Sploring mufuggas (cuppa)

No comments yet on how the fluffy only had a vest and yet was ( initially ) okay at the summit? Heck, even at base camp there’s been humans that have suffered severely from high-altitude sickness ( and some even have died of that higher up on the mountain ), a mere fluffy would have not a chance in hell. Let alone even getting up on Everest without a hat ( granted the idiot could have taken it off for the photo and immediately lost it ).

Everest is such a strange place- the locals considered it a sacred place but its also now their main source of income. There’s literally piles of human waste, discarded oxygen bottles ( almost nobody ascends the mountain without supplemental oxygen because its so much harder without it ) and of course the bodies- though there’s been a few efforts in recent years to pack out as much of the trash as can be done. That and also thanks to the nearly year-long storms around the mountain, such things tend to get buried or fall down an ice cliff eventually.

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