Lifecycle Of A Sea-Fluff [ CoronaryHeatingProcedure ]

requested by @PeppermintParchment


I like the placement of the genitals/breasts, very natural!


kinda reminds me of something not sure …what.


Damn, I was about to invoke @PeppermintParchment

What’s that?!

It’s a gremlin from the movie Gremlins.
Made in the mid 80’s.

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That’s interesting. Haven’t seen those jet.

First one is fantastic.
Second one is vastly different.

First one is more a dark fantasy\christmas movie.
The second one is more a sneering satire of consumerism.

The first one is also one of the few times Disney propety appeared in a WB movie

( Roger Rabbit is a Universal movie and a legal minefield)

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They gave the creator free license when he agreed to make the sequel.
RLM did a great Re-View on it.

I should dig em up and rewatch them really.
Shame there never was a third.

Weird that we’re one again in a conversation about movies I don’t know.

But wait…

I remember something about not feeding gremlins…
Is it that movie?

Yes. If you feed a Mogwai after midnight, it turns into a gremlin.

Ha! I at least know something!

Beautiful work,sea fluffies are my beloveds :heart: I like that you gave them gills,I don’t see that often on sea fluffies. Plus I love those big fin ears.

Glad you like em. Was worried you wouldn’t.

They are very… Fishlike.

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You haven’t seen Gremlins!?


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Now I’m kinda wondering what you’d do with kitsune fluffies.

Some people aint even seen Toy Story or Finding Nemo.
Feeling old yet ?

( Finding Nemo is 20 years old now …jaysis)

See it as a challenge to watch new movies.

That movie is literally as old as I am. Fully aware. Old As. Fuck.