Raising Rainbow Ch. 4 (FluffyChimera)

Get him a gas mask. He’ll be fine. And terrifying!

Are we talking about the shaved and treated rat that had pretty fur but looks like a naked turkey :turkey: now ?? Sorry but I love our Mc here learning some skills in foal raising


Jesus christ I hate Rainbow so much it’s unreal and seeing him get vigilantly defended by people in the comments only makes me hate him more. A creature that does nothing but shit and scream and whine about how much his ass hurts from how much it shits doesn’t deserve a happy life. Hell, if shitting, the only thing Fluffies are good at, causes him pain, torturing him to death would put him out of his misery.

If that’s your attitude, you’re in the wrong place. On this thread, we’re pro-Rainbow.

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Sadist this is not that kind of story also its a BABY!

as of right now it can only cry and shit, that’s what babies do, even if it is a fluffy

Plenty of people in this thread and previous threads in the story voicing their hatred for that little turdgoblin, and the author has hearted comments that say mean things about him.

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There’s a difference between “like”-ing a comment and actually doing what it requests, and the author has heavily indicated that Rainbow will not be seriously abused, maimed or killed, so I’m just telling you that if you’re hoping for that outcome, be ready to be disappointed.

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Listen, i know this isnt the point of this series or the bad mummah one but…why is Jitters kinda…
In all seriousness though he must have a real name. Unless his mother gifted him such a…lets say…unique name

Jitters does have a real name, he’s just nicknamed Jitters because he’s an anxious, hot mess that drinks way too much caffeine lol

It’s just one of those nicknames he gained in college and it’s always stuck