Short Fluffy Tales Part 3 by Karn (GoreTober Themed)

Stumbling through the woods as the sun began to set, the white and yellow fluffy mare began to cry. It had been fun at first for Sabrina, escaping her old home so she could find a special friend, something that her cruel owner had denied her. Finding a pegasus with lovely blue fluff, she had become pregnant right away, the strange sensation in her stomach telling her that she was a soon mother now. Proud of her soon to be offspring, Sabrina had tried to return to her old home, blue stallion in tow, certain that her mother would see it her way now. It hadn’t gone as well as the mare had hoped, with the pair being chased off angrily and the stallion’s head being caved in with a well struck blow from her mother’s broom.

She had tried begging for a place to stay door to door, as many fluffies did when they found themselves suddenly without a home. But Sabrina was met with indifference at best, people simply slamming the door shut at her request, and outright hostility at worst, the mare having to flee for her life again and again until finally fleeing the neighborhood altogether and making for the nearby forest.

Sabrina had never spent the night anywhere as dark as the woods, eventually taking shelter within the bushes. Lying on her side and trying to catch her breath, the mare couldn’t help but notice the smell of something sweet, her nose sniffling the air as she realized it was coming from the berry bushels that surrounded her. Her stomach gurgled at the scent, with her last decent meal being when her special friend was still alive. Trying her best not to think of how brutally the stallion’s life had ended, Sabrina began to nibble at the small succulent treats. They were sweet and the juices dribbled down her maw as she ate bushel after bushel until finally her hunger was sated. With her belly full and the foliage keeping her slightly warm, Sabrina sighed, rolling over before trying to fall asleep.

“Gud nite tummeh babbehs…Mummah wuvs yu…”

It wasn’t long after that the cramps stirred Sabrina from her slumber, the mare clenching her belly with her hooves as she shrieked out in agony. Unaccustomed to pain, it was far more than the fluffy had ever experienced in her short life. Shrieking and doubled over, Sabrina tried to call out for help, only to find her speech slow and slurred.

“N…n…Nu feew g…g…gud…N…n…nee’ hewp…”

Forcing herself to stand upright, the mare could feel her legs wobble from the effort, the world seemingly spinning around her as she swayed back and forth, trying to walk as the vertigo worsened. Worst of all were the strange ripples in the air, waves and swirls that seemed to cause the very ground below Sabrina’s hooves to shift and move around her. With the pains in her stomach and the disorientation of the shifting forest floor, the mare didn’t get far before collapsing to the ground. Her breathing unsteady and sharp, Sabrina tried again and again to stand up, the ever-shifting lights and colors before her eyes terrifying the mare. Unable to comprehend what was happening to her, Sabrina acted on instinct, closing her eyes and covering her face with her hooves in the hopes that she could hide from whatever horrors were besieging her. Only able to hear her own uneven heartbeat at first, Sabrina began to hear a whisper, a voice that was too quiet, too distant at first to make out. Still too startled to uncover her eyes, the mare whimpered, calling out to the stranger in the distance.

“He…hewwo?! S…S…Sabwina nee’ h…h…hewp! Hu am d…d…deww?!”

“…Speciaw fweeeend…”

Her eyes darted open, only to see her beloved blue stallion standing before her, his head still caved in and bloodied from her owner’s wrath. Shrieking in disbelief, Sabrina tried in vain to back away, only for her lover to seemingly drift closer to close the gap, never seeming to move yet always remaining unnervingly close.

“…Wai speciaw fweeeend? …Wai gib fwuffy huwties? …Wai gib foweba sweepies? …”

“Sa…Sabwina nu huwt…huwties speciaw fw…fwend…”

“Wiaw!!! …Speciaw fwend wead fwuffy tu howsie…Teww fwuffy hab nyu mummah!!! …YU GIB FWUFFY FOWEBA SWEEPIES!!!”

“*huuu…huuu…huuu…Nu tw…twu…nu am twu…Sabwina w…wuvs speciaw fw…fwend…*SCREEEEEEE!!!”

Her stomach ached and tore at her, the pain far too terrible to ignore. Doubling over, she held her belly only to find that it was sticky and warm to the touch. Looking at her hooves, she could see that they were dripping with blood, with her haunches and everything below slick and wet. Horrified and in near crippling torment, Sabrina looked back up, only to see that her special friend was gone. A mixture of relief and deep sadness washed over her, happy to no longer hear his echoing recriminations, but frightened to be alone once more. Once again trying to stand, Sabrina felt her hood connect with something warm and squishy on the ground. Peering down, she could see what looked almost like a foal, save for it’s sanguine colored fluff and malformed head. Pulling her leg away from the ghastly creature, she shuddered as it’s beady black eyes gazed though her, the diminutive creature cocking it’s head slightly as it studied the mare, warbling and slowly approaching her. Backing away, she felt something brush against her, only to find that there were several more of the vile beasts, slowly waddling towards the mare. Surrounded and with little other option, Sabrina reared up, bring her her hooves down on the cruel looking monsters, screaming as she crushed, stomped, and trampled the foul creatures.

