Pick a Fluffy's Fate 1: Forgotten Foals (by recreationalsadist)

@infraredturbine no seriously, let’s do a short comic on this.


Why grow, when one can transplant?
Bonus is horrid surgery performed by questionably accredited Portuguese.

The repeated kicks of their cotton candy sibling has caused the precarious trash and ramshackle nest to destabilize. The nest breaks apart and sheers off beneath the light tan foal and they are sent tumbling into the void of the dumpster. The foal survives by suckling the garbage juices and grows crooked and deformed in the darkness of the dumpster until it can figure out how to escape (though it continues to use it as their den).

Its incomprehensible burbling the stuff of nightmares, the sketti monster (named for the distinct scent of old spaghetti and loose strands in their fluff) will take your nonos for meatballs if you’re a bad colt.