strangest thing I remember was a bug where the fluffy could keep talking after it died or something bizarre like that. That and also you could keep applying the sorry sticks to a dead body.


An abuse image related to Carpdime’s Foal Sim. Someone had also uploaded it to derpibooru, sparking some interesting comments


Beating a dead fruit-horse


That’s funny …when I played Foal Sim, very few would make it past the ‘talkie babbeh’ stage…

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I created a really crappy text game where you raised foals. Someone played it and got the interaction listed in the text in the drawing. At the time I thought it was a really weird and surreal thing, being able to interact beyond death.

Additionally, I do appreciate the foal’s “dont give a fuck” expression. I think we’ve all felt the exact same way before. Just slap me some more, I’m just gonna poo on you :joy:


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What’s the game’s name?