“We…weeb Sabwina aw…awone! Weeb S…Sabwina awone! Weeb Sabwina awone!!! WEEB SABWINA AWONE!!! *SCREEEEEEE!!!”

“…We…we…weeb Sabwina a…awone…”

Lying in a puddle of her own sick, the mare kicked her hooves feebly, unaware of where she was. Her eyes glazed over, Sabrina was too far gone to notice the crushed bodies of her newborn foals that surrounded the near comatose mare.

“Alright…next up is Trident…Come here little guy…”

Tensing up at his name being called, the lime green pegasus yelped aloud, looking up towards his owner anxiously.

“Twy’dent nu wan gu…”

His owner only sighed, petting him slightly as she stood up and gave his leash a gentle tug. “Sweetheart, you have to. You’ve been complaining non-stop about your mouth hurting and the dentist only wants to help you.” While he was still frightened, his mother’s words never failed to soothe him, the pegasus walking behind her slowly as they approached the tall man in the white coat. “We’re here! This is Trident. I think he might have a cavity but he’s very nervous…” As she spoke about him, the stallion peered towards the office floor, unsure of the tall stranger named Dentist and unnerved as the tall man leaned over and smiled at him with an almost unnaturally white grin.

“Nothing to be ashamed of little fella. Lots of fluffies get a little scared their first time. You’ll be fine, I promise.”

Seemingly satisfied by the eerie stranger’s promise, Trident’s owner nodded, gently petting the cowering pegasus before handing his lead over to the tall man. “I’ll be right here when you’re done. I love you Trident…” The pegasus could only watch as his owner walked away towards the waiting room, leaving him alone with Dentist who lightly tugged on his leash and slowly guided him into the back room. Trident winced as his hooves touched the cold linoleum tiles, the pegasus already missing the soft carpeted floor of the waiting room. Once Dentist opened the exam room door, the pegasus had to look away, the fluorescent lighting within being too harsh for his eyes. “Oh, sorry it’s so bright buddy…Need the lighting to help you feel better!”

Undoing Trident’s collar and putting his leash aside, the tall man scooped up the pegasus, walking him over to a scary looking chair before sitting him awkwardly on his rump. The smooth plastic surface was uncomfortable, causing Trident to shift back and forth as Dentist worked the velcro straps around the stallion’s waist, followed by his hooves, then neck, with the pegasus whimpering as he was restrained further and further. As the tall man tested the straps, making sure that Trident was secure, an older woman walked in, bespectacled and squinting at the chart in her clipboard. Oblivious to her struggles to read his notations, Dentist nodded to her as he slid a metal table with varied sharp implements that were just in Trident’s peripheral vision, the foreign tools putting the pegasus on edge. “Ah, Nurse Conroy…will you go ahead and get me the carbamide peroxide gel? Want to do a thorough cleaning after I check on our patient’s mouth…”

“Hmm? Oh, yes Doctor! Right away…”

As the aged Nurse walked over to the medicine cabinet, her decrepit eyes trying to sort out the various bottles, Dentist took the mouth block, a bit of rubber and silicone shaped to force a fluffy’s mouth open, and wedged it into Trident’s maw. Now unable to move or even close his mouth, the pegasus began to tear up, his eyes following the tall man as he inspected each of his teeth one by one. “Not the worst set I’ve seen by far…but I can tell that you get the occasional sugary treat…Aha! There’s the little bugger right…there!” As he spotted the small fissure in one of Trident’s molars, he tapped it lightly with a metal rod to gauge the pegasus’ discomfort, and was quickly met with muffled sobbing and tears. “Sorry bout’ that… but we’ll have that out in a jiffy!” Taking a small syringe, Dentist held Trident’s head firmly as he injected the needle into his jaw, the pegasus’ eyes going wide as he felt the metal pierce his flesh before a dull, cold sensation began to spread throughout his mouth. As he struggled against his mouth guard, trying to ask the tall man what was happening, he felt an abrupt jerk, followed by a flow of relief as the dull ache in his tooth vanished. “Gotcha! Bet you feel loads better now…” Holding the rotten molar between a pair of small forceps, he held it out for Trident to see, the pegasus’ apprehension fading as the lack of pain made seeing his old tooth almost amusing. Something so small being capable of causing him so much pain seemed strange to the stallion but regardless, he was grateful, trying to thank Dentist as well as he could through the mouth block. “Worst of it’s over now. Nurse Conroy’s gonna put a bit of gel on your teeth now, okay? It’ll make em’ nice and clean.” Already taking off his gloves, the tall man left the exam room as Nurse Conroy came over, stirring the container before applying a large glob of it to the inside of Trident’s mouth.

