Pillow Mama (by Chikahiro)

Actually inspired by the breeding station @NekuChan had in a comic. I went for a more family focused version so the mummah could nurse while interacting with her other young ones. Slightly raised for ergonomics… easier to pick, nuzzle, give head huggies, etc.

The steps go around the front and at soft. I didn’t draw them, but it’s to help safety. A foal might roll down but it should be okay if not a little scared.


This is cute, love how it is set up here!


The story noted how the fluffy never saw her mama, only ever got milk from her. The version she ended up in was similar but also had space for a stud fluffy to impregnate her again.

I had considered a cover for her back but didn’t really want to add that in the picture

“Optional Cock-Block attachment makes sure stallions can’t take advantage of your little sweetie.”


Here: Huggies save lifes (By: NekuChan)

Something for Puffy, sort of. Biggest thing is the setup is better for her if she was too be alone for a while since she couldn’t get to the litter box on her own BUT doesn’t deny her the foals and weanlings.

Not great for the foals from a contact perspective, but a heating pad for fluffs would help


I’m imagining the straps would be soft material, some kind of velvet or something to avoid digging into the skin. A cross pattern could leave some nasty impressions.

I like the focus on foal interactivity as well. The platform allows her to reach with her nuzzle to give affection or clean them.


I had imagined it as a breathable mesh but wasn’t sure how to draw it. So it’s a concession to where I’m at right now.

Plus, as my second piece of the night, my most complex piece so far, and using a new app? Maybe too much at once… Certainly I think the mare came out a lot worse then I would’ve liked, but good enough is good enough plus I don’t want to stop because “it’s not good enough.”

Do it, get it out, practice, practice, practice :grin:

Big thing is a pillow can’t multitask very well, so it need the help. I like the reclining mamas that agree nursing two babies while holding others.


This is a nice set :+1: maybe have the stairs with soft rug to absorb their fall would be an option.


Nice! In this more hugboxish version I like the little steps, helps the foals to excercise and also interact with the mom


I’m gonna get em a ramp, just to be safe.


I liked your piece, really did. But in my heart, the idea of a pillow fluffy will always be the epitome of cruelty.

I can understand the pillow concept from a breeder, or abuser, point of view. But it never sits well with me when I try to look at it from a hugboxer, or even a neutralboxer, perspective.
Ok, if a hardcore hugboxer found a pillowed fluffy and decided to rescue it, sure, I can understand. I will even grant the “no-kill policy” shelters a free pass since they are all about rescuing the fluffies, nurturing them back to health, and giving them a chance at a normal and happy life, no matter what happened to the fluffies or the state they are in.
But from a normal owner perspective, that let’s be real would be the truth for like 90% of society, a pillowed fluffy is the worst idea possible.
They are already incredibly dependent on their owner if they are healthy. A pillowed one is just SO MUCH WORK it’s not worth it at all. And the little unfortunate souls are in constant suffering due to the fact they are pillowed.
They cant eat alone, they can’t play with other fluffies or even by themselves, they have to live inside the damn litterbox otherwise they make a mess even if they desire to do the right thing, they can’t even run away or defend themselves against any and all kind of danger. And I am not even talking about the prejudice they endure from other fluffies.

I find arts about pillowed fluffies, specially hugbox ones like yours, to be cute. But at the end of the day, my mind will still look at the art and think about the bad days when her babies come up to her asking for hugs, and she’s unable to. Or when they run to her begging her to play with them, and she’s unable to. Even the horrible days when one of them gets hurt for some reason or another, and she’s forced to just be there, immobile, desperate to help her foal, AND UNABLE TO.
Not because she doesn’t want to, not because she wouldn’t do anything to help and keep her foals safe and happy, but because she’s broken, and there’s nothing she can do about it. And she’ll have to live with this cruel reality until the day she finally dies.

So… yeah… for me a pillowed fluffy is all about cruelty, the worst and most effective kind of cruelty.


I think you summed it up all quite well.

Obviously I didn’t think it through like that. For the most part pillowing doesn’t make sense to me, and isn’t something I’d want to do to any pet.

In this case Nekuchan’s breeder station stuck with me as an interesting but horrible idea. So I wondered what a nicer sounds in it would be then how it would be sold.

It offers some comforts but ultimately doesn’t replace what was lost, no matter how the legs were lost.

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@Heroboitellem @FallenAngel007 I was tired, ran out of space when drawing… The front section should be larger with the steps making a gentle alone upward.

I had originally planned a side ramp going along the side but the perspective was awkward for me and it blocked the view underneath.

@NekuChan thank you. Was the station your idea originally? Or did you see it before? It makes a lot of sense for it’s role.


With these considerations to make the best of an otherwise cruel situation, this is the sort of station set up I’d expect to be popular on the home market for owners of adopted or rescued pillowed fluffs that are being allowed to have litters.

It seems like a realistic product and it’s a good counterpoint to breeder set ups that are about cold efficiency, for sure.


I think you would probably be able to find a lot of used ones in good if not great condition. People taking on pillow fluffs but greatly underestimating the work needed.

I’d think the ideal owners would be at home a lot. Telecommuters, stay at home parents, retirees, home business owners, etc.

If anything, I’d imagine someone would have multiple stations around the house so they could keep the fluff and any babies nearby-ish.


I sort of thought of the product being geared towards people who adopt pillow fluffs to save them. They exist regardless of whether the people adopting them are the one who made them that way. Some people want to take them in and try to give them as good a life as they can considering their circumstances.

Some of them would probably want to be mothers too.


It is. Good intentions don’t always get good follow through, though :frowning:

Iirc, pillows are made for breeding purposes, litter pals, abusers doing their thing, and amputation after an accident, attack (dog ripped it off) or some other case when the leg can’t be kept for medical reasons. Unpopular at shelters and stores. Am I missing any?

I figured foals with birth defects would be culled by breeders or their own mothers.

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not sure at all, It was one of my firsts if not the first contribution I did. I don’t remember any other like that since the mare it’s usually plain on a table, guess I just wanted to show everything at once and it happened


Well I think it was a brilliant idea :slight_smile: