Not Eating His Cerial (TheFloofer)

I finally found a hard drive with my old stuff on it. I originally posted this on FluffyBooru December 2015.


Aww. I’ve always loved the denseness of fluffies.


This is fantastic! A perfect combination of kindness and stupidity we all love about fluffies! :smile:


Glad you like it!


Shit like this is why if fluffies were real, there’d be a lot of abusers.

Love this picture.

  • Barney asks for cereal →
  • is given cereal →
  • his idiot fluffy brain convinces him the marshmallows are little foals →
  • technically Barney hasn’t done anything wrong, but you want to beat his ass so bad just for being a moron.

I have bad news about actual real life creatures that do the exact same dumb stuff
They’re called toddlers.


Ummm…kids do stuff like this all the time. Disabled people do stuff like this all the time. Would some people turn to abuse as their first response? Probably? But not a lot like you’re suggesting. I would think most people would know what they’re getting into when they take in a fluffy.

That being said, I love when fluffy brains derp like this. Good work, Floofer.



I have no kids of my own but I have a LOT of nieces and nephews. I LOVE them all to death, but sometimes I really wonder how the human race has continued when our progeny is not only so vulnerable that we literally need to hand feed them and change their diapers, but also super loud, always seem to be wet, and leak from EVERYWHERE.

Good thing babies are cute, otherwise we’d be extinct. :slight_smile:


This just in:

Fluffies so accurately represent human babies and special needs individuals that anything anyone mentions about doing to a fluff they would obviously do the most vulnerable of our society.

That’s a kek’ing good strawman you got there fellow imaginary-creature-that-does-not-exist-at-all-and-never-will enjoyer.


ok, but that still doesn’t get to my original point that you’re talking about “abuse would exist and be justified because fluffies are dumb”.
Editing to explain more:
Saying abuse is justified because fluffies did a stupid thing is kind of creepy because often they’re doing something that a severely mentally disabled person does or makes a mistake that a toddler would.

just…beat the squeaky toy. It’s a lot less creepy when abuse is just…beat the squeaky toy because it’s funny. Really weird when it gets into “mutlitate, rape, and murder thing for doing things toddlers do”


And this fluffy here isn’t a strawman for your excuse to abuse one for acting like a child? K.

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Edit: On second thought, rather than bog down Floofer’s wonderful post, I’m just gonna put you and Jerry on “Ignore” because you guys apparently have issues with people enjoying the fandom in ways that go against your gatekeeping ways. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It’s Jewwy, thank you very much :upside_down_face:


You and @littenstinymittens might be wise to take a note from Coraline’s playbook and put her on ignore, too.
I recommend you do this before you push too far into demanding that people treat fluffies the way that you want to treat them, and you violate our own Rule 3.


8 hours in the sorry box ought to teach him not to waste food ever again. He’ll hate eating the cereal, but he’ll chew it down anyway because he knows the alternative is another sorry-boxing.

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Like that scene in Spongebob where the kid’s screaming, “BUT I DON’T LIKE PISTACHIOOO.” and the father retorts, “THEN WHY DID YOU ASK FOR IT?!?”.


Happens in my house too…

Brother asks for waffle… Mommy gives him waffle… Looks away at mommy… Is crying because he has no waffle… Mommy says it’s in his hand… He starts eating it… But ever time he doesn’t see his waffle (when he looks away) he cries he never got his waffle… Even while eating it…

And yes… I wanted to kill him too at times… But I didn’t…

And he’s my older brother btw…

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And that’s why you don’t do nice stuff for your fluffies - chances are, it’s just gonna end up in tears, shit and whining anyway.

My verdict? Don’t give your fluffies everything they want - then when they get something nice, they might not shit in your hand for it.

gotta love fluffy stupidety


Fun fact: Just because our babies are weak doesn’t mean they would be the main factor for our extinction. Altriciality is a thing. Baby birds, puppies, kittens, rabbits, and other mammals are all completely helpless. Just FYI, no offense.