Parasitic Babies: Sucessful Launch Universe Story [By. VampiricFluffy]

This Story is a spinoff of The Abuser’s Virus, and is of course another entry in the Successful Launch Universe.

Loft Wing was a very expensive Fluffy. Specially bred and grown through Hasbio’s Build-A-Fluff, program. She was an Alicorn, a trait already rare since Hasbio, had made them showing up through breeding to be extremely Rare. On top of her rare type, her coat was a perfect azure blue with a white underbelly along with white and blue feathers on her wings. Her most striking feature was her wings, while still incapable of flight she had a wingspan twice the size of a normal Fluffy. While Fluffies were far from being majestic she was about as close as any Fluffy could get. Her Owner, Margret could not have been happier with her and for over a year she had been the ideal pet.

Loft Wing’s perfect pet streak ended the day she asked the question that all Fluffy Mares will one day ask. “Mummah can woft wingie hab babbehs?” The blue alicorn asked seemingly out of nowhere. Margret, having been tasting the pasta sauce she was making, dropped the spoon she had been using. The spoon hit the ground with a metallic clang Causing Loft Wing to flinch and step back a bit. Any other time she would have rushed to lick up the delicious sauce before Margret was able to clean it up, but this was serious.

“I’m sorry sweetie I don’t think I heard you. What did you say?” Margret had hoped that she really did mishear the Fluffy, or that the obvious discomfort she was showing would somehow make Loft Wing back down from the question.

Loft Wing stretched her wings out to their full length, something she always did when she really wanted something. “Woft wingie am big fwuffy nao an’ woft wingie am weady fo’ babbehs. Pwease mummah woft wingie wiww gib them aww dah huggies an’ wub. Woft wingie wiww gib them dah bestes’ miwkies an’ make suwe dey am aww dah bestes’ babbehs.”

While Margret did want to breed her eventually, she was not ready to take care of any more Fluffies yet. Given the amount of money she had spent on Loft Wing, she also did not want her mate to be just any random Fluffy. Any stallion she picked would have to be just as perfect as Loft Wing herself. “I’m sorry sweetie, but the answer is no. It’s not time yet.”

Having been so excited, the sudden rejection felt like a kick in the side to Loft Wing. She immediately burst into tears. “Buh fwuff tee-bee said big fwuffies hab babbehs an’ be gud mummah. Dey make miwkies an’ sin’ dah mummah song. Pwease babbehs am su cute an’ woft wingie gets su wonewy when mummah am gone.” She managed to say between sobs.

Margret’s heart melted as her beloved Fluffy broke down in front of her. As much as she wanted to give in, she knew she couldn’t, so she stood firm. “Loft Wing, you can’t have babies right now. That does not mean that you will never have babies.” She picked up the crying Fluffy and held her tightly. She gently stroked her Fluff, trying to calm her. “It’s not time for babies yet, but it will be soon. You don’t have to be lonely when I’m not here, you have Olivia. In fact, she may be lonely right now. Why don’t you go play with her while I finish up dinner.”

As much as she wanted to argue Loft Wing, knew that when mummah said no, it meant no. The last time she begged for something she was not allowed to have she had to spend the day in the sorry box, and she was not ready for that again. “otay’ mummah woft wingie wiww go pway wiff owibia.” she said sadly as she went out the doggy door into the yard.

Olivia was Margret’s other pet, a black Labrador Retriever. Despite Loft Wing being afraid of her as a foal, they become the best of friends as she got older. They would play all kinds of games together, like tug of war and fetch. Upon seeing Loft Wing come out of the doggy door, she grabbed her rope toy and happily ran over to her holding it out and daring the fluffy to try and take it from her. “Hewwo owibia. Woft wingie am weawwy sowwy that she wet 'ou be wonewy out hewe. Woft wingie wiww pway wiff 'ou nao if ‘ou wan’.” With that Loft Wing took the other end of the rope in her mouth and did her very best to pull it away from Olivia. While Olivia could have easily shaken the Fluffy around like a chew toy, she chose to hold back and let her keep equal footing. She treated the Fluffy like she would have her own puppies.

Loft Wing was starting to feel better as she was playing with Olivia. She had almost completely forgotten about wanting babies, until out of the corner of her eyes she saw something that she had never seen before, another Fluffy. While she had seen plenty of pictures and Videos of Fluffies she had never seen one in real life. She dropped the rope and ran as fast as she could to the end of the lawn where a black earthie stallion with an orange stripe running from his head all the way down his back, was standing. “Hewwo new fwend! am woft wingie. Woft wingie has nebah seen anothah fwuffy befowe, am su happy to meet 'ou!” She stretched her wings to full length as she happily introduced herself.

“Am biohazawd. Woft wingie am su pwetty! Biohazawd has nebah seen weaw wingie pointy befowe.” the now equally excited stallion said. Biohazard had not seen another fluffy since he ran away from the yellow bubble daddehs. To top it off it was such a pretty mare, after so long he could not believe his luck. Basically, having just escaped fluffy jail he wanted to do what most people do when they get out of jail. “Do ‘ou wan’ to hab speshuw huggies wiff biohazawd” The Stallion asked, his biological drives taking over.

