Nu Nut Novembah Ch.3 [by ChungusMyBungus]

Day 20 of ‘Nu Nut Novembah’.
The pervert had been dosing up Smarty’s food with ‘Fluff-Iagra’ every few days, watching in delight as it suddenly took hold and drove him absolutely feral. It had gotten to the point where Smarty had actually begun begging for his erection to go away while he continued to hump the Enfie Pal, he was past the point of enjoying any of what was happening. All he wanted was his release.
But he still had ten days before that would be possible.

On the 20th day, the pervert walked into the room and paused. Something was wrong.
Smarty was standing in the middle of the room, glaring at him as he entered. The pervert noted some small brown-red spots across the floor, tracking from the Smarty’s hooves to the Enfie Pal. The Enfie Pal wasn’t moving at all, and there was a large stain of the same dark brown-red stuff all around her.
“Dummeh hooman.” Smarty snorted. “Smawty wan gud feews. Dummeh Enfie Paw nu gib. Smawty say Enfie Paw bwoken!
The pervert walked over and picked up the Enfie Pal, confirming that ‘broken’ was the best word for it. She was already cold and lifeless. The plastic box had protected most of her body, but her head had been stomped until half of it was crushed. She had shit all over herself during the process, which had hardened and congealed across her genitalia as her body cooled.
The Enfie Pal was, in a word, dead.

“Did you do this?” The pervert asked. Smarty smiled, and proudly nodded.
“Yus! Smawty gib bwoken Enfie Paw biggest owies fow bein’ so bwoken an’ dummeh! Nao yoo gib Smawty new Enfie paw dat wowk and gib gud feews fow Smawty!”
The pervert looked down at the arrogant little shit standing in his home, and blinked once.
“Nah.” He said, picking up and carring the ‘broken’ Enfie Pal to the door.
“Whuh… buh… BUH SMAWTY SAY SO!” Smarty shrieked, stomping his hooves on the ground, all semblance of pride and control gone in an instant. "WAN GUD FEEWS! GIB GUD FEEWS! NU FAIW! SMAWTY HATE FINGY ON NO-NOS! WAN GUD FEEWS! JUS’ WAN’ GUD FEEWS!!!"
The pervert ignored him and departed, taking the Enfie Pal with him. He dumped it in the outside trash and set about filling Smarty’s food bowl, same as usual… but this time, he added a double dose of Fluff-Iagra, just to punish him.

The results were immediate.
Smarty finished his food and immediately jerked upright, his entire body shaking.
“N-n-n-nuuuuu!” He whimpered, as his dick became rock hard again on the spot. “N-nu wan! N-nu w-wan! No-nos, st-stobbit!”
He spun around in circles, desperately looking for something he could ram his dick into, but found nothing. Then he had an idea. The pervert could imagine a tiny lightbulb appearing above the Smarty’s head (and flickering a little) as he turned, sprinting towards the wall… and suddenly halting.
He had been going to his Enfie Pal, but his Enfie Pal was no longer there.
Because he’d broken it.

“Heee-eee-eee…” Smarty whined, curling into a ball on the floor and feebly groping at his no-nos with stubby, blunt hooves, doing more harm than good to hismelf as he desperately attempted to ease some of the swollen pressure in his alarmingly erect cock. “Nee’ enfies… nee’ hab enfies… no-nos huwt su much… hu-hu-hu…”
The pervert just watched it all, smirking away.

The rest of the day continued likewise. Smarty would get sick of lying aronud and would scamper around the room as fast as possible (trying to keep his eyes off of the lurid calendar that hung from the wall), only to realise there was absolutely nothing for him to use anymore to try and get off… at which point he collapsed back to the ground, weakly pawing at himself with his blunt hooves.
Finally, he could take it no more, and broke down into wailing.

“WA-A-AH!!!” He shrieked, thrashing around and flailing his hooves, his still-erect cock wiggling like a worm about to be eaten by a bird. “NU FAIW! SMAWTY WAN GUD FEEWS! PWEASE GIB GUD FEEWS! NU WAN FINGY ON NO-NOS! PWEASE WET SMAWTY HAB GUD FEEWS!”
“Gee, that’s a shame.” The pervert said, nonchalantly, as he watched the Smarty have a tantrum. “If only you still had your Enfie Pal, then maybe you could’ve done something about it.”

Smarty paused, remembered the Enfie Pal, sprang up to go and rail it… and then saw it’s empty space, remembered it was ‘broken’, and collapsed back to the ground in a tear-soaked heap of shrieking and wailing once more. He eventually resorted to grinding himself against the carpet at sporadic intervals, but one rub was all it took for him to suddenly stop, shrieking about carpet-burn on his 'no-no’s.

After a few hours, the pervert got up and left.

Only ten days were left.



I love this story so much. I bet the last day is going to be amazing XD


throwing away the broken enfie pal

Tsk tsk tsk… There was potential for something wonderful and disgusting there

What, letting him fuck a shit-covered corpse?

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I mean … add Hot sauce inside the dead body on the last day. Let it enf and recieve the worst burnies, suffer, and go back to enf it. Maybe even get a more … rotting surprise and infection.

… Okay, may be too overkill.

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Nah, he’s been bad, so it’s time for him to do without as punishment.


Precisely! He’d fuck it until he got an infection, so by December 1st… His dick would be so rotten, he wouldn’t be able to get it up!

Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan for that.


In the end of november: After enduring all that mounth you are such a good fluffy. And good fluffies deserve a reward. As a reward I will make your denial permanent so that you can remain good fluffy.

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