Pearl part 5 (by Mr_Freeman774)

Pearl twelve woke up by the sound of foals chirping and pillows singing…against her will…again

That was all they did ever since your daddeh took the place of smarty,he reorganized the herd and make sure that everybody had enough food and comfort to live happily,at first everything was perfect, but success also come with his own problems

When the fluffys stopped being scared of the vigilant eye of smarty,they realized that they could finally play and eat as much as they wanted,and so they did

They eaten a lot

They played a lot

And they enfed a lot

Turned out that originally smartie was the only one allowed to have sons ,so special Friends were heavily prohibited,but now that there was no restriction after only one cold time,the herd grew MASSIVELY(the lack of big predators didnt help in the slighlest) ,not even Pearl couldnt count how many fluffies were there now (she stopped after 5 times 5,after that she would get thinkie place hurties just trying to count how many were) and the foals,in the name of skettyland the FOALS.

The pillows couldnt do anything appart from getting pregnant , sing mummah songs and give milkies,so thats the only thing they would do. As soon as they gave birth and stopped feeling their babies inside them,or their beloved chirpies would stop walking and getting away from their mummah to play outside they would BEG for the closest stallion to give them special Huggies again,your daddeh had to put tuffies guarding the pillows so they wouldnt become soon mummahs during the cold times,but as strong as the “gwowie munstah smawty” authority was

meat is weak,and fluffy meat is even weaker.

so now, while special Friends were allowed, having babies was prohibited for everyone (off course this order came to the ears of fluffies like “dont get caught making babies” so things didnt really improved,if anything,this make fluffies think that maybe the new smartie wasnt as good as they thought,not that they really thought much about anything in the first place)

The herd´s den also had changed,with so many fluffies and no more poopie eaters,the den was constantly smelling bad,there was a designated poopie place,but with so many foals accidents were frecuent,and some adults and adolescents were simply too busy playing or napping to be bothered,thinking that their giant turds would be mistaken as a colt mistake,many fluffies were forced to eat their own poopies as a punishment,but this didnt stop the accidents,some fluffies were simply too stupid to understand that one does not shit were it sleeps

But the main problem was the nummies

the grassies,that before were everywhere,couldnt grew fast enough to saciate the hunger of the herd,and the nice looking nummies like berrries and flowers were pretty much gone

So the nummie searchers had to increase his range,this was but a momentary solution,after a while,there was no green to be seen in the cercanies of the den and all fluffies had to travel to the near field to eat(wich was actually realy close,the dummy fluffies simply sucked at measuring)

The water also started to get…weird,Manny fluffies would drink water and poop and the same time to save precious time that could be used to play or eat,this ended up being a bad idea,now the water tasted weird and some colts became sick for drinking it.

Off course your daddeh tried to fix all those behaviors,but with only 8 adult tuffies(5 of wich were nummie finders,and Optimus pretty much always bussy training the Young one with potential) and the mayority of the mares not only pillowed,but also constantly pregnant and indiferent to their sons as soon as they started to get away from pillow range they simply couldnt control all the mostly adolescent herd, the fact that your daddeh couldnt impose himself as before only made things worse.

Speacking of daddeh,something weird started happening to him,after the last cold time,he started to get slower,his beautiful emperor purple started to get less radiant and his mane got all grey,even some his teeth started to fall off,your mummah would have to chew the food for him,he was getting old,that everyone understood,but it was happening fast,it didnt make any sense,your mummah was still as cute as she was when she gave birth to you,why was he getting so old in such a short time?

soon,the herd would need a new smartie.

Just the idea of it gave you the worst heart hurties,not only that but recently you had to control those crazy ideas about having babies that been taking control over your head,since some time ago,when something inside you told you that you were finally ready to have babies of your own,thoughs only interrumpet by the voice of your dad reminding you that having more babies was a no no,but if anything,you coud AT LEAST hace a special friend right?

and you knew exactly who

Rocky survived his first cold time and grew up to become one of Optimus students to be the next generation of tughies(sadly this was taking more time than expected,many colts would simply break and cry during the training, once , a brown colt even entered the wan die loop),sadly he wasnt as big as the other fluffies(most likely due to eating poopies since he was a chirpie)but what he lacked in stature he compensated with muscle,maybe it was that your mummah made the bestes milkies ever,or that his daddeh was a tughie too acording to one of the pillows,but rocky was WIDE,he could easily knock down bigger fluffies,and go below any adult dumb enough to underestimate him just for his height and sink his horn deep into his neck,he was completely dedicated to the misión to become the strongest fluffy ever with an almost religious fervor

At first you just saw him as your brother,just like your daddeh said,but as you grew together something about his smell told you that he could be something more,and you know that he felt the same,even thought he would always change the subject when you tried to talk about it,maybe he was just shy?

