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Remember ~ feeding feral beggars only worsens the fluffy plague. Ignore them, trap them, or squash ‘me dead…just don’t feed them!


They don’t know how lucky they are not to have died on the spot.


That would depend. I think him just killing them on the spot would’ve been more merciful than leaving them to starve


Two minds on this one.
The hugboxer in me wants to help them but the mothers whiny entitlement kinda irks me.
Asking for help and immediately demanding stuff.

The fact that they are near a road doesn’t bode well for them.


I’m of the same mind. When picking up ferals you want to keep an eye out for the little things. When a fluffy drags on and on about what it wants you know it’ll be demanding at best. That might be correctable… but it’ll have already bled into the foals during their most formative state.

Sad as it is this simply isn’t a house fluffy.


It might be a garden fluffy.
But you could say the "demands"are just hard programmed in to a fluffy.
But it still irks me that with a plea for help the demands follow immediately.

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God imagine having to deal with this every day multiple times a day. Worst is how many would give a damn about them over homeless humans


Thanks for the welcome!

I empathize with this mare. She’s only asking for things fluffies feel are necessary. Though I don’t like the manipulative air. Quite demanding, and she’s backing that up by trying to use her cute foals as emotional leverage.

The hugboxer in me would want for nothing more than to give this mare or at least one foal a good home. But the pragmatist in me is seeing a lot of red flags. The kind that can only be removed with a lot of corrective efforts.


Generally speaking, feeding a human is slightly more complicated than buying a bag of cheap kibble.

But, one thing shouldn’t cancel the other, right?

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Turning any feral into a garden fluff is honestly the safe option. Both for the fluffy and the owner’s sanity. You won’t need to clean your nice carpets or worry about the fluffy killing itself on a normal everyday household object. Meanwhile they’re fed and relatively safe unless of course you have owls in your neighborhood.


Oddly political but I’m fairly certain homeless humans have a few more rights than fluffies whom don’t even have animal rights. That speaks to some sort of care.


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You’re welcome .

Yes there is an air of manipulation behind it or desperation.
But demanding stuff just works against her
Off course she is a fluffy and too stupid to know better.

Its just the asking for help with immediate demands that irks me.

There are issues with that too off course, but its a safer option to a degree
Safer then on the street at any rate.

…Well we do have an owl here.
Off sorts.


I’d grab her by her front legs, shake her until they broke, and then drop her and her babies in the trash.
Or the fluffy dumpster, depending on the canon.


Can’t just kill them, you’ll get blood and feces all over your shoes and pants. Unless you regularly leave the house wearing your stomping boots and pants you don’t mind needing cleaning, verbally degrading them and walking away is the best option.


id probly take them to a shelter that neuter/spays so they can have a chance but not increase fluffy population.


Very nice.

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Do your part and toss feral’s in the trash, one less fluffy feral family to deal with!



Good idea, assuming the shelter isn’t already overflowing.

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ignore them, trap them, or squash 'em dead




Feed all the ferals!

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