Nuke joins Battlefluffs by Karn/Princess Purrpaws

Experimented on by a mad scientist, Nuke was augmented with a miniature Atomic Core in his belly and a pair of emitters over his eyes, allowing the fluffy to fire short ranged but potent atomic blasts. His mane/tail now pulsate with the same glowing yellow of the core in his belly and the radiation symbols in his goggle emitters, flashing rapidly right before he fires.


  • His primary attack, the Atomic Blast is exceptionally strong and usually lethal versus fluffies that are mostly organic.
  • Despite the implants on his body, Nuke retains most of his maneuverability.


  • Each Atomic Blast requires Nuke to process the power through his body, which causes him to overheat. Thus he was grafted with a pair of coolant water tanks and ventilation ports. After each shot, water is drained to cool his body and steam is released from the vents. This both limits his number of shots to roughly five before the coolant is expended and requires a few seconds before he can fire again. If Nuke were to try and fire with an empty tank, he would instead cook his own insides.
  • The Atomic Blasts have a limited range, extending roughly six feet out before becoming harmless/non-lethal.
  • While his Atomic Blasts are a potent method of attack, they are his only means of offense, making Nuke a one trick pony.

For @Carniviousduck and @AMDk7 's Battlefluffs.


Damnit. The immediate thing that blasted its way into my brain was: Hey everybody, did the news get around about a guy named Butcher Pete?


…a one trick pony.
Ouch that pun burns more then his nuke.


A fluffy with the power of Godzilla. I’m glad I came back to this place, if only just for this.