Random Act of Violence (By: Jejjick)

The fool of an owner for not thinking it may be a good idea to have their fluffy help in picking their mate.


Please do, this thread has been a wild read. Everyone okay in here?

Also really happy to see you drawing again. :black_heart:


This thread is a gold mine. Midget diarrhea horses arent real, all abuse is fair game.


Worth it, not to mention 10 minute head start to get away from the scene and owner has no clue what happen and hardly believe the Fluffy would be able to identify the person, to the perfect to crime to get way with


Same! Some people are get too into the drama of Fluffes XD

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They aren’t even remotely controversial because it’s a trope that’s existed since the start of the green texts. I kinda get why people get mad because most people on the booru and here have had shit destroyed or stolen before by an asshole so the topic of “Someone destroys something you own” hits close to home. It’s just, it’s Fluffies. They aren’t real so chill.

Also the problem when the trope first came up was that some anons were insistent on writing the abuser the hero of the story for kidnapping or abusing someone elses fluffy which got really annoying when it was just them making donut steels bragging how “cool” they are. The better stories were the ones where the abuser was an unreprenatant asshole who’s totally fine with being an asshole who either got away with it or got karmic comeuppance.

And the thing was. You could do it as a hugbox prompt and make really good stuff with it that was way better than some of the abuse stories.

As an example. My favorite one of them was a hugbox greentext story (that I unfortunately cannot find) where the anon finds their neighbors pegasus fluffy has jumped out of the window trying to fly and got caught in their clothesline. Anon is annoyed because it’s the fifth time the fluffy has done this and the fluffy cries every time. So they go out, rescue the fluffy but hangs it up by its tail using a clothes peg on the clothesline to teach it a lesson. Then calls their neighbor while the fluffy cries and dangles in the air harmlessly. Simple, cute, cartoony and the anon isn’t an ass but you understand them being annoyed by the fluffy enough to do something cartoonish but not overly harmful like hang them off a clothesline by their tail.


This type of cruelty is absolutely delightful, always fun to see a fluffy have their dreams of having their own special friend and babies ripped away from them (literally in this case. Also the real question is why did the Owner even take his fluffy with him to the Shelter to pick up the special friend if he was just gonna tie him to a leash and leave him outside, kinda dumb on his part


Those damned Dornish… They’re a sneaky and treacherous lot, all of them are. Who in their right mind would defend the Imp after what he and that wolf-girl did to the King? did? And at his own wedding, no less!

Only a Dornishman. They think of nothing but their next conquest—of the intimate sort, of course. Perhaps the Imp promised himself to Martell… You never know with the Dornish; they’ll take anything and bed it.

But what can you expect from a people who spend all their time with their heads baking in the sun, making ever more of their beloved bastards with each other out in the streets? One wonders why the earth hasn’t turned to fire beneath their whole licentious rabble the way it did for the Valyrians…

Anyway, enough of this stuffy nonsense; back to fluffies.

>Opens front door to shelter
>“Sir you can’t bring him in here, he’ll upset the pregnant mares and cause them to miscarry.”
>twenty minute walk back to the apartment
>Oh well, it will only take a few minutes to find a mare
>“Wait here for daddy, ok buddy?”


I mean that’s what I did yeah lmao


I won’t pay anything because, because, uh…Okay, fine, I’ll pay for the toy I killed. What’s a fluffy like that worth, like, three dollars?


Idc what the Reddit moral police say, this was completely deserved. Bud committed the act of existing as a Fluffy and that alone deserves death and much worse.

Fuck Bud.


Fully agreed. The Jury finds Bud guilty and shall be punished for the major sin of existing.


Is that a drop of blood above his penis or did they stick his horn in his urethra?

I imagine it’s a toothpick or something.

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Looks like his entire dick is splitting, like the horn was shoved in wide-end first, but the top looks too narrow to be his horn so not sure… I would like to imagine it is though :slightly_smiling_face: