Lovesick - Part 16 - By SpaghettiDave

Lovesick part 16

Sammy had a unique set up in her car. Many dog owners had incorporated crates for the back of their SUVs and hatch backs, she had a similar one for her fluffies. The difference was the bottom was a large plastic pan to prevent any accidents from spilling over, as everyone knew, fluffies were prone to accidents of that nature.

The rear seats of her hatchback were folded down, allowing the three the ability to watch her. Plus, she needed the space for food, water, treats, bags for picking up their messes, toys, and a slew of miscellaneous items. “Okay, you three ready?”

All three fluffies, Jimi the purple three legged stallion, Mocha the chestnut pegasus mare, and Nova the black pegasus that is about two thirds the size of the other two all cheered. “YUS!” “Gunna pway at pawk!” Just a cacophony of excitement.

They were going to the park! Not just going to the park, they were going for a walk with Chris and Bumbles. She of course didn’t tell them that. Each fluffy had on a collar and tag, and a harness for the leash. As Sammy has made it a habit for taking them to work, they comfortably made a pile in the car crate and enjoyed the ride.

Mocha, as usual, asked numerous questions about things she could see out the windows. Jimi was quietly enjoying the ride. And Nova, he was ooh’ing and ahh’ing as he had never had a trip like this before.

“We are here!” From the rear view mirror she watched all three cheer. The three remained rather well behaved, he hooked up a leash for each harness and allowed them to mill about the grass.

Nova sniffed at the grass and fell over, rolled onto his back and kicked his legs in the air, giggling. “Am wawkies time, mummah?”

“Soon.” As she answered, just two spots away, Chris got out of his car. He smiled and waved before bringing Bumbles, the neon green and yellow fluffy, and joining her and the other three fluffies.

Sammy couldn’t stop smiling as they walked, in one hand the leashes for the three fluffies, in the other hand, Chris’s hand. They were quite a loud group as the four fluffies chatted, and the two humans having to talk over their pets.

Bumbles was being himself, “Bumbwes knu dis pawk, bes pwace fow wawkies dis way.” Words spoken to everyone, but no one was listening. He even tried to lead everyone to the right, only to find himself quickly tugged back, and a brief moment of him getting dragged on his side from losing his footing.

Mocha giggled at the scene, “Bumbwes siwwy! Mummah weads dis hewd, nu Bumbwes.” She trotted over, giving him the lightest tap on his nose. “Boop.”

Bumbles didn’t like this, he didn’t like this at all. Grumbling under his breath he trotted back to the herd. The rest of the park visit Bumbles quietly seethed at Mocha, and her brothers to a lesser degree. None of them were giving him the respect he deserved.

Three of the fluffies had enjoyed the park, the fourth one out kept his complaints silent, his revenge would be sweet. Daddeh, and not mummah were ignoring them, which he was grateful for.

Sammy took care of dinner for the fluffies, a long with setting up extra beds. He didn’t understand why she had brought more beds, it was just him. Until daddeh closed the door to the safe room. Bumbles was now locked in with three dummeh fluffies.

Mocha, the poopie dummeh. Jimi missing a leg dummeh. And Nova, who was too pretty dummeh. He hated them.

The three tried to play with him, but Bumbles just laid on his bed ignoring them. When it was time for bed, that’s when he would have his revenge.

The four went to bed, on their own pillows. Bumbles, however, only pretended to go to sleep. His plan so clever and dastardly that he couldn’t stop from giggling. Jimi being the closest,l to Bumbles couldn’t miss the snickering.

Once Nova and Mocha had started to snore, Mocha being an exceptionally loud snorer, it was time to put the plan in action.

As quiet as he could, with his soft whispers of, “Bumbwes gunna getchu dummeh poopy.” Bumbles made his way over to Mocha, his nunu stick ready for action. He pounced on top of her which forced her awake in shock.

Suddenly the world was upside down and in the faint light he was looking up at Jimi. “Yu!” STOMP “Am!” STOMP “Bad!” STOMP “Fwuffy!” STOMP each strike landing on Bumbles chest, several ribs fractured from the attack. “Da owly fwuffy awwod tu gif Mocha owies am Jimi.” With a final stomp Bumbles was knocked into dreamland.

