Squirrel - Chapter 1 (EzPete)

This is pure hugbox as far as I am planning. Don’t expect extreme trauma.

Squirrel was a grey filly with a white mane. Right now, she was a no name fluffy, but she would become Squirrel soon enough. She likes to roughhouse with her siblings and will get down on her front legs and chirp at her brothers while shaking her tail just like a chirpy climby friend. She was rather tomboyish for a filly. They had lots of fun playing in mummah’s nest, a hole under a big tree stump. Her daddeh was a gray earth fluffy like her with a brown mane and her mummah was a bright yellow pegasus with a white mane.

There were six foals in all: red, orange, blue, brown, black, and grey. She and her red sister were the only fillies in the litter.

One bright time daddeh didn’t come back, so mummah had to go look for food. She came back with grassie nummies. None of the berry or flower nummies that daddeh always found. Squirrel and her brothers had soon become walkie babbehs and followed mummah when she left to get food. Mummah begged them to stay inside the nest while she went to look for food, but they were too scared and cold to be alone, so they ignored their mummah’s pleas.

While they were out exploring with mummah they found so many things. Wingy friends that picked at buggy friends in the dirt, chirpy climby friends that lived in trees. She even saw a big not fluffy friend that had hooves just like fluffies did with her giant baby. Despite looking kinda like a big poopie fluffy she and her baby didn’t talk. He had white spots all over his flank.

The ground was always cold and there were weird piles of cold wawas that mummah called snow. There were less and less snow every day and it started to feel warmer. Mummah made sure to share all the best nummies she found for them. There were red berries that fell from the trees and a few flower nummies that grew from the ground. They even ate some tender light green flower nummies. Mummah said the brown grassies in their nest was made from these nummie grassies. But these tasted much better.

One day while searching for nummies, squirrel and her ‘bruddahs’ started to play. They started running around and got far away from mummah. They came up against a big wall made of brown stuff like the sticks they played with. They looked for a way around the wall but couldn’t. They even tried for form a tower to climb over it.

“awmowst dewe!” squirrel called down to her brothers, hooves stretched as far as she could muster towards the top of the wood fence. Each fluffy in the pyramid only provided a few inches of height and standing on her rear hooves reaching up still meant she needed to climb another four feet to reach the top.

“Nuu! Babbehs, get away! Dat am huhmun pwace! Dey am meanies!” Her foals looked back in confusion at the sound of their mother calling to them. Squirrel struggled to stay balanced as her brothers shifted under her. “Wut mummah meawn?” Their mother stood defensively like a bull about to charge at the tree line. “Bebbehs nee’ tuu get away fwom waww!”

Just then a head popped over the top of the fence just above and looked down at the stack of foals. “Hello, what’s this?” A young woman with red hair looked down at them. Squirrel was surprised at the strange face and fell backwards off the pile with an oof as she hit the ground. “Careful now little guy.” The lady laughed.

“BEBBEHS! WUN WAY!” Their mom called out, she darted across the patch of sand that was the fire break between the forest and the subdivision and grabbed her bestest babbeh, an orange pegasus. She deposited it back on the tree line and returned to grab her red foal next.

“Aren’t you just precious!” The lady smiled down at them. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you! In fact, I have delicious nummies for you all!” This killed any apprehension the foals had towards this strange new talking friend. “Nummies?” They all began to chirp with joy. “Yep, just wait right there!”

They all began to jump and tumble over each other excitedly as the nice lady disappeared behind the fence again. The orange and red foal had begun to run back over to the rest of the foals as their mummah failed to herd them all back into the woods. She would pick up one and walk it to the tree line just for it to return as she grabbed the next. “Nuu babbehs! Pwease wisten tuu mummah! Humans am meanies! Nuu niwce tuu fwaaffies!”

They ignored their mummah as they waited for the nice human to bring them nummies. Their mummah was always wrong. She said that leaving the nest was dangerous but they had so much fun splorin’ with mummah and they never got hurt by meanie animals. Daddeh must have left because he was tired of all of mummah dumb rules they thought.

Eventually the lady came walking down the fire break caring a big clear plastic tote bin. “You must be Sunshine!” looking down at their mummah. “How am wady nyu mummah’s name?” The bestest asked cautiously. The woman looked down at the ball of orange. “Aren’t you just precious! Sunshine’s mommy has been heartbroken looking all over for her.” The foals were confused, how could their mummah give her mummah big heart hurties? Further proof she was a dummy mummah.

The lady reached down and grabbed the orange foal first, he instinctively made uppies for her. Sunshine dived towards her bestest too late. She hatched the idea to grab at least one and escape but now that idea was ruined. It didn’t occur to her to grab another not bestest foal and escape either.

The woman grabbed Sunshine next and placed her in the tote. She wriggled, squirted a stream of poop in the dirt, and screamed the whole time that the woman held her but immediately began to hug her bestest as she was set down. “huu huu huu” Next was the red who was standing up against the box looking at his mummah and bruddah. Then the last four who were jumping up against their new mummah’s legs with excitement.

“Don’t be scared! I’m going to take you to the nummies now!” The nice lady reassured them. Sunshine cried as the lid was placed on the box “huu huu! Bebbehs nuu wisten tuu mummeh!” The foals panicked as they were lifted up and began to chirp. They were very high up in the air and were afraid to fall. The woman realized her mistake. She thought the clear box wouldn’t trigger fluffies fears of sorry boxes and completely forgot their fear of height combined with transparent bottom.

“You won’t fall. Misses Amy promises!” The chirping died down and with that she made her trek back around the block to the hole in the fence where none of her neighbors technically owned the land and began to walk back down her street. Humming a sweet song to calm the fluffy family the whole time.

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I dunno… I hope this lady is actually nice


Don’t worry, she is. Sunshine’s owner though, eh.


Sunshine, you are truly a dumbass. I know this is hugbox but I still have hope for a car flattening