Partners in crime (artist: Carpdime)

A silly piece I suddenly thought of.

Some older pieces of Bonnie and Avo:

Bonnie & Avocado (Artist:Carpdime)

Bonnie & Avocado going to get some cookies after a test (Artist:Carpdime)


Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks they look like Kermit the frog and miss piggy.


Oooh a Boonie & Clyde reference! And I always love to see a more badass take on Avo.


remembers how the Bonnie & Clyde story ended

gets PTSD


Feel almost as a shootin game :heart_eyes:

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“Fluffy fingers can’t hurt you”

Fluffy fingers:

Is this a Wild Guns reference?

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Maybe you can team them up (at least in this version) with my Alicorn Gang.
What a heist that would be!

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Saw the title and the song “Partners in Crime” by Set it Off started playing in my head. Dang you Carp, now I got an earworm!

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I hope you are just planning some cosplay Carpdime. It didn’t end well for the real deal.

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This is pretty much cosplay. I mean, Avo and Bonnie clearly have fingers here. And Carp mentioned that this was just a silly idea in the OP. I’d like to think of this as a fun parody idea, like his Dune pic.


And of course, its not canon to the story I’m working on.

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