Scootafluff, Chapter 4 (by Shadysmarty)


Such a harrowing tale.


Too bad Shadysmarty never finished the series


Daddeh didn’t realize Scootafluff was a colt?

Is he braindead?


Just caught up with the story in its entirety. To my understanding, some people were unhappy with the retcon that Scootafluff was female. Granted, I can see why it was done - the dynamic between “scootafluff as Jessiebell’s mate” versus “Scootalfuff as Trixie’s adopted child” was rather interesting. But I can see why making Scootafluff a male would not be liked given that Scootafluff had been a female most of the first three parts


i always assumed the sex of scootafluff was something that just wasn’t stated until now


True, but canon Scootaloo is female. I think people were too used to Scootaloo being a female that for Scootafluff suddenly be defined as cis male would be a bit, well, shocking.


they probably just forgot that those are fluffies, and not ponies in the bodies of fluffies


Some absolutely amazing art in this. Just mind blowing impressions, from time to time.


I had heard that Scootafluff was considered to be one of the best stories generated by the fluffy pony fandom. I had put it off for a while because of its size (and also because I was still evaluating Shadysmarty) but it definitely has been a rewarding read. That said, I can see why some people didn’t like the potential retcon introduced in Chapter 4, though Owl made a rather good point.


“Potential retcon”. People need to get a grip.


The whole story takes a pretty twisted and unexpected turn, regardless of Scootafluff’s gender.

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ShadySmarty prowess as an artist is obvious but I remember this story being very confusing so I’ll have to start from the beginning in an orderly manner.

It is an impressive piece of work nonetheless, one of the few made in the community that could be brought straight to print.


I disagree. I think Scootafluff’s gender does matter when it comes to analyzing the story. The decision to reveal Scootafluff as a male in Chapter 4, while interesting, to me is a double edged sword.

If Scootafluff had not been a biological male, it would have been harder for Scoots to escape Jessibell. The introduction of the gender reveal works as both a twist and a character development. Scootafluff could have become a victim at the hands of Jessibell but, in being revealed as a viable male, was instead picked by her to be her mate, and with it, the father of her offspring. It allowed for an interesting dynamic of “Scoots as Trixiefluff-child” vs “Scoots as Jessibell mate”. Its also why the cliffhanger works so well - whatever happens next, its not going to be pretty, but not in a gratuitous way.

However, the reason why I feel its divisive is because the whole play between scootafluff and Shadysmarty’s fluffydash is itself supposed to be a parody of the relationship between MLP Dash and MLP Scoots. To put into context, Scootaloo was often depicted in the first Season of MLP as a very devoted fan of Rainbow Dash. So much so that Dash abusing Scootaloo became a bit of a joke, hence the term “Scootabuse”. As time went on though, it was established that Scootaloo wanted a big sister like Applebloom and Sweetie Belle did, so Rainbow Dash taking Scoots under her wing like an adoptive big sister was kind of a big deal when it happened in Season 3. But of course, MLP is a kid’s show, so it would take a lighter and more child-friendly look at relationships whether adoptive or student-mentor.

I’m of the opinion that fluffies work as a parody of MLP, as by the very definition of parody of being “creative work designed to imitate, comment on, and/or make fun of its subject by means of satiric or ironic imitation.” Scootafluff has its basis in the idea of Scootabuse, but in way it also works to show how, when introduced with a foreign element, a supposedly cordial adoptive sister relation may not just work out. In that sense, the antagonistic relationship between Scootafluff and Rainbowfluff works as a parody of the relationship between Dash and Scoots in MLP. But, I think the message may work better if both Scootafluff and Dashiefluff were female. By keeping them female, it would work as a message that not everybody can become an adoptive sister (or brother).

That said, I can see one possible response that notes that the gender of both Dash and Scoots from the start could also work as a parody of the assumed sisterhood. Dashie from the start was neutered, which one could argue makes her nonbinary. This would also follow on Mr Owl’s point that this is fluffies we;re looking at, not the actual MLP characters. But, those who expect the fluffies to be expies for their show versions may not be convinced by this argument. After all, both Trixiefluff and Fluffyshy retain the genders based off their show origin. And given that Scootafluff as a comic could be based off the concept of Scootabuse, perhaps not going with the assumed gender might work against the story.

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‘Subverted expectation’ is not a synonym of
‘potential retcon’.

But to be fair, absolutely anything can be a ‘potential’ retcon.


I’m pretty sure ShadySmarty had a patreon or something to see if people would finance the comic. Does anyone know if they still do art anywhere?

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Shady was gone by the time I joined but I remember some people still whined about how they felt Shady put up a patreon paywall on new pages for this comic.

Eh. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.


I freaking love this please continue it it’s so cool

Yes I am