Not so Willing (underbear)

Mummah songs seem to be a bit of Hasbio’s preprogrammed work. Research has shown that in foals and adults the song has a calming effect.

Similar songs have been recorded that have been modified based on the fluffy singing such as Daddeh songs and brudda or sissy songs.

In some cases strong emotions or complex thought can lead to changes in the song. This is likely the result of a fluffy’s inability to accurately judge whether it is thinking something or saying it out loud.



… well time for pillowing followed by sorry stick and then … milk bag her


Wait did she daydream killing the foals?


Oh shit!?!

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I figured the other shoe was gonna drop in some way or another, but wow I did not see that coming. I guess there was a reason you brought up the differences between feral fluffs and domestic fluffs a few images back.

Also, she literally let the intrusive thoughts win here.

EDIT: so actually is the scene of her killing the goals just a daydream or is she actually killing them?


Oh the only fitting fate would be the daddeh going beserk and killing her tummeh babbehs in revenge, she didnt have to kill them she could have left and ignored them, she went out of her way to kill them


If this was just a day dream, and she wascsunging all of that out loud… I hope daddy hears her.
I also hope he takes appropiate action. Maybe just watching them more carefully. Maybe warning her what will happen if his kids die. Maybe stomping her leggies until they can’t move any more.


Okay if daddeh hears this hes surely taking no chances, hes get this far id break her weggies then flip her onto her side so her milk places are still reachable, once the tummy babbehs arrive (if they arrive) then idk maybe you let her keep them but its gonna be milk that his babbehs will be missing out on so he might want to do something about that too.

Being a protector comes first in this case, survival of etc etc.

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Pump her milk into bottles and bring in another mare to provide cuddles for the new babies once they’re born, because this lunatic is never even going to SEE them! Also, keep her restrained or take her legs, so she can’t fight or run.

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