Millie (by: Wolfram_Sparks & The_False_Wolf)

I would just take the one named Slate and leave the rest. No reason to take his eyes damn! I would treat him well, simply because I like his color.


Thank christ

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Yeah but the protagonist is a fucking psychopath


I don’t remember that from the original pastebin.

He is just having a justice boner.


That can really cloud one’s judgement.

If only the rest of the pastebin was illustrated. What happens to the rest of them is almost as and as what happens to slate.

It was from thr sequel

Good ol’ psychological manipulation.

Gotta say though, reading the pastebin, I can’t feel sorry at all for Snowy. She’s not a smarty of a hellgremlin but she’s so annoyingly self-serving I feel she kinda had it coming :joy:

If anything I feel sorry for Garnet being constantly annoyed and frustrated.

Anyways, great story and great art!

Slate is the bad one because that’s the plot.

He threatens the manipulation and abuse by challenging it, at the end of the day Millie is the problem. She could’ve let the human walk away but she was so self centered she let this guy mangle and torment her children. Anything that happens to them is her fault and she deserves every bit of abuse no matter if its directly to her or her foals.

Terrible mother. She asked for it, and so she got it. Whoever pays for that doesn’t really matter, means to an end are just that.

Just how abuse box works, violence and cruelty with no reason other than “it brings pleasure.”

The humans actions inspire rage for you. For some of us, it’s the “fluffies” who inspire rage. Doesn’t need more of a reason than that imo.

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Poor slate lmfao

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My fav one so far

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Lump got what it deserved <3 wish it would be abused more

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best comic I’ve seen in years! was so tense the whole time waiting for something bad to happen again lol. The panels where millie is sadly playing with the ball is hilarious, she got the best saferoom but at what cost lmao

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he can’t catch a break lmao

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yup, love how the worst of the torment is mental, he even sedates slate before amputating him. what a psycho


You get what you fucking deserve

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