Night of the Fluffy, Part 4: Tabwes hab Tuwned (written by Resnoth)

It was almost midnight now, the only sounds are what seems to be two fluffies peacefully eating in an alleyway.

Unbeknownst to them, they are not alone, for thirty feet behind them, was a dumpster.

Behind the dumpster were two spying cannibal fluffies, one blue male, one red female, looking at their new prey, the drool dripping from their mass filled with jagged sharp teeth, their swirly eyes looking madly at the two fluffies with their backs turned to them.

“Wook at those big fwuffies!”, exclaimed the blue cannibal.

“Dey’we su big, dey’ww wastes’ us aww dawk time.” said the red cannibal.

“Fwuffy can awweady imagine that thick sweet fwuffie nummies.”

“Fwuffy’ww take dah one on dah wight, 'ou take dah one on dah weft.”


“Nu, weft.”




“Nu, 'ou take dah weft fwuffie.”


“Nu, weft! Aw, fowget about it. Fwuffy’ww go fo’ one, 'ou get dah othah one.”



The red cannibal starts making her move, slowly and quietly moving her hooves across the asphalt of the alleyway, towards the fluffy on the right.

The blue follows behind, slowly approaching the other fluffy on the left.

The red then starts picking up speed, then jumps off the asphalt, leaping into the air, opening its hideous maw, and aiming at the neck of the feeding fluffy, which had its head low.

But the fluffy them picks it’s head up, causing it to unknowingly dodge the hannibal’s attack, as the red cannibal lands face first in their meal, then bounces and rolls off next to it.

The blue cannibal immediately stops his attack and rushes over to the red cannibal.

“Speshuw fwend!”

The red cannibal slowly gets up and shakes its head, but is then hit in the face with a familiar smell.

The cannibal fluffy looks at its hooves and sees them stained with something red.

At first, she thought it was sketties since these their prey were in the middle of their meal. But then she smells the scent coming from her hooves.

She licked it briefly, then immediately recognizes it.

“Dis am boo-boo juice.”

The blue cannibal licks her hoof, then nods his head.

“'ou am wight, dis am boo-boo juice.”

Both cannibals look up from the red’s hooves, and see a sight that came as a surprise to them.

In front of them were the two fluffies they were looking at, feasting on another fluffy.

Their hair was a dull color, their eyes had dark circles around them, their mouths were full of intestines and they ate from their deceased victim.

The dead fluffy had its mouth open still, its eyes wide open, as if it had soend its last moments in horrifying agony.

It’s entire midsection was open, exposing its ribcage and what was left of its organs, the rest being consum6,if not consumed already by the two fluffies.

The red looks at this, but thinks that these two were also cannibals like them.

“Fwuffie am su sowwy. Fwuffy nu know 'ou wewe cannibaws too.”

The red cannibal fluffy then gets closer to the two feeding fluffies.

“Can fwuffies join in. Maybe fo’ bite ow two?”

The two fluffies finally pause from eating, then look up at the red fluffy.

That was when she noticed the eyes.

The eyes did not have swirls like a normal cannibal would.

These eyes were very similar to a normal fluffy, except they had no life or emotion in them.

The two fluffies stared at the red cannibal with wide, unblinking eyes on their expressionless faces.

The red fluffy was now very scared.

“Fwuffy’ww just take piece fo’ watah.”

The red fluffy quickly got closer to the body, trying to take a piece for her and her mate.

Just as she got close enough, the fluffy that was thought dead suddenly gets up and latches its teeth on the right side of her face, biting down on it.


The blue cannibal immediately rushes over and tries to pull her away, as the torn open fluffy pulls away too, tearing off a huge chunk of her face and part of her neck flesh.


The two cannibals look in horror as the torn open fluffy continues to rise, turning over, spilling whatever organs it had in its body onto the asphalt, and looks at the couple with wide, unblinking, expressionless eyes.

The two others, still with flesh and intestines in their mouths look at the cannibals too, then begin their slow approach, as well as the torn open fluffy.

The blue cannibal now freaks out, “Munsta! wun 'way speshuw fwend!”

He helps the red cannibal up, and the two of them run as fast as they can away from the other fluffies, then turn the corner as they run out of the alleyway, with the red cannibal still bleeding.

The blue cannibal looks at his mate worryingly, as she continues to bleed out.

“Nu wowwy, speshuw fwend! Fwuffy’ww hewp 'ou! Fwuffy’ww gib ‘ou huggies! An’ fwuffy’ww gib ‘ou aww dah foaws fo’ nummies ‘ou wan’. ‘ou wan’ that, wight?”

The blue cannibal tries to comfort his mate, but she starts going limp.

“Speshuw fwend? Speshuw fwend!”

The red cannibal briefly looks up at the her mate, then her eyes shut, her labored breathing fading into silence.

“Nu! Nu, go nu foweba sweepies! Nuuuhuuhuu!!”

The blue, now sits there with the body of his mate, crying his eyes out.

As he continues sobbing, the red starts stirring.

“Huuuhuuuu…sniff S-speshuw fwend?”

The red then starts opening her eyes, looking at him.


The blue cannibal starts hugging the red, putting her over his left shoulder, holding her in.

“Fwuffy was su wowwied 'ou go foweba sweepies! buh nao 'ou aww bettew, wight? Wight?”

The red turns, looking at his face, then lunges and bites off the the left side of his face, tearing a chunk of it off and chewing it.


The red didn’t listen and continued tearing off chunks of his neck as he continued screeching.

As the other fluffies came to the corner, with the torn open one leading the way, they turn and see both of the cannibal fluffies.

The torn open one makes a weird yowling noise, then the two cannibals turn around and look at it.

The two cannibals, both the red and the blue, now look at the torn open fluffy with the same wide emotionless eyes.

The red has it’s right check and right side of neck torn off, the blue having its left cheek and left side of it’s neck missing.

They continue looking at the torn open fluffy, then they both sit up, turn around, and start wandering off in the other direction.

The trio of undead look at this, and join them behind, forming a small hoard.

The red and blue up front wander together in the night, close together, as soon more and more would join them.

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