Memory Foalms - It's a pillow~ its a bio toy~ it's a pillow bio toy! [by Lothmar]

From the makers of Moving buddies and Freezer foals we are proud to present. - Memory-Foalm

These living huggee friends come in a range of sizes from Chripy baby all the way to Big babbeh and are programmed to be excellent sleeping companions for young children, fluffies or even other pets. Helpful for maternal mares, young fluffies that desire siblings, ostracized poopy/monster babies who require someone to hug, love and play with them when you’re not around and so much more.

You can purchase them as stagnant – will not advance beyond stage you order them as.

Arrested development – will only grow to ‘Big baby’ stage before halting any further growth (no sex drive).

Or even the luxury ‘full lifespan’ - will develop to an adult fluffy and elderly fluffy. The luxury line can be made sterile prior to shipping upon request. Otherwise, they can reproduce with other fluffies, when crossbred the foals will be more akin to the secondary parent as the memory foal genetics become mostly inert.

Like our Moving friends line the Memory Foals are impact resistant and consider all but the toughest blunt force trauma as affection making them suitable for all but the roughest of ‘horse play’. They also come with a machine washable hypo-allergenic fluff casing for easy cleaning and new fluff cases can be ordered to fit as they grow, or you simply get bored of your fluffies current coloration. Follow the link provided to our Partners at Bestest Baby Apparel (Or cruelty free for an additional upcharge from one of our secondary suppliers).

While most stains are isolated to the fluff casing this is suggested to be washed or replaced regularly due to the fact that most internal staining and water build up will tend to be absorbed and broken down with the damaged flesh. This is replaced via the bodies natural healing function through a mix of food consumption and the full body excretion process as outlined in our Moving friends series.

This means the casing will be soiled from the inside and out but thanks to the internal lining you shouldn’t smell a thing *(3 month health and safety replacement warranty guaranteed on each pillow case. In case of damage to this lining from date of receipt. Will ship return packaging and postage on request to our warranty forums.) . This soiling to the skin can mostly be handled with an occasional vacuuming with a soft brush extension on a low power setting. For more stubborn stains and soiling to the flesh of your Memory foalm you will require special cleaning, please see our forums for instructions and a list of recommended fluffy safe cleaning products.

The food for our Memory Foalm line is safe for regular pets and fluffies and will likely only cause mild stomach discomfort to humans but it is not suggested as a regular replacement for such meals. If you are allowing your memory foalm to partake in feedings from a non memory foalm mare we can provide supplements for either the mare or the foalm. If given to the mare it will have the extra side effect of aiding with joint, skin and hair helath and beauty of herself and other foals partaking in her milk.

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