Reincarnations 1 - Breeder Foal by Shin_Navidad

The deed was done.

After so many deaths and sacrifices the impossible was achieved.

For the first time in history, a jellenheimer was dead.

It’s horrendous, eldritch and ultimately alien corpse laid down in the middle of a gruesome massacre, both humans and fluffies were brutally murdered in middle of an alleyway that everyone will now remember.

When news of a jellenheimer running amok in middle of the city started spreading, many were surprised, such creatures were basically legends and while its existence was known its sightings defied comprehension, and now, a creature like that was mindlessly killing near a fluffy store in middle of the city.

The first ones to die were the fluffies in the shop, then the humans spectating, then the police initial response, then the SWAT teams assault, then the local military were the ones to miraculously manage to finish the job; Not without price however. Anyone and everything that dared to close the gap with the cursed creature found themselves dead by unknown tentacles, ridiculous claws and near invisible swipes with a speed impossible to explain with normal logic.

The fight, if it could be called that, could be summarized as mindlessly throwing bodies at the creature in hopes of a bullet or two managing to hit the abomination, and even that was not enough to stop it. Multiple brave people dared to defy its fear of the living nightmare and started shooting, others in the heat of the conflict found motivation of the power in numbers to force themselves to shoot and few simply used any gun they could in a natural response to the feared fight or flight.

It seemed hopeless. Yet, little by little, each stroke of luck managed to slowly make the monster bleed. A small bullet managed to pierce its skin, a stray projectile managed to make it diverge from its path and another similar bullet managed to pierce what it appeared to be a vital organ. And, finally, be it by divine intervention, causality or simple luck, the jellenheimer stopped moving.

The price was too high, an incredible massacre was all around the city, untold quantities of dead bodies plagued the once peaceful city. In the middle of the red sea a police officer, one of the victims to the brutal rampage tried to sit down for the last time, There was no hope, too much time passed and the officer knew it was impossible to survive. Despite the impending doom he found soothing relief in being a part of something bigger. Being part of one of the killers of the first hostile jellenheimer? There was no greater honor.

He took a last view of his whereabouts, multiple people were dead near him, some mutilated , others with less luck were currently dying with wounds of similar magnitude, some paramedics tried to move to the few they could save but the carnage was too much to manage. It was hell on earth, and even inside such cruel landscape he could see in the corner of his eye a small fluffy hugging a decapitated soldier saying “Danwk yu, danwk yu fow savin babbeh”, even such filth feared the abomination too.

Humans break too easily, the unknown may be superior to us, our deaths may appear useless in the large picture. But today humanity learned a lesson, that despite all of our weaknesses, we managed to become the apex predator for a reason. We are an advanced civilization, we denied Mother Nature of its petty whims of a law of the jungle everywhere, a common effort will push our species and defy the very fate that shackle us and keep moving forward to our goals.

And, no matter how hopeless it may be, humanity will prevail against even the most resilient creatures.

With similar blissful thoughts the police officer died. His death will not be the only one, and his efforts will not be forgotten.


The jellenheimer was satisfied. It stood up, licked his wounds, the bullet holes disappeared and started walking to find fun in another place.

1. Breeder foal
I felt a terrible pain, a piece of debris hit my head at terrible speeds and felt how my consciousness faded away. It was a terrible experience, I think I even felt my skull crack but that should not be possible.

I am thankful that I’m still alive. I can still see my girlfriend to tell her I faced a jellenheimer when I heal up, man those things are myths and to think I took part in an assault, its crazy, totally unbelievable, she will be totally shocked.

Now that I think about it, this hospital sheets are very soft, totally different from that one time I was there. Man it’s so soft, I could sleep all day here but I need to wake up and see the doctor, I hope the wounds aren’t too severe or the bill will kill me regardless.

Opening my eyes makes me see the biggest goddamn fluffy I’ve seen in my life, I have been using THAT shit as my pillow?

“Whawt da fuwk?!” I unconsciously yell. Wait a second, why am I talking like that? Is there something on my voice? “Wha-?“ I try to articulate, but my voice feels different, feels off, like when I was a child incapable of pronouncing kaleidoscope. Have my vocal chords been busted too? What did just happe-

In my panic try to see my hands, I can’t move properly like I used to for some reason but after some weird movement I finally manage to see my “hands”, a pair of yellow colored hoofs with a lot of fluff is in my vision.

“Thwis cannot bwe…”

Have i… Have I turned into a fucking shitrat? Is that what that monster did to me? What? Have I been killing humans in the shape of fluffies? Are all humans like this?

So many questions plagued my mind and the pressure was unbearable that I started crying for the first time in years. I could not help it, its ridiculous, it has to be a dream.

“Fuwk, fuwk, FUWK, FUWK!” I repeated endlessly, this did not make any sense, I cannot even begin to comprehend how such thing was possible. I am a human for fuck sake, I am… I am… My name is…

Why can’t I remember? What happened? It is my name, I was born with it, my mother Sarah gave it to me. I try to remember, I never used my head as this hard in my life, I must remember who I was, I remember what happened to me yesterday, why can’t I even remember my own name?