That didnt matter anymore,today was gonna be the day, you wouldnt give him a chance to escape this time

Rocky was practicing back hoffsies againts a three with other young fluffies,his part of the three being the most damaged one,while the rest complained about pain in their hoofs, complains that will quickly be silenced after some hits in the nose from Optimus,who saw how rocky was silently taking the pain and kicking even harder than before,after a silent nod of aprobation,he told rocky to go get a rest because “you hitting to stwong dummy,ou want to be nu back weggie dummi?because that how you becwome nu back weggie dummi”

“hewwo sissy” rocky said hapilly seeing how his sister was bringing him an apple core that she found some while ago

“hewwo wocky,wan do tawkies?” after rocky got a little too close to her nose to pick the apple her tail lifted instinctively ,all the hormonal colts paused the training sesión to watch it,pause that was quickly stopped after some (stronger than they should been)stomps from Optimus that got everyone to run circles on gravel (Optimus didnt really knew if that would make their hoofs stronger,he just liked to hear the complains)

“yus” rocky said after letting a small burp “wat you wan tawk about?”

“so twewbe had been doin thinkies”

“twewbe awways do thinkies,twewbe do bestes thinkies” rocky,while not as clever as you,at least didnt considered that you were weird or boring like other fluffies did,if anything,he understood that thinking was a critical skill for great leader,and , as the only daughter of the current smarty, your leadership was pretty much a fact by now

“hehe fank y-no wait twewbe hab somethin’ impowtant to tawk about”you almost got carried away again,every time he would compliment you you would forget about everything and talk and talk and talk until the bright time was over and then you would forget about what you had to say to him,but not this time

“twewbe hab to ask 'ou question ,impowtant question,bewy BEWY impowtant”

“weally whats it?”rocky turned his head at an angle,as his tilting his brain it would perceive the information better

“wocky…WOCKY WAN´ TO BE TWEWBE SPESHUW FWEND???”you ended up screaming so loud that even Optimus had to stop hitting the Young ones on this one

“nu” rocky said, cold and quick

“YAY TWEWBE WUV YOU T-“ it took you a while to process what you heard, it felt so unnatural that your whole body shivered,your eyes started to cry and your legs to tremble, before you could even understand what was happening,you could see rocky´s mouth moving,but you couldnt hear him,the world started to shrink around you and you just wished to dissapear

“SMAWTY IS GOIN´ FOWEBA SWEEPIEEEEES” an announcement so loud and with such powerfull words were the only thing that made you react,but only made things worse,you ran as far as you could to the den,making your best to not let out a shine that would made you fall asleep on your tracks,you finally made it across the multicolour multitude

He was still breathing,barely moving his tail ,your mother as always at his side,crying,beging him to not leave,as soon as he got a scent of you,his now blind eyes turned to you

“twewbe?dat ou? …ou… ou sma-“before he could finish the sentence the air left in his lungs escaped for a last time,and his already blinde yes lost wharever little light they still had,your father was gone,only an empty shell remained

Twelve and Zero were too bussy crying the death of 47 to notice that they were the ONLY ones crying,the rest of the herd simply stood there,not really convinced about crying for the monster that prohibited babies,forbiden everybody to shit where they wanted and made everyone do incredibly long trips for horrible food,after all all these things happened while him was in charge,so it was only logical to asume that everything was his fault and only HIS fault right?

