Site Rules


1: English Language Preferred - The primary language of this website is English. Artwork and stories in other languages are accepted, but the use of English in the comments is preferred. We will do our best to understand you even if your English is not perfect.

2: Attributable Works Only - Please only post your own original works, or works from the artists on the Permitted List. Please post works by other artists under the “Works by Others” category.

Also note the use of the “Derivative Works” category where certain works based on other original works can be allowed.

3: No Box-Shaming - Beat fluffies, not people: Abusive or insulting comments based on one’s genre preference, (Hugbox, Abuse, etc.) or one’s idea of what fluffies are supposed to be, will not be tolerated.
The fandom has already seen what sort of environment is created when people of one mindset are allowed to openly berate another into submission.

It does not matter whether members are here to love fluffies or to smash them. But to remain here, members are expected to make room for people with other mindsets.

4: Flag Responsibly - Please use the flagging system responsibly: Members found to be flagging art, stories, or comments simply because of a dislike for the person that made them, or the content of the work, will be penalised (up to and including a suspension). These may be temporary or permanent. Accounts made to circumvent these will result in an immediate permanent IP ban.

5: No Animal Abuse - Fluffy Community does not condone animal abuse nor may it be posted. This includes any jokes or memes whatsoever. There can be no normalisation of harm to animals within the community.

6: No Pornography - Since “pornography” is a very broad term that can be construed in a number of ways, it is defined hereafter as photographs or videos of human beings wearing so little clothing that they would be arrested for being seen thusly clothed on most public beaches in the United States.

Amendment (15th March 2021) - The following rules have been added.

7: Content Control - Abuse of certain categories of characters is prohibited. This includes youthful anthropomorphic fluffies, other creators’ fluffy or human OCs if done without permission, or non-fluffy animals. This is not an exhaustive list.

The standard of censorship is anything that poses a risk of normalising harm of animals or humans in real life or that disrespects another artist’s work without their permission.

8: Quality Control - The “Community Posts” & “Shitposting” categories will be subject to further quality-control rules at the moderators’ sole discretion.

The moderators will remove posts that clearly entail no substantial effort, such as being poorly-written. “Personal updates” will also be subject to moderator discretion. Rambling or uninformative posts will be removed. But personal updates that are likely to be of interest to the fandom at large, such as taking a hiatus or permanently leaving, may be allowed subject to civility and coherence of the post’s contents.

Controversial off-topic posts will always be removed. These include political or socio-moral issues.

9: Civility - Civility covers what can be reasonably tolerated in an everyday conversational context. The question will be whether a statement can be charitably construed to be in good faith. If this is not possible, the moderation team may impose penalties. For clarity, standards of civility extend to dealings with moderators.

10: Thread Relevance - The moderators may lock threads or delete replies if the conversation goes too far off-topic. It is a simple matter of respect for the poster that replies remain relevant to the topic.

11: Privacy - Sensitive personal information is not appropriate to share on FC as this compromises the privacy and safety of community members. The moderation team may remove personal details at its discretion.

This list was last edited on March 15th 2021 and may be edited or amended further if needed.


I have a few questions:
Rule 5: so abused dog saved by fluffies or herd kicking a cat is out of limits?

Rule 6: and if it’s still fluffy based? Like more explicit “Controversial images”?


Good point! I have a comic that may be considered questionable… Are enfies or no-nos damage considered too far? For that matter live birth etc…


This rule mainly related to two points:

  • How humans treat animals in our stories
  • Actual real living animal abuse.

So a herd of fluffies taking in a mistreated animal is fine, just like the herd protecting themselves from animals would be fine.
But we don’t want stories about humans mercilessly or cruelly beating and gutting and cooking any animal other than fluffies.
(No, this does not mean we’re going to remove stories that happen to have a person grilling hamburgers. I guarantee someone will try that eventually)

As with everything, we will weigh this on a case-by-case basis.

We also don’t want videos or images from news websites showing actual animal abuse with a caption like “This reminds me of fluffy abusers!”

“No Pornography” refers to photographs or videos of humans without clothing, or in so little clothing that they would be arrested for walking around in public.
Even if you add a fluffy into the image, it’s going to be removed.
And no, I don’t care if you come from a state where women are legally allowed to walk around topless; Photographs or videos of bare-breasted women will similarly be removed.

So long as you’re talking about fluffy enfies, fluffy no-no damage, and fluffy live birth those are all fine.
If your characters are doing these things to animals that can actually be found in the real world, we might have a problem.


I actually just went through pumpkiins section… Yeah… My stuff is pretty mild in comparison… She’s such a great artist tho!:heart::v::grin::+1:


Thanks for the clarification!


Regarding 4, why not just IP ban immediately? It seems nonsensical to willingly give others a change to break more rules.


Because we also believe in giving people a chance to do better.
Everyone I know has made mistakes.
I don’t like the idea of IP banning over the least little thing.


Ah, I missed the “these may be temporary”. I simply assumed that you were going to Perma someone’s account but not their IP and was confused.


March 15th, 2021
Our rules have been updated and amended. Please familiarize yourself with the changes.


Does rule 6 only apply to real life photographs? (No need to worry about this myself, just wondering about all the stuff in the controversial images.)


Yes, it applies to photographs or videos of actual people.


Welp, good thing I wasn’t planning on doing any human on fluffy stuff.


I have a feeling I know what this alludes to…


Sir and or degenerate anthropomorphized fox how can an update of my well-being not be of universal unparalleled interest


We’re resigned to the fact that you’re never leaving, McGee.


Haha I just noticed muh special OC is now a protected class I claim all red and turquoise fluffys as my OC and can never be used by any one but me


We all know who rule 4 applies to.