Sensitive Topic: Part 1 (FluffnPuff)

Sapphire, the mare in the alley strained and struggled as she tried to birth the foals inside her. She had no special friend, no brothers or sisters, no herd mates, nothing and no one to help her through the grueling process. She worked hard to escape that dummy store who was gonna take away her ability to have babbehs, and she’ll be damned if she lets all that hard work go to waste!

“Hmmnngg p-pwease! Pwease ba-babbehs stahp h-huwting mummah! Am g-gon be gud mummAAAH!”

Her last word was a yelp as the creature had finally wrenched itself from her womb and began peeping and chirping like any other, even if it was a bit…ehm…bigger…than any foals she’s ever seen. The little filly was the same lapis shade, with the same topaz yellow hooves, just like her mummah. Then another baby popped out and another. All fillies, the other two resembling their green and purple father more. She loved them but the blue one was her favorite, some may even say, her bestest.

As days went on and food became harder to find, Sapphire feared for her children. After 5 days, only two of her daughters opened their eyes and became talkie babbehs, while her bestest remained silent with her eyes still closed. There was a word for this kinda babbeh…what was it? Sensitive? Yeah that was it! She was her sensitive babbeh. However that didn’t mean much to her sisters, who grew envious of just how much longer she got to nurse than them.

Due to her pitiful looking foals when they were chirpies, and the fact her two other daughters were getting thinner, she was able to con some food from local passerbyes who took pity on her. However as they became talkies, the other humans noticed the plump sensitive that wouldn’t stop suckling and kept moving along.

“Mummah! Dummeh sissie am taking aww da miwkies! Udda babbehs hab tummeh huwties!” “Pwease Mummah, nu hab enuff miwkies…”

The other two fillies watched in dismay as their mentally impaired sister, unaware of her actions, drained the rest of their mamas milk. They couldn’t help but feel hopeless, and it was all her fault. As night began to fall, the bad people came out. Sapphire tried to nudge them back into the box they called home to settle in for the night as they listened to drug dealers, street escorts and others talk amongst eachother. Sapphire tried getting food from them once but that only earned her a swift kick so she learned her lesson from it.

A woman walked by, smoking a flavored CBD vape, and when she exhaled she could hear a small voice from the alley. Sounded like it said, ‘nummies?’ Or something like that. She saw a small figure approach with some unease to her movements, as if being cautious and asked,

“D-do nice wady h-hab Nummies fow…Mummah and b-babbehs?” The small voice said.

“Excuse me? Oh your one of those fluffy things aren’t you? Your hungry huh? Hmmm how many of you are there?” The woman asked.

Sapphire led the woman down the alleyway to her box which had 3 lumps of blue, yellow, purple and green. The two skinny fillies lifted their head and looked up confused while the chubby blue filly kept slumbering. The woman looked at them, noticing the skinnier green and purple fillies, and asked,

“Why is that blue one so fat, and the others so skinny?” “Dat am bestesh sensitibe babbeh! Sensitibe babbeh need mowe miwkies owe she gets saddies and makes eye wawa, besides bestesh nee miwkies to gwow big an stwong!”

Sapphire’s main reason for the sensitive baby eh getting more milk is simply because she didn’t wanna hear her crying. That was the main reason. Her two other fillies had not heard of a bestest before and this hurt them. Did this mean she didn’t love them as much? Did she not think they were good babies? The woman looked down at the fillies and figured, why not add them to her little experiment? The woman had a small little breeding operation, and to be fair, Sapphire’s colors are a hell of a steal. Shiny blue fur, mixed with Topaz yellow hooves and mane? Buyers would be all over that shit.

Jewel colored Fluffies were a bit rarer to come by due to such a specific shade, and were popular amongst artistic people and hipsters. She couldn’t pass this up.

“Ok, how about i take you guys with me? You’ll have plenty of friends I promise you that, and you’ll have all the food you could ask for. Sound good?”

Sapphire looked at her children who seem amazed at the prospect of this new, pretty lady being their new human Mummah. She mulled it over, yes humans were a constant food source, and can over boundless amounts of love and attention. But on the other hoof, other Fluffies were a bit more distrustful. She already had a would be smarty that wanted to try and enf her precious sensitive. But nonetheless she accepted.

“Otay! Saffiwe wiww be gud fwuffy! Nee nummies fow babbehs.”

“Alright then it’s a deal! But before we go, there are rules. Rule 1, that sensitive right there, will need to be limited, I can’t keep giving you food just because you want to spoil her. She will get way too fat, and be unable to move, and you don’t want that do you?”

Sapphire looked at her bestesh sensitive that was stirring awake. Not give her all the milkies she wants? Fat? Before she could say something, the lady spoke again.

“Rule number 2, you will NOT demand sketti. Sketti is rewarded to good fluffies and is on a specific day, demanding I give you Sketti, or any bad behavior, will not get you any on Sketti day. Number 3, no bad poopies or peepees, 4, no bullying, and 5, be a good Mummah. You don’t wanna know what happens to bad Mummah’s.”

She picked up Sapphire’s babbehs and made sure Sapphire was following along. She followed regardless, after all, the lady had her babbehs. This would be so much fun. The lady already had so much planned for her. After all, a sensitive babbeh is a sensitive topic.

Part 2: Sensitive Topic: Part 2 (FluffnPuff)


Loving it already. Hope sensitive gets boiled in its own lard :+1:


I WAS gonna use the normal chair gif. But then this. Lol. image


Looks promising. May the fat sensitive baby get eaten up. Or at least suffer the most.


You really like stories involving tortured sensitive eh? Well I promise not to disappoint!

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Love a good sensitive story! Great writing looking forward hope the sisters get some food they deserve it

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if I know one thing it’s that fluffies always go back on their word regarding bestest babbehs and she’s going to be breaking that cardinal rule.

Personally I hope it goes on long enough so that the babies are expected to follow the rule regarding the bathroom because I know one sensitive little dude who is going to fail.


Oh for sure and I have many plans for her.

pull off the sensitive’s leggies and tell mummah they fell off bc she fed it too much


They are exquisite