Question #5: Fluffy Religion

Considering their obsession with “Sketties” are all fluffies Pastafarian’s?


It’s a possible development, but in the ‘generic’ canon fluffies tend to be indoctrinated in some areas with a belief in ‘sketti-land’ and ‘the forever huu-huu’ or something of a similar name.

I also remember a really well written hugbox story about a fluffy that was adopted by a Muslim family and adopted Islam.


Very interesting.

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Aren’t humans figuratively and literally fluffy gods? Like we created them, we control (practically) every aspect of their lives. Why would they create a religion about a distant unknowable god when their gods live amongst them and bless or punish them as they see fits as gods?

It’d be like if humans were created by another superior species, and we’re uplifted and lived with said species, with full knowledge of our origins and our creators, and were like “Nah, imma gonna worship that big yellow ball in the sky. That ball be crack-a-lackin” :laughing:


I could see fluffies adopting the religion of their masters. I could see Muslim fluffies doing that, and I even wrote about a Fluffalo learning Hinduism from his owner.

@OtherCoraline Aside from humans, I think even Nature would be considered to be a distant and unknowable God, especially to feral fluffies. Its something I imagined regarding ferals, and one of the approaches I am tempted to go with if I continue my feral fluffy story. Much like how the Caveman developed animism and similar nature worship, I could see fluffies developing such. Perhaps even a Mother and Father Goddess, based off a particular fluffy matriarch or patriarch of a herd.

Also, and speaking of that superior species and humans, I mean, we do have the story of Prometheus and similar ancient astronaut stories. Maybe Man would prefer Sun worship or Nature worship over the ‘false god’ of the alien astronaut, if they existed. And perhaps some fluffies too might come to see Humans as a ‘false gods’.


True. I keep forgetting about feral herds. They don’t last long in my headcannon, so they wouldn’t have time to develop culture/religion/etc, but it does make sense for other headcannons.

And I REALLY like the idea of fluffies adopting their human’s religion. That’s a super fun idea. :grin:


you know what can accelerate the development of religion? one ̶c̶h̶e̶e̶k̶y̶ ̶b̶a̶s̶t̶a̶r̶d̶ Holy Messiah! Just dress up in something old testamonish and convince them that the only way to get to skettiland is through fluffy sacrifice!