Literally the first piece of digital art I've ever drawn (By: GreaverBlade)

I have hand tremors that make it extremely difficult for me to write. I used to draw as a kid, but as I got older and the tremors got worse, writing and drawing became painful. I’d basically have to death grip a pen or pencil to get something legible on the page. Digital art was right out, because every tremor would be reflected on screen.

Today I discovered that Affinity Photo has a stabilizer feature. I decided to give it a shot with a mouse. I have a drawing tablet pulled from an electronics recycling pile, a cheap but nice-ish Wacom. I may try that next.

Special thanks to @fluffersnuffer4.0 for their excellent guide that I could manage to follow by working around the shakes to design my potato-with-feet.


congratulations on finding a way it’s a very nice looking fluffy


Thank you. I want to start doing comics for my short-form story ideas. Figured I might as well do something about the art-part.

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i look forward to seeing what you create

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Considering your issues, that looks pretty damn good.
I see potential, especially for a first attempt.

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For a good stabilizer,I recommend Krita,simply because it has a bar of 1-1000 to set exactly how strong of a stabilizer you want on your lines. I know you didn’t ask,but I thought I’d bring it up,in case you maybe want to branch out.
I also have a Wacom,they’re sturdy little things!
Lovely fluffy,I like the leggies,and the fur on its head. He reminds me of a little sheep! Good work,I think you did well!


Wacom is generally speaking the best in graphics tablets around.
I got two lying around.

I’ll look in to Krita. Affinity really is a photoshop alternative, so decent for art, but I really use it more for memes and shit posting.

I should look in to something for vector drawing and just export the finished product as raster, as that would let me play around with sizes and zooms without losing fidelity. I also want to try out different brushes.

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I have an Intuos Pro Art. I bought it on sale for about $100 back in 2016,and that was steal! Now I can find them for $30 online,hahaha.

The joys of working for a managed IT services company: when clients upgrade stuff, they let me “recycle” the old stuff for them.

I have a Wacom One …and another one from 2005.
I dont do enough digital coloring to justify a state of the art tablet but they both work well enough.

I’ve never tried Affinity, honestly I had never heard of it until you brought it up.
Krita is free,so if you want to give it a shot,I definitely recommend it. I’d like to say more,but I have no idea what a raster is!
Either way, a very good first fluffy! I look forward to seeing whatever else you make!

affinity designers is a good vetor drawing app clip studio pro also dose vectors but they are treated as traditional digital brushes but give you the vector control they don’t seem to do the infinite zoom as well they both have free trials

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Very appreciated.

A raster image is an image that is “fixed” as is. Basically, the pixels are what they are at a specific resolution.

A vector image is effectively a math equation for the drawing, and you can zoom in and out pretty much indefinitely without losing fidelity, as it redraws as you scale.

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Really good to know!

Can confirm, Krita is really good. The stabilizer is a lifesaver when you’re working with a mouse on desktop.

Anyway, welcome to art hell! There is no escape! You will want to draw everything but frequently lack motivation and/or inspiration!

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Tremors be damned! This looks super cute, great job! Can’t wait for more!

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Go look up our fellow Fluffycommunity member Foxhoarder , i think you will be inspired, coz this style yer usin’ reminds my of her. I just love the effective simplicity of patato shaped fluffies, a style i plan to incorporate myself, even.
Now, don’t go bustin’ ball’s to much now, ya hear! :grin: coz that’s her gimmick.

I love her work! Honestly, gives me inspiration as to how I can do things. I’m playing around with different styles, and I think I like what I’m doing with the “Treasure” upload the most at the moment, but I’m still happy with this silly thing.

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