petra brand fluffys by Angry 19

petra fluffys are geniuses of fluffy world.

earth/pegasus fluffy : halved intellgence of 5-year old well natural born smarties intellgence of 6-year old.

unicorns : halved intellgence of 7-year old well natural born smarties intellgence of 8-year old.

alicorn : halved intellgence of 9-year old well natural born smarties intellgence of 11-year old.

pegasus acknowledge wings don’t work.

petra learn tricks extremly easily.

petra 90% toilet train at birth.

petra call brown ones poopy unless have a name 0% malice.

petra call alicorn very ugly unless have a name 0% malice.

petra can only speak uk english but this doesn’t affect popularity around the wold.

petra are microbes fuffy young aduts 4 cm tall aduts 5 cm tall .

petra live for 10 years~20years.

mare have 2-week pregnancy get repigment instantly.

mare litters of 6/14 mare will eat any runs stllbirth defects but not if’s a alicorn 0% malice.

mare only feed 10 foals exttra foals given to oters mare.

mare still love poopy/alicorn foals will no longer need milk at 3-week discipline stars at 5-week.

foals will reach young adulthood in 2-months and adulthood in 6-months.

foals walking speed 1-miles per hour adult walking speed 2-miles per hour.

well running foals 4-miles per hour adult 9-miles per hour for 50 m.

petra jump 10 cm can jump continuously 57 times.

petra immune 90% of sickness will recover in 3 days any sickness.

petra tongues have 40% alcohol content for cleanig.

petra not affectted by bleach pesticides antifreeze poison spores fungus.

petra will eat any non-native plant specie in the region.

petra 49% better sense of smell other fluffys.

petra smell decaying fruit and eat it.

pregnant mare cannot eat parsley it will causa a miscarriage.

colonies will kick out smarties syndrome.

natural born smarties will not act like smarties syndrome.

petra fluffys puff up yeah cheeks 15 seeconds before deflating them.

petra fluffys call you dummy more ofen 0% malice.

petra fluffys prefer nutri gel.

petra call spaghetti by it’s proper name.

petra one-to-one food ratio.

petra fluffys created by angry19.


“Unless name 0% malice”, What that suppose to mean? Like if the fluffy got named, even if it’s vulgar, the other fluffies wouldn’t act mean to them?

Oh look, it is the fluffapocalypse