Sorry box for nr.556 by Kookaburra

Nr.556 was taken to the Sorry Square by his Kapo-smarty, and placed inside the unusual sorry box, designed by Dr.Waclav.

Policy of the Camp clearly states, that there will be no punishments which results in drawing blood, or even punishments provided by humans, although I’m not sure if the this sorry box isn’t worse than few smacks on the rump.

In the box fluffy has to balance on four platforms, each with few tabs on top, which to fluffy’s soft hooves must feel like standing on LEGO. If it falls, landing will be painful as well, since the interior is full of pyramids, designed to press into fluffies organs, making swelling and breathing harder.

While sorry-box won’t seriously injure fluffy, as pyramids and tabs are soft and covered with sponge material, with no edges, the discomfort must be severe. After all, standing in one, uncomfortable position surely gives them paralyzing muscle pains, no matter if they stand, or lie down. Hot air, total darkness, no way to get huggies or love, just cramps running through every muscle turns the creatures into blabbering, exhausted husks in a few hours.

I just hope they learn their lessons.

-funtionary Martin.


Nice sorry box design!

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All its need is a little shake.


Megafluffy’s sorry box.

Please don’t make me explain the joke.

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Really? Alright…

Megafluffy is based on Mega Man.

What’s the thing that kills Mega Man instantly in most Mega Man games?

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I’ve never played mega man



:rofl: :rofl:
it’s spikes, like literally every platformer ever

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this is the kinda shit the teacher would make you do if you fell asleep in class

Star trek has gravity plating to simulate gravity in space, it could be adjusted, comes in handy for awesome special space huggies in zero G, or to pin down agressive bipedal lizards before blasting 'em.

Could be nice for this sorrybox…just don’t wiggle the On/off switch repeatidly, to much…