POV: you are the "nice mistah" (Bad_Roomie)

Need some tool ~ - pops out if nowhere like the creepy merchant from RE3 -

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Definitely me neither!

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I keep the brown babies. I also take the green one because it’s making a :pleading_face: face which makes me think it’s probably not treated well by the mummah either. It looks shy and innocent to me.

The alicorn and orange baby are definitely dead. I’ll give them a nice burial.

The pink dancie baby, and the hugging yellow and purple babies don’t seem like bad babies either. I’ll ask the brown babies if they want to stay with those siblings. If not, I think I’ll take them to a shelter or give them to some hug boxer that wants them.

The blue Pegasus making bad poopies, the pink “humpf” baby and the green unicorn sitting on the mom seem to be the Smarties.

I’m taking all of those Fluffies with me, luring the Mummah into a false sense that she got what she wanted then I abandon her and her Smarty babies in a forest. I tell her that she is a bad mummah who doesn’t love all her babies and only her good babies are getting a warm house and toys. Her bad babies are bullies so they don’t a warm house and toys either. I drive off.

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