Pearl could barely hold herself together,broken heart,dead father,there was no way that things could get worse

“MUNSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” trumpy,the bestes son of greeny came screaming from the top of his lungs “MUNSTAAAAAAAH IS COMIN´”

The words were enough to put fear in every fluffy present, the fear quickly turned into panic,the panic turned into piss and shit and fluffys running into said piss and shit until they all tripped to the stinky sludge that was the ground trying to cover themselves with their hooves,expecting that the monster wouldnt be able to see them if they couldnt see it

“whewe munsta”you asked calmly,at this point you really couldnt care less,heart broken,no father,many forevers of represing your feelings resulted, what could arguable be the worst day of any fluffy sudenly feels like…Tuesday, what the fuck is Tuesday anyways?how you know that?

s̸̬̔t̴͙̝͛o̴͉̘͆́p̵̺͇̄̌ ̸̻͍͆ṱ̶̭̐ḩ̴͔̂̐ï̸̪̝n̵͕͈͂̀k̸̺̄͋i̶͖͊ǹ̷̙̑g̷͓̼̃ ̸͚͐t̸͓̉̐h̸̛̯͗ò̷̟͇š̶̤̕e̶̙̱͐͊ ̷͍͉̑̎t̶͎̅͜͝h̷̹̿ͅȋ̶̼̱̚ņ̷̣̔ğ̵̩ś̶͍̼̀

what was the point of getting scared of a monster?it was probably just another fucking leave eating friend like last time,the fucking pussys g̷̨͋o̶͎̅ó̶͓d̵̲̚ ̶̬́f̷̻̈́ĺ̴͔u̷͇͂f̵͙̃f̶͔̑i̴̱̚ȩ̷́s̵͈̽ ̶̥͐d̴͖͆o̷̯̚n̵͔͋ẗ̵̪́ ̴̖͂s̵͚̓á̴̠y̸̻͆ ̸̜̇t̴̢̾h̶̗̔ò̵̟s̵͖͒e̵̝̍ ̵̪̆ẁ̵͇o̷̜͝r̶̥̿d̸̬͠s̵͈͋Ḃ̷̜̂͆̚Ḛ̴̤̾H̸͖͈́́̈́͐Ȧ̸̼̝̞̤V̸̼̰̄Ȩ̸͓̺͛́͐̀ dummy fluffys would get scared of everything,so it was probably nothing,but you wanted to get away from that place anyways,you saw rocky coming to see your father´s corpse and for some reason your thinkie place really hurted some seconds ago, so you just started to march with a small group of the thoughest stallions of the herd without looking back

After some 10 minutes of walking the group finally arrived to the scene

There, everyone in the group came to the same conclusión

The giant,noisy red thing that was cutting entire threes,grabing them with his giant arm,eating all their leaves and branches and putting the perfectly cut logs into one pile while making unholy buzzing sounds was by NO MEANS a leave eating friend

it was a real VERY REAL monster and there was simply no way that you could do anything against-

“CHAWGE” 3 young toughies broke formation and started to run as fast as they could against the giant monster,that simply ignore them and continued his work ,it wasnt until they got close enough that the machine ceased the noise and notice them, at first it seemed scared, it started to go backwards and stood there fow a few seconds, watching , like if it was scared,this only make the toughies want to advance even faster and with more confidence ,completely deaf to your orders of falling back

The monster then simply droped on them the giant buzzer that was at the end of his arm,instantly crushing two brave toughies and grabing the third betwen the 2 circular gears that would move the logs while eating their leaves

“PWEASE MUNSTA WET GO ONWY WITWE FWU-“those were his last words before the two Wheels like gears spined at speeds that you never seen before,ejecting the fluffy upwards at an incredible speed in a crimson explosión,after some seconds that felt like an eternity,the remaining half corpse dropped near the paralized group followed by a little rain of guts and blood

“FAWW BAK,BAK TO THE DEWN DUMMIS” this time they DID Heard you, thankfully the machine didnt followed your group,it simply stood there, eating threes, but just to make sure you took the long way back home

“wha happened?munstah is weal?”just the word monster was enough to start a small frenzy again,luckily this time most bowels were empty so it was relatively short

“yus,munstah is weal and it gave fowebah sweepies to toughies,and dummy mawe did NOFING,DUMMY MAWE DIDNT DO ANTY MUNSTAH SHINIES,SHE BAD MAWE”trumpy said energically,like he didnt hide behind a bush the second he saw the monster in the first place



