Poopie babbehs don't deserve milkies (Bad_Roomie)

Instigating isn’t helpful either dude.


Why doesn’t this have the feral tag?

The artwork, the story, all of it is phenomenal. I love this.

Nice I like the fluffy design

Hahahaha stupid street shitrats hahahaha! Next time better luck.



I don’t know where I had read a good theory is that the owner was experimenting instead of sacrificing some good mother who produced babies, he decided to look for one from the street and threw it away because the babies who drank her milk got a little sick with diarrhea since These, being quality babies, could not process the milk from a street fluffy so well and that is why the subject shot it as soon as he saw what happened
(I love your fluffys they are the perfect mix between cuteness and abuse)

Why do people hate brown fluffies again? they look so much cuter in natural animal colors instead of “desirable” neon sickly rainbow vomit colors…