Mermaids and aquafluffs (by: NekuChan)

I’ve been practicing a lot of different media recently I tried to give a shot to painting like on a single layer and no lineart, just sketch and kinda ended up as a disaster but I quite liked the idea and might try again with my usual way to draw later, but 4 days of works won’t get wasted into nothing, at least I might get some feedback!

The mare on the turtle is Pearla is not quite mine tho :slight_smile: however the design if pretty cool! and her colors truly shine for an aqua fluff.


holy fuck thats good shit

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Glad you could use her in some art work! Looks amazing

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This is sooo cute :heart_eyes:the soft colors so good :heart_eyes:

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So pretty

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The colors are lovely :relieved: :ok_hand:

Is this digital?

Pretty awesome. :+1:

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yeah it is :slight_smile: I suck even more on traditional painting xD


holy fluff :o


I think this is an interesting change in style