"Selling Runts" by wolfram_sparks (FB ID: 28138)


cant i just like, adopt the whole package D: ?


“Fine, I’ll take your good baby too, fucking pushy fluffies.”
(Tosses both babies in trash fire outside the shop)
“Hmm, I guess that fluffy was right. It IS more fun watching a good baby burn.”


Oh I remember this one.

This concept is much funnier if you consider an abuser being the one deciding which fluffies to take. A mummah fucking over herself and her so called bestest babbeh because she was a shitty mother is perfect.


Don’t worry idiot first I entertain myself with this mini poop then I will come for you two


Take both Babbehs, milkbaggify the bitch-mare, dispose of her when all is said and done



Only sick baby


Well that’s a dilemma. Do what a fluffy tells you to, or what the shopowner wants you to do. Shitty choices there.

Option three I think. ( reaches into Molotov sack ) Burn it to the ground!


But why would you want to adopt a mother who is neglecting one of her baby’s and maybe even abusing it. I get the need to help but her?


Good point, was thinking more adopting both babys really lol

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OK makes way more sense but keep an eye on bestest baby better be vigilant than coming home to find a Smarty in your home who mate the runt go forever sleepies because he wanted everything for him self


I want to put a bat to that fat cunt and leave her wheezing like that runt.

Then leave them all to die.


Now I’m remembering the stories where the mummah knows the runt is in pain and can’t stop it.

“Don’t take the sick baby that will die soon and make you sad, take the healthy baby and give it a good life!”

Not saying that that’s happening here, but if it is…


Take both babies, leave the mother. Raise them to be happy and healthy without her, film it all and come back to show her. Hugbox as abuse!


The subtle cruelty of not acknowledging her might be best. Simply evaluate the one she is holding, make it clear without speaking to her that it is inferior, judge her as even worse without making eye contact, then act satisfied at the quality of the runt. They also cannot stand being ignored.

Fluffies are either easy to gaslight or arrogantly stubborn. In that way she will either realize the sum worth of herself and her best was less than the runt despite its detriment, or she will reject the human evaluation and be forced to judge if she is better or worse than her Bestest.

Unless of course she is trying to prioritize the one with the best chance of survival. Given how much smaller the Bestest is it might still need her to survive, but telling her it could either be her and the runt or the runt and Bestest would reveal her intentions.


buy the better babbeh
kill it in front of the mother
buy some other fluffy


Adopt all three. Get home, first thing you do is set them all on the floor, and then crush the pink foal’s head underfoot. Then toss mummah outside while you set about to feed your new fluffy foal with a smile on your face and pleasant hum.

I like this better :slight_smile:

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Generally, this is the thought process, even if fluffies can’t articulate it. My headcanon, and general headcanon as of at least a few years ago, is that runts produce an odor detectable by adult fluffies that triggers a programmed/instinctive response: this foal is “bad”; it is very unlikely to survive, and any resources given to it would just be wasted. Better to expend your efforts on the “good” foals likely to survive than to waste time and effort on one that’s going to suffer and die regardless. Hence, the mother either killing the foal shortly after birth (thereby putting it out of its misery) or abandoning it.

And then softhearted (and softheaded) humans feel sorry for the runts and lash out at the mother for what is a logical response literally hardwired into fluffy psychology/physiology.


I prefer the more nuanced approach that runt smell is caused by sickness, but adult fluffies can’t tell the difference between “heart too weak, medicine can’t save it” and “small toxic build up, will heal within a day with good nutrition” forms of sickness so they’ll assume that all runts are unable to be saved when many could with proper care. It still carries the sad tones, but has more variation and more potential for human misunderstandings.