Loft wing softly gasped. She knew that special huggies were how Fluffies made babies. She knew her mummah said no, but maybe it was because she couldn’t find another Fluffy for her. She thought that if she managed to have babies on her own, her mummah would be so proud of her. Loft Wing Spread her wings out and turned around for Biohazard.

After Loft Wing had wandered off, Olivia had decided to grab one of her squeaky toys and chew it while lying on the grass. She looked over to where Loft Wing was and saw that something else was with her. The stripe on the new Fluffy set off a primal instinct in Olivia that told her to stay away. She could not let whatever it was harm Loft Wing. Olvia stood up and ran to Loft Wing and the creature who was starting to get on top of her. She loudly barked warning it to get away right now.

Upon seeing the dog run at him with full fury, Biohazard quickly pulled off Loft Wing and was about to make a run for it when he got that feeling that had made the bubble daddehs so scared of him. “Sowwy spway fo’ bawky munstah!” The fluffy yelled. Despite his intentions he missed Olivia completely and sprayed Loft Wing, full blast, with a foul-smelling liquid. “Sowwy speshuw fwend!” Was the last ting Biohazard said as he ran away as fast as he could.

Loft wing laid on the ground crying, her eyes and nose burning. Not only was she not having babies, the only other fluffy she had ever seen hurt her and made her smell terrible. Olivia was out for blood, but as soon as she heard Loft Wing’s cries, she gave up the chase to tend to her. She grabbed, Loft Wing by the scruff and began to carry her to the house. While normally Loft Wing would have complained about “bad upsies” she allowed Olivia to carry her and cried to herself during.

Margret had just finished plating dinner when she heard the dog door open. She hoped that some time with Olivia, had cheered Loft Wing up and that maybe the baby talk could be pushed back at least a few more months. She was met with the sounds of a crying Fluffy and the most horrible skunk odor that she had ever smelled. She ran over to Olivia and Loft Wing and picked her up. She very quickly carried Loft Wing up to the bath and started running water. While bath time was normally one of Loft Wing’s favorite activities, she continued to cry as she was set into the warm bubbly water. “Woft wingie nu smeww pwetty” She managed to get out between cries.

Margret scrubbed her down with the anti-skunk shampoo that she had on hand from the time Olivia got sprayed as a puppy. After some heavy scrubbing she finally managed to get the horrible Smell out of Loft Wing’s Fluff and feathers. As Margret was drying her off, Loft Wing managed to calm down. “Why did othah fwuffy make woft wingie nu smeww pwetty?”

“Another Fluffy didn’t do this to you” Margret said obviously assuming that Loft Wing was just Confused. Marget began to think that maybe depriving her of contact with other fluffies was a bad idea if she had started to confuse other animals with them.

“Nu it was anothah fwuffy. Dey was goin’ to gib woft wingie speshuw huggies su woft wingie couwd hab babbehs. Buh owibia nu wike them su fwuffy gabe woft wingie sowwy spway.” The fluffy told Margret, who was still in disbelief.

“No Loft Wing, it was a skunk. They are monsters who will make you smell bad if you bother them.” Margret was now getting worried. She wondered if they had horse whispers for Fluffies, yet.

“It was nu munsta dey tawked to woft wingie an’ said dey wanted to gib speshuw huggies.” Loft wing frantically tried to explain.

“If you lie to mommy again you will be sleeping in the sorry box with no spaghetti tonight.” Margret always hated having to be that strict with Loft Wing, but her insistence that what was obviously a skunk was another fluffy was starting to scare her.

While Loft wing knew that it was another Fluffy, she really wanted spaghetti after being forced through that ordeal. “Sowwy mummah. It was munsta an’ not anothah fwuffy. Can woft wingie pwease hab sketties nao. “

Margret smiled and Pick up Loft Wing. “Of course, you can sweetie”. She really hoped that would be the end of it, but things only got weirder from there.

Loft Wing woke up in the middle of the night, her stomach rumbling. She felt something moving inside her and realized what it meant right away. “Tummeh babbehs” She whispered to herself. She was so excited but didn’t want to wake up mummah. She didn’t think that she had, had special huggies with Biohazard, but if she was a, soon mummah, she must have. She decided to keep it hidden from her mummah, just in case she would get mad.

The decision to keep her potential pregnancy hidden lasted until breakfast the next morning. “Woft wingie hab tummeh babbehs!” Loft wing yelled at Margret who had been flipping pancakes at the time. Margret Dropped the spatchula mid flip causing it and a pancake to hit the ground. Now that she was having babies, she could not let good food go to waste, so she ran over to the fallen pancake and immediately began happily eating. “Woft wingie needs aww dah gud nummies fo’ tummeh babbehs!”

