Poopie babbehs don't deserve milkies (Bad_Roomie)

Instigating isn’t helpful either dude.


Why doesn’t this have the feral tag?

The artwork, the story, all of it is phenomenal. I love this.

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Nice I like the fluffy design

Hahahaha stupid street shitrats hahahaha! Next time better luck.



I don’t know where I had read a good theory is that the owner was experimenting instead of sacrificing some good mother who produced babies, he decided to look for one from the street and threw it away because the babies who drank her milk got a little sick with diarrhea since These, being quality babies, could not process the milk from a street fluffy so well and that is why the subject shot it as soon as he saw what happened
(I love your fluffys they are the perfect mix between cuteness and abuse)

Why do people hate brown fluffies again? they look so much cuter in natural animal colors instead of “desirable” neon sickly rainbow vomit colors…


and it depends a lot on each headcanon. But many comics show those of that color becoming conceited once they are rescued

Let’s agree that bad’s fluffys are usually very small. this cute thing is a busty dwarf if she were anthro


I love this little guy so much, miwkie dancie is so underused :glee:


Looking back at this: such a great work. The art is fantastic and has so much subtle detailing. I love the pacing. Happy sigh Goal worthy piece.

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Yeah, he’s actually a really nice colour too. I would call him Gingersnap! And is the mummah just supposed to be dirty or is her fur mottled? I like how it looks. What a waste. Still, the babies might just be passed out, it looks like she was only away for a few hours, they were hungry but running around just fine earlier, and babies are tougher than you’d think: Newborn in drain: How a baby can survive for six days without food or water

I don’t know why but I absolutely love everything about this comic.

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Is this the fluffy equivalent of this story? And Then You Reported Them… Right?

God, this is still hilarious and makes me green with envy.

I’m a little confused here. The guy went to pick up a random fluffy, pillowed her to make a milk bag for his foals, but then throws her away immediatedly rather than just feeding her to keep providing for the foals? That seems like alot of effort for what amounts to a one use bottle.

Fluffies are plentiful and it’s hilarious to be needlessly cruel.