“Sorry it took so long dearie…All the other gels I could found weren’t the right kind, so I had to get some from the back room…”

Oblivious to what the nice lady was saying, the pegasus simply relaxed, uncomfortable as the sticky compound began to cover his teeth. Once she had them properly coated, Nurse Conroy held up what looked like a small, conical lamp with a base that could be shifted and adjusted, putting it a few inches away from Trident’s mouth and flicking it on, the bulb humming to life as the pegasus squinted from the bright, blue light. “There you go…I’ll be back in fifteen minutes…” Once he was alone, Trident sighed, feeling less worried than he’d been before but still ill at ease due to the straps, the odd feeling paste in his mouth, and the bright light pointed at his face. But as he sat, he started to feel an odd sensation in his mouth, a slight discomfort that was slowly growing. Trying to mutter something over the mouth block, no one could hear his protests as the enamel of his teeth wore down, dissolving rapidly until they cracked. In far more agony than when he’d arrived, Trident shook against the chair, the bit in his mouth causing his cries for help and pain induced shrieks to become too low and garbled to hear outside the room. With each second the pain grew, the pegasus’ eyes wide and bloodshot as his back teeth slowly started to splinter from the numerous fractures, the stallion able to feel as each of his teeth split open one by one. With his mouth in ruins by the time he’d lost half of them, his bite guard fell free from his mouth, along with a mass of dribbling blood and saliva.


Dentist had already been running to the exam room before he ever even heard the ear splitting scream. While he was having a cup of coffee, Nurse Conroy had asked him why they didn’t keep the higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide in the main cabinet, with the elderly woman being used to pediatric dentistry before moving over to fluffies. Not realizing what had happened right away, he explained that with a fluffy’s delicate teeth, very low concentrations had to be used, or else it could be detrimental to their enamel, even causing breakage in extreme cases. Once he saw Nurse Conroy’s reaction, he had dropped his cup and hurried back to check on Trident. By the time he got the light off it was far too late. His eyes askewed and looking at nothing, it was clear that the trauma had given the poor little guy a stroke, the now derped pegasus noticing the tall man and giving him a pleased, bloody grin.


“*chirp…*chirp…mu’mah?! *chirp…*chirp…wewe am mu’mah?!”

Ambling about as best as it could, a red colt was desperately peeping and chirping for his lost mother. Still within his makeshift box nest, he was the only foal left within that was still moving, the rest of his siblings having succumbed to hunger. She had left the safety of the alleyway in search of some sort of nourishment in the hopes of feeding her malnourished babies. Waddling past the bodies of his brothers and sisters, the red colt peered out of the box nest’s opening, shivering as he glanced about the abandoned back alley for the first time, hopeful to see his missing mother.

“mu’mah!!! *chirp…*chirp…ba’beh scaw’d!!! *chirp…*chirp…”

“Did you lose your mother little one?”


The abrupt appearance of the stranger startled the red colt, who shrieked and tried his best to run back into his nest, leaving a streak of fear induced waste in his wake as he tried to wedge himself under a pile of old and discarded newspapers. Cheeping in distress, the foal kicked his legs as he tried and failed to force his haunches through, his rump sticking out awkwardly while he tried in vain to hide from the scary man. Being so young, the tiny fluff had never even seen a human, but his mother had been quite adamant that they were monsters, and that he should flee if he ever saw one.

“You don’t have to be afraid…I just want to help…”

It perplexed the red colt how happy it made him just to hear the man’s voice, as though something in the back of his mind told him to trust him, to go to him. That somehow, despite how horrible things had become, the stranger could make things better. Pulling himself free from the refuse of the nest, the colt waddled slightly closer so he could see the man who had spoken to him, still anxious from his mother’s warning but desperate to find her.

“*chirp…*chirp…am nices’? *chirp…*chirp… hewp ba’beh find mu’mah?”

“You poor thing…I’m afraid I don’t know where she is…”

Heartbroken, the red colt began to sob. If the stranger couldn’t help him, then it was hopeless. Pained and weak from hunger, the foal wouldn’t last the day without his mother. Lost in his despair, the red colt scarcely noticed the man’s approach until he felt the soothing touch of his finger gently rubbing up and down his fluff. Cooing slightly as he wiped away his tears, the foal opened his eyes, looking up at the kind stranger, feeling oddly better despite all that had happened.