I think I was too loud, the “giant” fluffy that I thought it was a pillow started crying and I could not even notice her after being so confused in my predicament.


The other foals are slumber is interrupted, I can finally understand my situation. As idiotic as it may sound, I got reincarnated as a shitrat fluffy, the fluffy I saw it’s actually my mother and the foals starting to wake up are my brothers and sisters.

I wondered by fluffies never used any kind of swearing even with training, it seemed that even in the most precarious situation those creatures would not use foul words unless tricked. And while I still had the same lingering guilt everyone has while spewing an insult I never knew why it was so taboo for fluffies. I underestimated such action, the creature supposed to be my mother watched me with a horrendous expression on her face. She watched me as if I was the very antichrist, if such existed on those things, small eyes filled with as much hatred and fear as any biotoy equine could gather were aimed at me.


Shit, I just appeared here, are those shitrats that open minded to killing a foal? What is wrong with them?


I tried reasoning but the mare was too averted to even hearing my voice, this is bad, very very bad. That bitch is gonna kill me and I already died once!

“MUMMAH PWOTECT BABBEHS!” She said while raising her hoofs, the other foals, being thrown to the side, apparently haven’t weaned yet but their distressed chirps were easy to read, the small fall was painful to them, but my death was their salvation in her retarded mind.

I try to escape, to move myself to another position, perhaps even bargain and negotiate with my supposed mother to no avail. I don’t know what is happening to me, my horse body feels numb, slow, as if I never moved. In the end, I could only crawl a bit before the hooves started pounding me.

The first impact was painful, I could feel my insides being stirred and broken, blood apparently got in my eyes and my vision became red and black. I could barely breathe and even less move, I was too small and helpless to endure what should be lightweight for me as a human. I do not know if adrenaline kicked in or if fluffies can endure higher physical pain tolerance but for some reason I did not lose consciousness. I wish I did, because I felt every single thing, every drop of blood and organ being messed up was slowly and painfully imprinted as my last memories.

The second and last impact was even more cruel, her hooves already implanted in my torso started spreading and breaking my insides. At that point it was impossible to survive, not even the biggest miracle of all could patch my body. As I started fading into eternal darkness I heard a lightbulb click and I could finally see where I was, it was a makeshift breeder cage, one among many.

“BITCH IS 2 A.M. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU YELLING?! YOU WILL GET THE BIGGEST SORRY STICK IN YOUR LIFE AND I AM GONNA PILLOW YOU INTO A GOODAMN MILKBAG” A blonde lady started yelling, it did not matter. Perhaps, if I had the opportunity of being alive I could try to talk with her, explain my predicament, reach either a way to turn back or find a happy future for myself in a shitrat body.

Not that it matters, all that remains of me is a bloody pulp of flesh.


The death of the foal was unexpected, that mare was already severely trained to raise her babies until they stop drinking milk, start talking and are ready for sale. She kept stomping the thing, not even the brown shit color fluffies received such harsh treatment, it even had average colors!

At least she needed another milkbag for the low quality product she intended to sell, the bitch mare will serve her purpose one way or another.

AUTHOR NOTE: Greetings, i am Shin_Navidad in my first post for this community. As you may see english is not my first language and i do not know how to properly tag this, any help would be apprecciated haha. Also, i SUCK at fluffspeak, gramatical errors with protagonists fluffspeak are on the other hand completely intentional, to show the remaining humanity in them.
So this is an idea i had from u/DanteVael in reddit about reincarnation into fluffies. Maybe its not the only reincarnation story but its the first that got me interested in the concept.
My intention with the story is to both give a possible explanation for a reincarnation, open the posibilities for protagonists with the massacre, give perspective for first person fluffies with higher degrees of inteligence and perhaps even give headcanons explanation for certain fluffy facts
As for why the protagonist gains sentience just after weaning instead of at the womb is for both ease of writing and because, we, as humans start making memories around 3-4 years old right? Something like that is applied here.
Each chapter will be a closed story centered on a single protagonists, some may be extremely short due the fragility of fluffy life, dying before opening their eyes, but i intend to make every post at least one long, detailed one.
In the future i want to explore a humble hugboxer being born with a smarty syndrome, a bowl fluffy in the wild, a poopie baby, a runt, a hugboxer pet, a milkbag, etc.
If you want to make your own version of a reincarnation based on the jellenheimer massacre you are free to do so, being the only guy with this idea would be a waste.


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I kinda want to see a fluffy reincarnation become some sort of power leveling manhwa type bullshit

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Damn imagine waking up inside the body of a creature that’s known for repeatedly dying in the most gruesome and horrible ways. Absolute horror.


A power fantasy uh?
I think it could work. A human with knowledge specific enough to survive and get things rolling in their favor sounds like a great idea.