Selfish Choices 9 - Foal 02 ending - (Cmss for DarrolLayman) (InfraredTurbine)

Hugbox ending for Foal 02: Santa clown.
Commissioned by @DarrolLayman !

What do the other foals await ahead ? What do you think ?

Part of Selfish choices 9. 3 foals available left

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!



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“How da fwuff dummeh namesie ‘Ches-nut’ when nu nuts on chest-sies?”

Napoleon teabags a sleeping Chestnut.

"“Naow yu Ches-niuts!”


Just seen a Christmas episode starting of the Simpsons, in februari.

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Oh he’s precious! I want to roast him over an open fire. <3

Chestnut is adorable, I hope a big company doesn’t buy the store and fire him.