“*chirp…*chirp…tank yu nices’ mis’ta…*chirp…*chirp…ba’beh su hun’gy…mis’ta hab num’ees?”

“It’s going to be okay…I promise you won’t ever have to worry about food again…”

Picking up the tiny foal, the stranger held him in both hands, making sure to shield him from the brisk autumn air. Struggling at first, the red colt was scared to leave the only home he’d ever known, but was quickly soothed by the warmth and security he felt in the stranger’s palm. Cooing slightly, he could almost forget how hungry he was as he rested comfortably for the entire trip back to the man’s home.

Once he made it home, the stranger sighed, cradling the now slumbering colt in his hands. Kicking his boots off gingerly as not to wake the sleeping foal, he walked past the living room and made his way towards his den, placing the fluff on a small pillow near his desk. Opening a wooden craft kit, the man pulled out a small dropper and a bottle of resin, filling it to the top before walking back to the napping colt, gently nudging him with a finger.

“Wake up little guy…Are you hungry?”

Cooing in his sleep from being gently rubbed, the colt was stirred by the reminder of food, waking with vigor as he chirped and peeped excitedly.

“*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…num’ees fow ba’beh! num’ees fow ba’beh!!! *chirp…*chirp…*chirp…tank yu nices’ mis’ta!!!”

Smiling meekly at the colt’s sudden , finding it almost infectious despite his somber mood. Hesitating only for a moment, the stranger leaned down and held the dropper out for the colt to suckle. Overjoyed as he quickly consumed it’s contents, his face soured quickly as he began to cough violently and blanched from the odd tasting substance.

“ick!!! *chirp…*chirp…deez num’ees am ba’!!! *chirp…*chirp…”

“I know it doesn’t taste very good…but it’ll fill you up. Try and eat more…”

The bitter sap still lingered on the colt’s tongue, but he was desperate, and near starved. His face belying his reluctance, the foal nursed hesitantly on the dropper, eventually forcing down the last of the resin. While not the most palatable of meals, the colt did notice that his stomach felt full, and his hunger pains had dulled, replaced with an odd, almost heavy sensation in his gut. Finding it harder and harder to move, the foal struggled to shift it’s limbs, finding them oddly stiff and sluggish.

“*chirp… … … *chirp… … … ba’beh…nu…feew…gud…*chirp… … … *chirp… … …”

Seeing that the first dose was already hardening, the stranger walked away to fetch what he’d need to finish his project. Several long bulbed pins and a coaster made of cork, as well as a pair of fine tweezers. Putting them beside the pillow, the man filled up another dropper’s worth of resin, holding it up to the torporous colt and pressing it past his lips. His limbs too rigid to fight back, the foal shifted as best as his weakened frame could, his eyes widening as he felt the dropper force more of the bitter sap down his throat. Unable to even cough anymore, he felt his throat drying out as his jaw refused to close shut, even after the man had removed the dropper.

“It’s scary I know… don’t fight it okay? It’ll be over soon.”

Picking the colt up, the stranger could already feel how stiff his body already was, knowing that he would have to act fast or else he’d end up wasting the foal. Placing him on the coaster, the man started to grab at his torso, squeezing him and contorting him into an almost sitting position, the foal’s eyes widening as it dawned in him that he could no longer move. Taking a few seconds to remember how the colt had looked when he’d first spoken to him, the stranger then started on the hooves, moving them into position as they cracked and popped, tears falling down the foals face as he silently suffered. Next, he took the tweezers, adjusting the mouth and head even as the foal emitted a dull but audible groan. Once he finally had the pose done, the man rifled through his pins, making sure to only pull out those with bulbs that were red and would easily fade into the colt’s fluff. Taking the first pin, he pressed it against the petrified foal’s back, right where his rump met his torso, and pressed it through firmly, feeling the subtlest of tremors from the pained fluff, saddened that the poor creature had yet to expire. Next he affixed the back hooves, and finally the tail, the project almost finished. Carrying the coaster to the back of his den, he opened his walk in closet, the racks of which were adorned with countless foals like the red colt, each carefully posed and preserved forever. Grabbing a wooden base, the stranger glued the cork within before taking a small burning tool and carving a few words into the front of his newest treasure.

Help babbeh find mummah?

Fell way behind on this but October has been a busy one. I’ve been liking it so far though, so I plan to finish this up through November. Hope you all enjoy. :black_heart: :orange_heart: :black_heart: :orange_heart: