Project Golding 03 (by Booperino)

Sequel to Project Golding 02 (by Booperino)

Two’s episode, with her amazing powers of common sense


Oh hello. Is Four’s young mind starting feel uncertain but happy thoughts towards Zero. Or am I just reading too much into this?

Either way, go Two, proof that not thoroughly researching your subjects can drastically change the results you were expecting


Woohoo Two! I think she’s going to make an excellent leader. Who’da thunk that the fluffmart baby would have the best skills? Then again, social skills are all she’s needed, not survival skills… this is a good balance, really.


This reminds me so much of the Sex Raft experiment lmfao
“soon they’ll rip each other apart!” meanwhile everyone is best friends


Two’s expression in panel seven made me laugh out loud. Such a perfect “wtf am I hearing?” face.

It’s astonishing how much range of emotion can be conveyed with just a few circles and lines. Booperino is a treasure and no mistake.


It’s shitty (haha) but I really hope One keeps trying to feed Zero his poo


Go Four! :+1: Love how Four break it all down on each suppose other’s parents say.


I didn’t expect Too to asset herself like that.


And just like that Two asserts herself and bumps Four from his all-star position. Though the smell trigger Four is associating with Zero is interesting. Will it lead to things platonic as they seem or maybe beyond to the romantic? Fine out next time on Dragonba…Project Golding, Part 04!


Yes! I made mention of it in part 01, though I called it by its other name, the Acali Experiment. Great minds over there thinking alike!


Oh, I haven’t noticed lol. We definitely do >:3 now I want true acali experiment but fluffy (except the scientist, I want him a dumb human like irl)


Red Alert everyone, we have a biased scientist! We need another on this project with an unbiased opinion so the project isn’t swung in one direction or another


i feel i made pretty clear in the first chapter that the scientist is heavily biased against fluffys from the start and this project is just a way for him to feel vindicated lol


Its only gotten more transparent that he’s biased. I can’t wait for these fluffies to form a proper herd and for his project to fail


Nice detail with the wing-boners


The concept of poopie babies can be attributed to nurture as humans tend not to like these colours, causing them to sell less, thus making them less valuable, resulting in other fluffies considering them inferior.

The concept of alicorns being monsters seems to be nature since humans like alicorns and teach fluffies that alicorns are good. So fluffies’ dislike of alicorns cannot come from humans and is more likely part of their nature.

I liked how the fluffies each have their own viewpoints based on how they were raised.

I feel that giving the fluffies coloured text when they’re offscreen but black when they’re onscreen gets confusing as the sudden colour change feels like someone else is talking. It would be better to always have them use the same colour.


fair enough, i imagined having the black text next to the speaker would be enough, but i think i’ll try having the text be colored for everyone in future chapters

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#1 Poopie Babbehs
Brown prejudice probably has a couple different factors. One can be the whole color-association trend. Non-feral fluffies normally either have brightly colored rooms if they are pets or white and metals if they are in a breeding facility so their primary associate with the color brown is…poop. They may not outright hold the view but the distaste can still linger subconsciously.

Another can be from breeder favoritism. There are plenty of people who favor natural colored fluffies since it makes them look like mini horses. If colorful foals are born to owners/breeders from these then it is easy to have a home for them, someone will obviously still want them. Breeders who want colorful fluffies on the other hand might not have the same consideration for “undesirable” colors foals and might often neglect them or give them less attention. This can easily rub off on the mares who will then give their undesirable foals less attention.

Lastly, many foals have color favoritism when it comes to their own color. Brown mares are going to be less popular as a whole, especially considering the previous point.

When any or all of these are factored in it isn’t hard to see these viewpoints become more intense through generations as a learned trait. As for ferals…well, ferals have to come from somewhere and if the prejudices are brought over it isn’t hard to believe it will spread.

The point is, the learned trait will continue until corrected and the easily time to correct learned traits is when they are still young.

#2 Munstah Babbehs
Animals in general are prone to ignoring or outright killing babies that are born as runt or with birth defects. An alicorn might be seen as outside the realm of “normal” to them and subconsciously treat it as a birth defect. I see this as the bases of the urge to kill them at birth.

The fear of them is probably more of a learned trait.

Jealousy might be a driving factor cause by the attention alicorns receive from humans. This causes other fluffies to look for reasons to hate them and possibly make up stories. Alicorns become the big bad monster which then leads to fear. Stories become legends are spread from one generation to another and from group to group.

False “birth defect” detection and a fear of them leads to more being killed off. This leads to even less alicorns being around to grow into adulthood to show they are just regular fluffies.

Conclusions: It is all a matter of communication and misinformation. Even amongst people, information that is part of legend or lore is hard to change, no matter how incorrect it is.

(side conclusion: Two is an amazing fluffy that was raised right and I’m glad that she has been able to get through to the others while they are still young.)

Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.

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