“YES,YOU DUMMY” a unknown fluffys said at at the back of the crowd

“YOU JUST PWETY, BUT DUMMEH, JUST WIKE SMAWTY WAS PWETTY AND SHINNY BUT DUMMEH TOO, AWW HEWD DO AW BWITE TIME IS JUST WAWK AND WAWK FOR NUMMIES,NU CAN ENF,NU CAN BE MUMMAHS AND DADDEHS ,HAVE TO EAT POOPIES, POOPIES AW NOT NUMMIES, NUMMIES AW NUMMIES AN POOPIES AW POOPIES” as trumpy impresibly cientific facts continued every time more and more fluffies started to get behind him,he was clearly gaining the herd with his words

“owld smawty make other fwuffys eat poopies too, and onwy he couwd have babbehs bewcause we wewhe ugwy poopie fwuffies”one of the stallions added,making a point that many of the young ones couldnt make

“UH, NU! ,ou cant have babbehs because we aww many fwuffies,we have to take cawe of nummies an-“

“-AN WE AWE UGWY POOPIES WIGHT?WE AWW NOT SUPAH PWETTY SHAINY FWUFFYS SO WE HAB TO EAT POOPIES AND CANT HAB MOW POOPY UGWY BABBEHS WIGHT???”trumpy quickly interceded before even giving you a chance to take back control of the situation

“STAPH” Optimus interceded between the two,while rocky got in front of you to act as a shield

“smawty wat you wan do?”Optimus said while looking at…you? Oh right,your father said it before passing away YOU are the smarty now

“yeah thats WIGHT optimus, i am smawty nao,so you bettah stap tawking wike a dummeh ow you wiw get the wowtests sowwy hoofsies ebah” you puff your cheecks and hit your hoof in the ground,you are already bigger that most of the young stallions anyways,but again,you mother DOES have the bestes milkies so thats just to be expected, but even if that wasnt enough, Optimus,the biggest fluffy in the herd is on your side

“bu…who said ou smawty?trumpy says,oh right, he wasnt here to hear his last words

“daddeh,befowe going fowebah sweepies,he said that twewbe is smawty nao”

“munstah smawty nebah say that” a random voice said behind trumpy,a small wave of agreement started to grow

“munsta smawty said that ou aw smaw, and then he go fowever sweepies… but ou aw not smaw?? ou big mawe ,munstah smawty was just saying dummy munstah things”

“UH?NU daddeh was gunna say -ou smawty nao”

“I am smawty nao? :0 ?”






“buh owd munstah smawty didnt said that” again a slighty diferent voice this time,before you started to engage again in the same irritating loop you took a good look at your herd

A giant mass of multicolored fluff,mostly covered in their own shit, some of them even seemed to have stepped in their own sons but didnt care, probably thinking that they simply can make more, too dumb to even understand the most simple orders,your den, not so diferent, but with smaller fluffys inside some of them already behaving like bad fluffies, sleeping in the open would be better… and why do they keep calling him monster? They really were only scared of your father and thats why they acepted him as a smarty?and even then,they behaved so badly? do you REALLY wanted to be the smarty of a herd like this? And to make everything worse,there was the three eating monster, it would only be a matter of time before it would find the den

“ou now what twumpy,ou wight,ou aw smawty nao, this hewd cweawy wuvs ou mow that it wuvs fwuffy”

“ :o ” trumpy couldnt even believe it,he was probably expecting a fight,but it was simply not worth it for you

“I wiww weave the hewd,and evewy fwuffy that want to be with new hewd just come with twewbe”

And so you leaved with Optimus,princess,rocky,your mom and a handfull of other fluffies,mostly the good colored ones that were rejected as the first order of the smarty,no more “pwetty pwivilege” as he said it himself, as you were leaving the herd the last thing you heard was the second order of the beloved new smarty


You woke up again,this time in a padded bed in the silence of the night, annie is at your side,she played all day and fell asleep hapilly,you spend most of the day watching her and eating as much as you could, there is a little tube in your back leg that puts a liquid in you,but it makes you feel good,so it doesnt matter,you want to go to sleep again,but you are a afraid,afraid of keep dreaming about the past,afraid of going to that part, so you just concéntrate in your babby,and start to sing her

Mummah wuv babbeh

Babbeh wuv mummah

Babbeh wast babbeh

Mummah had many babbehs

But mummah bad mummah

Mummah wowst mummah

Mummah wet aww babbehs go nu kno whewe

But no wast babbeh

Wast babbeh wiww gwow big and stwong

Away fwom dangew, away from munstahs

Cuz mummah wuv babbeh

And babbeh wuv mummah


this is what they saw