Either Loft Wing, really was as delusional as she feared, or she really had met another Fluffy the day before. She is normally so good, but somehow, she had managed to both get knocked up and sprayed by a skunk in the twenty minutes that she had been outside yesterday. Margret had no real reason to doubt Loft Wing’s self-diagnosis since Fluffies could apparently tell that they were pregnant almost immediately. Loft Wing was completely oblivious to Margrets shock as she hopped around the room singing” Soon mummah, soon mummah woft wingie am soon mummah!”

About a week passed and despite the relatively short gestion time of Fluffies, Loft Wing showed no signs of pregnancy. If anything, she looked a little thinner than she normally did despite eating more. As Margret began to doubt the sanity of her Fluffy, and deal with the guilt of possibly causing her Fluffy’s delusions.

One day as Margret was getting her morning coffee, Loft wing screamed “Bigges’ Poopies”.

Oh shit, Margret thought. If she really is having babies, they are going to be horribly still born. That would absolutely crush Loft Wing. Panicked she ran into Loft Wing’s Safe room and saw he laying in her litter box shaking and crying. “Babbehs pwease stahp huwtin’ mummah’s poopie pwace!” Loft Wing screamed.

Marget looked behind her and confirmed that something really was coming out of Loft Wing’s butt. For a second she wanted to again cry for her poor delusional Fluffy. That was until she heard chirping and saw brightly colored miniature fluffy foals come tumbling out of Loft Wing’s ass. There were five of them, the foals were about half the normal size of an average fluffy foal. Other than that Margret did not immediately notice anything else wrong with them, until Loft wing picked one up and licked it clean. The foals had fins instead of legs and bizarre fish like tails. Margret wanted to gag and recoiled in absolute horror at whatever Innsmouth creatures her Fluffy had somehow given “birth” to. Loft Wing either did not notice or did not care how strange her babies were as she sang to them and attempted to feed them with her underdeveloped teats which clearly did not produce any milk.

Doing research online Margret found exactly what her Fluffies strange babies were through the form of an advertisement.

New from Hasbio, its Sea Fluffies! All the fun of normal Fluffies, without the mess. Grow them at home and keep them like you would any other fish. They are still fluffies and unlike normal fish they can breathe air and water! Sea Fluffies launching this, Summer! Preorder now!

Margret seeing how happy they seemed to make Loft Wing, she decided to keep them. She bought them a nice big fish tank that was installed in Loft Wing’s safe room. She even went all out and installed some clear tubing around the house that allowed the foals to make their way out of the tank. As sad as Loft Wing was that she could not make Milk for her babies, Margret got her a feeding harness that held two formula bottles so that Loft Wing could feed her babies somewhat normally. As weird as the whole thing was, seeing Loft wing so happy made it worth it for Margret. Despite her initial disgust the sea fluffies did eventually grow on her.

They stopped feeling like fish and like Fluffies when they began to talk “Wub pwetty tank, wub bawws, wub mummah! “Just like that Margret fell in love with the parasites that grew in her pet’s stomach.

Author’s note

Hope you enjoyed another story in the Successful Launch Universe. Some more of the “Literal Poopie Babies” My interpretation of Sea Fluffies. When I first came up with the concept, I meant it to just be a weird body horror thing. I mean it still kind of is that, but the Sea Fluffies are also kind of cute so yeah. If you have not checked out my other stories please do, and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.


This is adorable.

But also disturbing.

It’s disturbingly adorable and adorably disturbing.




I think that can often apply to Fluffies in general lol


I can usually follow along with fluffy-extant logic, but I’m fully confused here. Did Biohazard stick his dick in her butt?? She actually shit these pseudo-foals out instead of giving birth??

The title of the story clearly indicates that they’re parasitic in nature, but I have NO logical leads here as to how that’s happening - and if they are/we’re parasites, why would they actually come out instead of continuing to absorb mama from the inside until her death forced them out??

This is much more of a weirdbox universe than I anticipated. “Successful Launch” seems like a misnomer for the universe, these aren’t features, they’re pretty clearly bugs. I am deeply confusion.

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No they never had Special huggies, the parasitc eggs came from the spray. They grow in the host’s stomach eating whatever is there untill they are “born”. As they grow in the stomach and eventully make their way to the bowels they do usually only have one orifice to come out of when they are fully grown. Think of a fluffy version of xenomorphs, though obviously less violent. This was a feature created by a Hasbio scientist, though a rare one that was never meant to make it to the open market. Hope that clears some things up.
Future stories will focus more the the Sucessful launch aspect of the universe, so don’t worry about the weirdness I got sidetracked with here lol.
Hope you enjoyed the story anyway.


Goddamn, you’ve got lore stacked up in the background that I’m sure we’re gonna be rolling in here soon. What a fascinating albeit SUPER weird way to produce new fluffs. Keep it coming!


It was explained in more detail in one of their previous works, if that helps!

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So, Marketing finally attained a level of inebriation equal to the main timeline, I see.
“A fluffy made my son pregnant” headlines are also publicity.

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