Los Fluffys Hermanos---------script and drawings: Inshi

I love eating them while they’re alive. I enjoy their screams of pain and terror

This is amazing! I love it! The community needs more like this.

Furthermore, you can play with the fluffy if you wish.

“Uh, do you know chess?”


“A simple ‘no’ would have been sufficient…”

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I hate fluffy abuse. However, the idea of using fluffies as an alternative food source could be good if you don’t mind eating another sentient/sapient creature. I would not want to eat something that can talk, but parrots talk so think of it like that. Fluffies can be bred and used to solve world hunger. Just put them in a place that lacks food source and people will be catching fluffies for food.


Hell I’d try that.

I’d just cut her tongue and burn it a little, imagine she’s screaming all over the restaurant while this :d

One of my favorite comics, I am very neutralbox but I love the use that can be given to the fluffys beyond pets, although I am more of a fan of “killing, eating quickly” due to the fact that the fluffys only maintain the taste and consistency of the meat maximum 1 day dead. I love all the preparation that was given to keep that mother alive and taste foals in sauce. in many headcanons fluffys are like eating sweet pork plus the right spices must be quite a treat


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The orange one on the racks is super cute and I don’t know whether I want to keep her or see if she tastes like oranges (they say orange-coloured candies seem to taste like orange even without any added flavouring…)

@innshiprion this is amazing! Mind if I have Helen running a fluffy food booth in my FC-CON comic series?

Details here: FC Convention! (FC-CON) By BloodyBoots - #16 by BloodyBoots


it would be a great honor


I’m so in fucking love with chef Helen right now

the purpose is to enjoy the pain and suffering of the mother while you taste her babies in her fucking face, however you can always ask the waiter for a small cut in the throat when you get tired of hearing her screams

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Or do an Ortolan thing and put a napkin ober her head… maybe it’ll induce catatonic state if normally they fall asleep like a bird covering the cage…based on that one art i saw where a person put a bag over a bratty foal and it fell asleep thinking its night so maybe the mare will thi k it forever sleepies and actually die or go catatonic cuz cognitive wires crossing?

Justo estaba leyendo esto comiendo un Sandwish de pollo. No siento asco pero si me deja intrigado.

If it were dead prior to or during dish prep, then I would have considered eating it, because God damn that looks good. I wonder what the texture of the meat would be like. I’d imagine it would be like a nice lean baked pork.

My favorite panel is by far the one where the mare realizes the indifference of those around her. Such delectable abuse.

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Your expressions are glorious, her face in the shaving panel is pure sorrow. Love the proportions as well. I can almost feel her plump body bouncing around.

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While I’d never eat bioengineered food, let alone a fluffy, this makes me hungry. I’d at least love to eat normal meat and observe the others at the table partake. At least assuming the fluffy is still alive which is the whole point

Looks delicious! But i feel as if the screaming would be quite annoying, no?