Little Luna and words abt fluffys (UnhealthyObsession)

Eng: A small animation with little Luna and a small message. I love the idea, the lore of Fluffy’s world, and just because I don’t like some basic traits about their appearance/physique doesn’t mean I don’t like Fluffy. I’m still looking at content with them and even trying to draw, but I only have experience with working with regular ponies, and gradually I’m trying to make them smaller (closer to Fluffy Pony). Especially for the previously shown Luna and Lavender, I will soon show the differences between my species and the usual Fluffy. I still have the usual Fluffy characters, and most likely I will also post them soon. I wouldn’t register here and post anything if I didn’t love Fluffy Pony. :'O

Rus: Маленькая анимация с маленькой Луной и небольшое сообщение. Я люблю идею, примерный лор мира Флаффи, и если мне не нравятся некоторые основные черты в их внешности/телосложении это не означает, что мне не нравятся Флаффи в целом. Я всё ещё просматриваю контент с ними и даже пытаюсь рисовать, но опыт у меня только в работе с обычными пони, и постепенно я стараюсь их уменьшать (приближать к Флаффи Пони). Специально для показанных ранее Луны и Лаванды я в скором времени покажу различия между моим видом и обычным Флаффи. У меня всё ещё есть персонажи обычные Флаффи, и скорее всего их я тоже скоро выложу. Я бы не стал тут регистрироваться и что-то выкладывать, если бы не любил флаффушек. :'о



Unfortunately, you can’t just shift the anatomy to look like a pony because that’s what you enjoy/know how to draw. We have standards for how fluffies should look, and don’t want regular ponies to be posted here. Keep working on it and it shouldn’t be hard to find a style that works.




Maybe you could get an artist here to try and help you or look at a guide to better understand different styles more.

Squeaky Fluffy how-to's and style quirks (Artist: SqueakyFriend) This is one I’ve heard lots of good things about


The funniest thing about that guide is that it isn’t even how I draw anymore. Art evolution, woo!

Let’s not jump the gun too much - we’ve provided the feedback, we gotta wait to see if that feedback is followed. Personally, I think this gif is super cute and does resemble a fluffy!


It is cute but it definitely still looks very ponylike.

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Yeah, I was just about to try and get closer to a more fluffy-like anatomy. It will be different in the next posts (this gif, for example, is already quite old).

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