Sammy stirred in a bed that was not hers. “Morning,” Chris smiled at her before taking a handful of pills. “Oh, I’ve got just a minor tiny congenital heart issue, as long as I take the pills, I’m fine.”

“Do you want to test your heart again?” She smiled, trying to put on a sexy pose but just falling into a giggling fit. An hour later they finally left the bed to take care of the fluffies.

“It really is a wonder just how well mannered your fluffies are.” Chris watched as she brought them breakfast and fresh water. Her three were waiting patiently on their beds for her to fill the bowls, while Bumbles sat in front of his bowl, tapping at it and huffing in frustration.

“I can always help with that.”

"Could you? I think Bumbles just needs a firm hand.

“And good morning to you, Bumbles.” She filled his dish without even a thank you.

“Mummah, nee tawk.” Jimi whispered as she knelt down at his bowl. His voice went even lower, “Bumbwes twy tu gif Mocha bad enfies, Jimi gif Bumbwes owies. Dat a bad fwuffy…”

Sammy’s head whipped around and her eyes focused on Bumbles, as if she were a hawk and he the prey. In mid chew he looked up, kibble falling from his mouth as dread washed over him.

“Chris, I think I will help with Bumbles discipline issues.” This was something she was already anticipating.

She made an elaborate demonstration of each fluffy, Mocha, Jimi, and Nova. She made them sit, shake, lay down, and roll over. No hesitation, and each one was rewarded with a hug and a kiss on the head. They didn’t even ask for treats.

Bumbles, however, watched with trepidation. From the box of fluffy supplies she pulled out a container of treats. “Bumbles, it’s your turn. Sit.” He was already sitting so he stood up and sat back down.

“Oh, such a good boy!” Two spaghetti flavored treats for the good fluffy. “Shake!” He hesitated in lifting his leg, but he held it out for Sammy to take a hold of. “Good boy!” Three treats this time.

“Okay. Now lay down.” Bumbles relaxed, this wasn’t as bad as he expected, and he was getting plenty of treats. He winced as laying down out pressure on his fractured ribs, but he laid down. “Such a good boy!” Four treats! He chewed and chewed, savoring the sweet spaghetti flavor. He shot the three fluffies a look, knowing just how jealous they would be.

“Last trick, roll over.” It hurt, it hurt a lot, but he did it. After he rolled over he jumped to his hooves. “Such a good boy! See, Chris, it just takes some positive reinforcement.” Five whole treats, half the container was empty now, and Bumbles chewed them up greedily, there was no intention of sharing.

“Now fluffies, you all know how to be good fluffies, right? No fighting, no bad huggies. And make sure no bad poopies, you have to use the litter box. You all know what happens if you are a bad fluffy, right?” Sammy’s smile was directed at Bumbles, and it was not friendly, not at all.

Jimi’s stump itched, Mocha hugged her forever crooked tail, and Nova started shaking, covering his eyes with his hooves. Bumbles just looked at her blankly, as he knew he was a good fluffy.

Sammy returned the package of Extra Sugar Free Fluff-arrhea spaghetti flavored punishment/training treats back to the box of fluffy supplies she brought. “Let’s give you some more positive reinforcement!” Sammy dragged Chris out of the safe room, closing the door behind her.

Part 17


Sammy giving Bumbles THE STARE

But, we’re nearing the end. Originally though two more chapters after this, probably going to be three so it doesn’t feel so rushed.


jimi’s quite fast for a fluffy with only three legs, perhaps bumbles would have had an easier time if he took the cripple out first. looking forward to see how this all finally concludes


Oh bumbles is gonna get it!!

has war flashbacks to Haribo Sugar Free Gummie Bears Ohh Bumbles, you are about to regret everything. And probably shit out your entire digestive system.


I love how deeply manipulative Sammy is

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I recently had a run in with zero sugar cake mix. The results were surprisingly aerated, and also a lot more than I thought I was capable of containing. That fluffy is going to inadvertently demonstrate the concept of shit batching.

now thats true brother material right there

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Where is the “my homies hate Bumbles” memes?

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