Punishment Pal Inspired Sketch (Pastry_Knight)

Loved the post by @TG_89 featuring the Punishment Pal and was inspired.

Some Punishment Pals are more unlucky than others being asigned to a foal exhibiting smarty syndrome, who do not care for their suffering of their punishment pal.


I’d psychologically punish thst smarty if i cant physically do it… perhaps a dark box will straighten him out or have him watch as the punishment pal gets a bowl of skettis whilst he’s given only beans and rice.


At this point you just gotta make the smarty the Pal and take care of the other one.


Nasty little shit! I wonder how many Punishment Pals it’s gotten through? At what point does a horrid little designer Alicorn become a write-off?


I wonder what would happen if you had a pair of fluffies that were given the punishment pal treatment - i.e two fluffies that get punished for the other’s mistakes - and if that could lead to some creative psychological torture.

Would the one who got punished then do something naughtier to make the other one suffer more as revenge? Would they both hit a level of trauma where they make a truce and try to police each other’s behaviour? There’s some real room for creative social engineering here.


Or, shit, daisy chain punishment pals with other lesser fluffies like litterpals! Litterpal won’t num poopies? Punishment pal takes the hit and then begins force feeding the litterpal so it behaves!


Throw the punishment pal into a clear box and attach a little remote controlled speaker with some prerecorded happy fluffy noises. They’re the punishment pal for a small trio of fluffies - they misbehave and see the fluffy get punished, but happy giggles and cheers play each time! The boxie pal must be having such a fun time! They have so many heart happies seeing their friend have fun that they just keep on doing naughty things, then dance along and cheer with their punishment pal as they have their weird fun time!!


That’s the thing, I like the theory of a fluffy pony with a fellow fluffy who is the ‘punishment bitch’, so any time the first one misbehaves, the second is given the beatings. The only issue is… I genuinely don’t think they’d feel bad enough about it for it to be a lasting thing. After a few times they’d just realise ‘oh, I don’t get punished for anything, sweet!


Depends on the depiction and if it’s “huggies and wub” is a preprogrammed platitude, or if they are genuinely like that and selfishness and smarty syndrome are abberation against the norm.

Which is honestly? The darker take imo because then you’re torturing and mutilating a fluffy to prey on heightened empathy to correct behavior that could be dealt with in far less severe ways.

But also far less entertaining for a certain sort of owner.

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Oh don’t get me wrong, I adore torturing fluffy ponies, and the more creative it is the better.

The issue is, personally, I see them as your former description. All the cutesy babbling is just what they’re programmed to say, in the same way that humans are raised to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Put a fluffy pony in a dire situation and it’d sell it’s own family-members to survive, because they are, at their core, animals.

Hence, I think the above could work for a few times. A pair of siblings, one is the ‘good’ one and the other is the ‘bitch’ one. Any time the good one fucks up, the bitch is tortured for it, while the good one is made to watch. For the first two or three times the good sibling would be apologetic and sympathetic to their sibling… but after that, they’d start to connect the dots. When they misbehave, all they get is a mild case of ‘heawt huwties’, and those go away soon enough. Apart from that, they don’t suffer at all… so why bother with behaving at all?


We gonna take pieces of that tongue little by little

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I love how you draw your foals!

An Alicorn with Smarty syndrome, that’s extremely rare.
I don’t know if it would be better to discipline it directly or to let it get worse and then sell it to an abuser.

I like the idea that fluffies can feel physical pain from bad words. Just call them mean words and they will squirm


His buddy on the right had the right idea. Leave well enough alone.