Pushka's Story Masterpost

Main Timeline

One-Shot Stories

Changing Odds
Short story about survival in the wild. Loosely inspired by real-life events.
Status: Complete

Ringing Bell
Fluffy adaptation of Chirin No Suzu. Will be released in three parts.
Status: Ongoing

Part 1

Part 2 (Currently Writing)

Nika and Karen
A slice of life series about two young girls (outgoing Nika and shy Karen) and their fluffies, Minty and Nestlé.
(Note: Looks and personality-wise, Nika and Karen are based loosely off of myself and one of my best friends when we were younger.)
Status: Upcoming

(Heavily WIP. Only concepts are posted as of now.)

Alternate Timeline

Of Androids and Biotoys
The story of a fluffy colt and an android girl who meet and bond over their shared experiences. Theme of the story is what it means to be alive.
Status: Upcoming
[WARNING: Will contain some depictions of emotional and physical abuse towards an android with the appearance of a young teenager.]

(Heavily WIP. Only concepts and character bios are posted as of now.)


Decided to make a specific masterpost for more stories. Format is inspired by Karn’s.

For my story ideas that aren’t as far along yet, see this post.

Note: Every story in both this post and the linked post are or will be in third-person POV, in either past tense or present tense depending on which I feel fits it best.