ok who wants to discuss fluffies on the site dedicated to discussing fluffies. specifically fluffy games i guess.

An anti-fluffy! A nega-fluffy! An… yffulf?


I’d personally love to hear what you have planned! It’s your thread, infodumping 20 paragraphs is basically the whole reason for it to exist.



ok so what im currently drafting is the color handling system
my idea right now is define like… 11 or 12 color ‘labels’ (red, orange, brown, black, etc)
then either populate each list with a bunch of html colors or define values between so and so hue and hope i do it well enough that the label makes sense no matter what random color you get

really the ““correct”” way to do it is via defining values and then polishing it from there (saturation lower than 50 gets ‘pastel’ modifier, for instance) but i also like the idea of having a preset color list just because it doesnt rely on random generation which can give some weird/muddy colors sometimes… gives me more control of it

anyway the idea here is (regardless of which method i go with when doing the color lists) when its calculating fluffy value when it comes to coat color it can just pull the label ‘red’ instead of defining values for a bunch of preset colors Or having to figure out numbers and getting them and using them (numbers are cringe!!!)

at this rate i think the first prototype will play more like ‘mlp figurine store simulator’ since i havent even touched the ai yet lmao

That’s a good way to do it! Making it completely random would give you a lot of colors that are basically exactly the same, and way too many muddy brown colors.

And if you want more variety later on, you could just have a separate “coat brightness” value that just puts a half-transparent black or white color on top of the color color. So red + half-transparent black layer = dark red.

(… At least, I think that’s a thing you can do in 3D. If it isn’t, disregard that!)

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When will the poopie plight end?!


i discovered arrays, i now have the power of LISTS OF STUFF.
from here im gonna go ahead and define like 5 or 6 lists and work on getting the color after its been assigned for using when calculating things with

i think i could puzzle out how to make the lighter/darker system youre talking about actually, but i cant decide if i should go straight into that first or call it Good Enough and try to make some sort of actual playable gameplay after this

tbh im just super hype ive made a thing that Works, More or Less. its much more common for me to type out a bunch of ideas and then never do them lol