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Watching them all line up for namesies, I gently pick up the pillow first.
“One at a time, each will get a name and I will take your picture! Then you can go get milkies and kibble,” I put the baby down in a nice spot for pictures.

“You’re first!” I declare happily to the pillow, “Your name is… Squishy!”
“S-Squishy Daddeh? Why Squishy?”
“Because you are soft and round and squishy!”

“O-otay Daddeh! Squishy wike nyu namesie!” she smiles nervously. I snap her picture for her card.

I place her back in the bed and call over the next ones, “The Fluffy Burger fluffies are next! First I’m going to remove your diapers and make sure you’re clean. You’re going to use the litter box from now on!”

They both cheer and bound over, “Tank ou Daddeh! Wub Daddeh!”

“The sparkly yellow one will be… Cheese! Because I love the way you say it!”

“Tank ou Daddeh! Chee hab bestes namesie!” he coos.

“And you are going to be… Wimpy! Because you like hamburgers!”

“Oh! Wimpy wub nyu namesie! An wub buwgie nummies!”

Cleanup was fast and soon they have their own profiles.

The others are more excited now. Bestes babbeh shoves his way in front of the alicorns, despite being much smaller than them. He happily declares, “It time fo bestes babbeh tuwn! Babbeh go befowe dummeh pointy an poopie an munstah babbehs! Bestes babbeh get bestes namesie ob aww! Make bestes pictuwe fo Daddeh!”

“I have a perfect name for you… I’ve had it since I saw you!” I grin. The lil fatty lifts his snoot in pride, awaiting his perfect name. “Your name is… Tubby!”

Tubby pauses for a moment and looks up at me, processing this name before giving a cocky smile to everyone else, “Daddeh gib Tubbeh bestes namesie cuz Tubbeh am bestes babbeh! Bestes namesie ebah!”

The rest go as planned. Truffle is very happy to keep the name her ‘Old Mummah’ gave her. The other two males, though they didn’t understand where the names ‘Hastur’ and ‘Eros’ came from, didn’t take much convincing to immediately latch onto them.

Finally it was time for my newest and youngest addition. She was busy sleeping and didn’t really rush over to me either. I pick her up and place her where I needed her. The suddent upsies caused her to peep nervously until I set her down. She finally opened her eyes and I was able to snap a picture.

According to the expiration date (when the foal-in-a-can would reach talky stage and outgrow the container/run out of milk), She should be fairly close to full talky stage. These can give-or-take a few weeks of course. She seems a bit on the younger end of the scale, so I’m still going to classify her as a ‘baby’ on paper for now. It’s also far to early to fill out many traits so it’s going to be mostly blank for the time being.

“Baby” in this context is the name for the stage between ‘chirpy’ and ‘talkie’; where the foal is usually capable of basic locomotion (but not proper walking) and hasn’t quite grasped language aside from maybe a few words. This, as all fluffy-related things are, can get really fucking stupid. Fluffies and humans refer to anything foal-stage and younger as ‘babies’ AND also refer to them as foals. Baby-stage babies are often referred to as chirpies or ‘chirpy-babies’ alongside the even less developed chirpy-stage chirpy-babies. Foal-stage foals are referred to as foals about 50% of the time, and fluffies the other 50%. So foal-stage fluffies can be fluffies or babies BUT are not baby-stage fluffy babies.

The ‘getting started’ brochure I read at the shelter called them ‘Infants’ and ‘Weanlings’ so fuck any kind of sense I guess.

After they are all named and photographed, I feel a small prod at my socked foot. I look down and see Tubby adorably headbutting my toe, “Daddeeeeeeeh!” he whines, “Bestes babbeh am hungwyyyyy! Tubbeh nee miwkies nao!” After hearing ‘milkies’ the other babies start scampering their way toward me, also asking for milkies. The older ones begin to get hungry too and ask for nummies.

Right. I need to feed these things.

I gently shoo them from beneath my feet and set up the big bottle for everyone, a small personal bottle for the immobile pillow and pour kibble for the two older fluffs. The alicorns have no trouble sharing the bowl between the two of them. The big bottle however has a lineup with tubby shoving his way to the front. “Ou of Tubbeh’s way! Tubbeh am bestes babbeh so Tubbeh get miwkies fiwst!”

“Tubby, we take turns here. I’ll let it slide because it’s your first day but you need to be nice to the others.”

“Nu cawe! Bestes miwkies onwy fo bestes babbeh!” he begins to greedily suckle at the bottle. There’s a lot of formula in there so I’m not concerned with it running out on the others. I make sure the (very confused) Hastur is in line with the others.

“Hastur’s seeing places don’t work. He can’t see. You two will have to help him find the bottle,” I explain to the two burger fluffies.

“B-bu yewwow bwankie babbeh am munstah babbeh! Gib wowstes tummy huwties an sicky wawas!” Compains Cheese.

“As long as you don’t look under his blankie, he will be okay. If everyone is very good and follows the rules there will be special treats at the end of the week, okay?”

“O-otay Daddeh…” the two burger babies try their best to nudge an even more confused Hastur in the direction of the bottle after Tubby has had his fill. They try to keep as much distance between them and him as possible, like they were squeamish kids poking a frog to direct it somewhere.

Tubby, slightly rounder than before, waddles off to lay on his back and relax, “Su fuww… bestes nummies! Tank ou Daddeh! Wub Daddeh…” Seems he’s finally come around to me once he found out I would feed him.

I leave them to their devices for a moment and decide to google a few things:

“Tips for raising a pillowfluff”
“How to cure a bestest baby”
“How to raise alicorn-safe fluffies”
“How to raise poopie-safe fluffies”

And out of my innate morbid curiosity…

“How to spoil a fluffy”

[Interactive Portion: How does the rest of the first day go? Anything else happen? What do I find out in my “research”?]

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“Genestealer Purple”

That’s kind of SUS.


the rest of the day goes perfectly, but you don’t find out anything

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i don’t know abotu the rest of the what he looked up but!
how to spoil your fluffies
it simple really. all you have to do is give them spaghetti, give them new toyes and give them love and affection and if the fluffies ask for wants anything go get them

you can see how some fluffies became smartie rather quickly and how their no able to fix.

how to raise alicorn-safe fluffies and how to raise poopie-safe flufles, i seen another post do soemthing simlar, don’t reminder their post but!
show another fluffy playing and being nice to them. it show them at their nothing wrong with the fluffy and how good friend those fluffy tpyes can be