Select A Stage, Megafluffy! (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

The year is 20XX…

After successfully transplanting wings onto an earthie, the esteemed Dr. Crazystein set to work on turning other fluffies into the sub-species they always wanted to be* using a combination of surgery and robotics. Many fluffies, eager to have their wildest dreams come true, approached the good doctor for alterations.

However, out of nowhere, all the altered fluffies began to wreak havoc! It didn’t take long for the culprit to reveal himself…

megafluff v crazystein

It was Dr. Crazystein’s own doing! All along he’d had ulterior motives, and now he planned to use his brainwashed “fluff masters” to take over the world!

It is up to Megafluffy, who was probably made by Fixer because I don’t know any other good-hearted roboticists around here, to take down the fluff masters and stop Dr. Crazystein once and for all!

megafluff masters

*Burny Fluff is not a sub species. Whatever he was meant to be, it was probably not supposed to be on fire.


wooooo megaman styled!


Had to draw this because this stupid idea has popped up repeatedly ever since I drew that Megafluffy commission. I contemplated who’d be Dr. Wily and my brain instantly latched onto Dr. Crazystein.

The worst part of having Fixer in Dr. Light’s role is that according to one non-canon comic he and Dr. Crazystein actually have a past together so there could be some nicely dramatic scenes with the two.


So, I remember being a kid in the 80’s. I was doing bad in school, so my mom got me to go some after-school tutoring. There was a little video store by the place, so I was able to rent Mega Man 1 for the NES from there. This really brought back that memory. I’ve not thought of this for decades O_O


Wuv Megaman
Awesome art


Your fluffies are always so cute!


This made me laugh for reasons other then adorableness.

I’ll decide if i’ll reveal the other reason soon…

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lol this is amazing


nah mate, he wanted to be a phoenix or a fire dragon. The eternal flame was a success!

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anyone got a list of boss weaknesses?


Nerf gun starting weapon. Or sorry stick.

Or any weapon really…

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I love it when a commission seed bears more then one crop. :slight_smile:
Extra tastey.

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selects Aqua Stage


Boss Fluffy somehow drowns before the stage fully loads

*Mega Fluffy acwuiwed Bubbew Gun

Mega Fluffy Drowns


it doesn’t have to be kindhearted roboticist; it can be any sane roboticist.


Fixer is Dr Light confirm


True, but I don’t know any other ones of those either, haha.
(The alternate explanation is Literal Fluffy Dr. Light. I wonder if he’d still have a beard.)

I actually did take weaknesses into account, it’s harder than it seems! I imagine that Aqua and Burny have a Metalman role where they’re pretty effective on most fluffies, though.
(I could tell you the order but I think it’s funnier to make people guess.)

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This is adorable! The burny fluffy is my favorite for the clearly uncontrolled fire “power”! :rofl: