New fluffy family on sale! Only at hasbiomart! (by: artist-kun)


shut up and take my five dollars


it cute, until foals are grown up

Now that’s some honest marketing if I’ve ever seen one.


I’ll take em-hands $10-we will have so much fun together

Aw! The pink foal is likely the bestest and should be watched closely.

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Then it’s just shit, piss, and disappointment.

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Insta buy. The pink one is not being put in front or held by the mare. That means it’s unlikely a bestest babbeh. A mare without bestest is a rare find and needs a home.


That mare has worries.

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Well alright, but so help me, if the mare even thinks the words “bestest babbeh”…

why can’t we all just shut up about bestest babbehs? every single picture of a fluffy family is just “uuuu i would 100% adopt BUT IF SHE LIKES ONE BABY MORE I WiLL (insert your torture description here)”. so annoying


Because it keeps happening.

And I’m not gonna torture them. I’d just take 'em to a shelter.

No, wait. I’d take the bestest babbeh to a different shelter than the mare and the other foals.

there are 0 things that suggest that this mare has a bestest. this keeps happening only because people assume that a fluffy family must have one, like you just now


True, but at this point it’s kind of fundamental.

Plus, it’s another example of our worst traits carrying over to fluffies.

and you are the one talking the most about breaking tropes, duh

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I say it’s a bad thing only if the mare were to neglect the non bestest. Otherwise, it’s rather understandable that a childminded animal would like the foal that resembles her or her special friend more. But I still stand by what I said. She doesn’t look like it and a mare with no preference at all would be a lucky find!

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Fair point.

But I’m also all about Discworld. Let’s see what Sir Terry had to say about this, hmm?

The reason that clichés become clichés is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox of communication.

Tropes aren’t bad. Plus, with all the fluffy tropes I’ve broken, people are probably expecting me to break tropes. They wouldn’t expect me to play a trope like this straight. You know me, I just love to throw curve balls.


it just probably clashes with my headcanon that bestest/no bestest ratio in fluffy families is 30/70. as you noticed, you wouldn’t buy one if a fluffy have a bestest, and breeders (and some ferals) are aware of that, making a family with bestest a rarer sight


Well, fluffies have a lot of other flaws and damn near everyone in the average headcanon still has one.

Think of it as something to overcome. By teaching mares to be better than that. You can’t have your characters overcome flaws if they don’t have those flaws in the first place.

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if they have so many flaws, why did EVERYONE mention that one first under EVERY fluffy family picture?

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Because that flaw is the most relevant one.

And it always pays to exercise caution. You wouldn’t buy a car if you thought it would break down halfway home, would you?