Novafluffies foals adoption FOR FREE by Z05(CLOSED)

Hey, you, yes YOU!!!

Tired of the same old dirty fluffies? tired up with their constant tantrums? Sick of cleaning up their shit all the time? Well, no more! Introducing the new and spectacular Novafluffies!!!

But what is a Novafluffy? Don’t worry, everything you need to know is right here:
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Everything you need to know about Novafluffies.
Aditional information

Well, now that you know what they are, we’ll introduce these little ones so that six lucky owners can adopt them for FREE!!!

(ADOPTED)Foal No.1 ,Male : This little friend enjoys playing with his ball, although he often prefers to play alone. However, he always gets excited when another foal joins him. He’s somewhat independent but loves receiving affection, a well-balanced and loyal baby, perfect for first-time owners.

(ADOPTED)Foal No.2, Female: This little girl loves music; she enjoys dancing, and unlike the attention-seeking dancing foals, she does it out of pure passion. She’s also an excellent singer, quite in tune, and can learn songs very quickly. Undoubtedly, a great choice for owners who are music enthusiasts.

(ADOPTED)Foal No.3, Female: This little spotted one is a chatterbox, somewhat vain and flirtatious. She spends her time looking at herself in the mirror and trying to style her mane and tail. She always wants everyone to see her and tell her she’s adorable. However, she has never shown hostile behavior towards other fluffies. On the contrary, she’s quite sociable and loves being surrounded by friends. Fashion-forward owners will adore her, as she enjoys being groomed and wearing makeup!

(ADOPTED)Foal No.4, male: This little unicorn is quite calm, loyal, and a sleepyhead. He doesn’t like being the center of attention and prefers to sleep peacefully. He’s very friendly and will always seek to be in his owner’s lap, making him a perfect candidate for an owner with a disability or an elderly person.

(ADOPTED)Foal No.5, Male: This brave little buddy loves to explore and get into trouble, but he’s smart and knows how to get away with it. He enjoys being around people more than other fluffies and is quite active. He loves running and seeking physical challenges. It’s preferable for him to be adopted by someone who exercises regularly or works in the countryside, as he would get bored in a typical family home or apartment.

(ADOPTED)Foal No.6, Female: A good girl with a great sense of humor and a bright attitude towards life, these are the qualities of this dark-colored foal. She’s always trying to make those around her laugh, doing all sorts of tricks or telling corny jokes. Undoubtedly, a great choice for a family with children.

Well, this is the first wave of Novafluffies I’ll put up for adoption. It will be a while before I do another one. I just hope this goes well and gets a good reception. Oh, and for the adopted foals, I give full permission for them to be used in drawings and stories. Just remember, they’re not like regular fluffies.

Thank you all for adopting these little ones. I hope they find good homes and help spread the word. Project Novafluffies appreciates you


No.2 and I definitely won’t immediately reverse engineer how they work and de-sterileize her I promise

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I fell in love with the number 4 :3

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Same, lol. Always love sleepyheads.

Good luck! I’d take one but technically already have two besides the ones I made myself. Lol

One nitpick—your numbering is off and 4 is on there twice. Jsyk!

I’d like the one with the brown dribbles down the back with the purple mane/tail, please (The numbering’s off so I couldn’t quite tell which number they were)! Super cute fluffies, love their designs.

:partying_face:Congratulations :partying_face:, number 2 is yours, please tell me what name you’re
going to give her

its 5

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Good to know!! :3 5’s the one I’d like.

These are so cute I’m gonna barf.


6 please!!

I would lite to take number 1 :slight_smile:

I’d like number 3.

I love 6’s permanent angy eyebrows. Such a charmer <3

my bad, fixed

:partying_face:Congratulations :partying_face:, number 6 is yours, take care of her please

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:partying_face:Congratulations :partying_face:, number 1 is yours, its a good boy, please, take care of him

Can I grab #4 ?

:partying_face:Congratulations :partying_face:, number 3 is yours, she will be a beautiful fluffy, treat her well.