Pick a Fluffy's Fate 1: Forgotten Foals (by recreationalsadist)

This was inspired by @infraredturbine 's Selfish Choices series.

Here’s how this works: Readers who comment can suggest a fate for one of the foals. Or the mare, stallion, or random bit of background debris. If I like an idea I’ll write a story where they meet that fate. It’s not first come first served though, so no rush.

If more than one commenter requests a story for a fluffy and I like both ideas I’ll write both.

I mainly write weirdbox and/or abuse, but I’m willing to give hugbox or sadbox a try.

Here goes:

There is an alley. It’s full of trash, including a broken cinderblock, an empty pizza box, and a dumpster overflowing with food waste from an Olive Garden. There’s also a mare in it.

The mare is a soon-mummah about to become a mummah as she’s giving birth.


Afterwards she places her chirping foals in her nest made of food wrappers, old magazines, and old teddy bear with no eyes, newspapers, and other things she and her special friend found.

Exhausted after all that she goes to sleep.

After waking up she feels hungry and goes off to find food, forgetting about the foals she’d given birth to the previous day. She won’t be returning.

In the nest are a group of chirping and increasingly hungry foals who have yet to open their eyes.

An orange and green pegasus with a malformed wing. She’s suckling her hoof while crying.

A pink and blue earthy lying on it’s side kicking his sibling in the head while smiling. It might be doing it accidentally or on purpose, it’s up to the reader to decide.

The foal the previous fluffy was kicking is a light tan and dark tan unicorn and he’s now derped.

A light blue pegasus with a yellow mane. He’s the loudest of them, chirping angrily for milk.

A dollar bill-colored earthie with a dollar-shaped mark on her side. She’s hugging a bit of the nest.

A near-perfect Luna alicorn. Near-perfect because it’s male. He’s making humping motions.

A shit brown earthie born without legs. He looks confused and is trying to wriggle his stumps.

A bright red and yellow seafluffy foal. We’re talking McDonalds colors. No knowing why she’s there.

Pick a fluffy, pick a fate for them.


The brown amputee realises he can roll to move himself. Escaping the madness of his siblings, he tumbles his way to freedom, taking in the vastness of the city around him…

Where immediately he’s scooped up by a street cleaner, too busy complaining about dog-shit to notice the Fluffy face, and dropped into a box filled with shit and about to filled with even more shit.


Good idea, but keep in mind these are newborns, they’re not moving on their own anytime soon.

Also feel free to suggest ideas for any of them, I’m willing to write more than one story for each one so it doesn’t matter if more than one person wants one.

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Dollar bill earthy is raised by an Olive Garden employee. All her foals come out with the birthmark. In a few years, monopoly with dollar fluffies becomes a competitive sport on ESPN3. The foals, and the foals foals, and the foals foals foals, are killed as players slap down their bets repeatedly over the course of a game or two. The different coat colors determine their value in Monopoly money. All that’s required for them to count as monopoly currency for them to have that birthmark.

As for the original herself, she lives a charmed life and lives to the ripe old age of 10, wherein she chokes to death on a Popeyes biscuit.


@infraredturbine you have your next commission. Depict this scene please.

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Wow, I was expecting writing prompts, not for readers to write out the entire story themselves!
Still, I’ll see what I can do with what you’ve got there, Monopoly with fluffies sounds fun and I’ve got an outline in my head already.

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If that counts as an entire story then I’m touched. I thought of it more as an outline.

E: I could do stories for all of these. I assume pick one foal and it’s a free for all on the rest?

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Pick as many as you want. Like I said, I’m happy to write multiple stories for the same foal.

The Dumpster:

Is emptied into a garbage truck. Due to an ongoing dispute between the mob owned sanitation company and a fluffy breeder, the dumpster’s contents are dumped all over the exterior pens of a fluffy mill on the edge of town. Rotten garbage falls, all the fluffies die.

Important note: the foals were not in the dumpster when it was emptied.

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The cinder block:

Is thrown at a passing fluffy family in the alley at a later date. The dad suffers critical injuries, the bitch mare is killed on impact, and all the foals on her back are killed as well. The black monochrome following along at a distance, weakened by malnutrition and only kept around as a nummie babbeh, survives.

It ends up becoming a champion breeding stud and a fluffy gladiator in the fighting pits.

No one cares what happens to the fluffy dad.

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The pizza box:

Falls out of the dumpster while being unloaded. It serves as a makeshift tent and housie for a fluffy family and lasts a good 3 days before rain deforms it and makes it useless for shelter.

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Scaredy Pegasus Fluff is an archetype on the cusp of emergence, & I want in!
Her birthplace is close to being the perfect spot for ferals: conflicts are liable to happen. Changing herd on a regular basis, due to attrition & melodramatic exits, consumed by epic self-pity all the while, will the Weeping Princess of Olive Garden ever become its vastly undeserving Queen?
Fluffies might take her theatrics at face value. The tragedy of being the only Pegasus unable to fly, due to her bum wing, would seem grave indeed.

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So what do you want to happen to her?

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Normally cat vs fluffy encounters end badly, usually for the fluffy. Cats are don’t just kill for food, as most extinct species of birds proved, they also kill for fun. Sometimes they even leave prey half alive and take it back for their kittens, to teach them how to hunt.

However the motherly instinct in some animals is strong and works in ways people can’t always believe, and for a one calico cat- this was completely true.

She had been moving her kittens to a new spot, having left one in her makeshift nest in the bushes while the other had quickly carried to a new spot. On her walk back she heard the cries of the fluffy, different from a kittens cry, but familiar nonetheless. Apprehensive she approached the nest, nose twitching as she smelled the foals. They smelled like prey- young prey- and they didn’t look like any kitten she’d ever seen. But the squirming creature who’d drawn her attention still sounded- almost- like one of her own.

The calico stood over the nest, leaning close to the peeping foal until her nose was pressed against it. It smelled young, new and it made happy sounding chirps as it felt the warm press of something against its side. The cat chirped in response, used to it from her own young, and she gently picked it up. Instinct carried her, and despite its protesting chirps the cat carried her “kitten” to the new nest to join its sibling, before heading back out to fetch her other one.


She finally guilts a smarty with a proper power base into making her his special friend, at the expense of all her other “friends” meeting their ends in Game of Thrones like political violence?

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I meant something more immediate like in infraredturbine’s Selfish Choices series.

So she could get adopted, have something bad happen to her, etc. but it’d be soon after being abandoned.

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Oh right.
Punter adopts her, also is under the misapprehension that it is her wonky wing that is the problem, gets a transplant from some other poor fluff, at considerable expense.
She blames him for still not being able to fly.

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The sea-filly is found by a McDonalds CEO who sees a mascot for their new sea-food range. The company promises a free sea-foal with every Happy Meal.

How do they have so many sea-foals? Well the filly can become a mare, and mares are good at one thing at least.


Love it!

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Ooh, that’s got potential!