Super Sorry Box (moonie)

Introducing…the Super Sorry Box! The new and improved sorry box made for multiple fluffies at a time!

Little Mystic got a little curious today and decided to rally her mummah and brothers and sisters to go inside the kitchen and steal the cookies from the cabinet she saw earlier. By the time Daddeh and Nanneh Mummah got home (the one day she left for a grocery run no less.) There was broken glass and cookie crumbs everywhere so the eight fluffies were promptly placed into the Super Sorry Box (gifted to them early for Mystic and co. for being on FluffTV) for being such naughty, albeit cute fluffies.

Mystic: Huuuu…nanneh mummah…Mystic sowwy fow take sweetie nummies fwom nummie makin’ pwace! Pweez, wet mummah an’ bwuddas an’ sissies out! Mystic am bad fwuffy. Not dem!

Nanneh Mummah: Sorry Mystic, but you snuck out of the playroom and got into the cookies in the kitchen. This is for your own good.

Mummah Missy: Babbeh am twickeh babbeh! Get gud fwuffies in twoubwe! MUMMAH HAYCHU WOWSTES’ BABBEH MYSTIC!!

Marshmallow: Mawshmawow scawed…

Cookie: Huu!! Cookie nu du it 'gain! Huuuhuu…

Pookie: scratches the side of the Super Sorry Box Pookeh sowwy!! Huhuhu!


Isn’t half the point of a “sorry box” the tight quarters and physical isolation?


Sorry box and a sorry stick to the one who started it :point_up:

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Yeah but buying more than one sorry box for several fluffies–especially mamas and their babies is just so impractical and a waste of money. The Super Sorry Box is slightly bigger and is roomy enough for slight movement but not a lot. They’re crowded but not jam packed in there. It’s mostly for owners with larger fluffy families. The sides are also a bit higher so the fluffy doesn’t climb out and spray shit everywhere when it flips itself on its back.


I love how childish even fluffy mummahs act sometimes, like she was just as happy to waddle over and go and num some cookies as her kids.


Yeah goes to show how not so different fluffy parents are from the foals they raise xD
And she’s childish enough to throw Mystic under the bus when she got punished even though she hose to follow her along with the others when she could and should have put a stop to it.

That’s a boop on the snoot for you, Missy. Bad mummah!


I can just see a little fluffy parade waddling around looking for food. Some of them falling over.


Awwww!! That would be such a cute hugbox event. Like a skettie parade or something.


Or the owner just shooing em out with a broom as they clumsily run away.


Scaredy poopies ashore.
What if they were like domestics playing outside and they got out of the yard and asked someone for food instead of being a feral herd.


I mean if they have collars, and look clean I’d imagine people picking em up by the scruff and bringing them to the door.


“ashore?” Didn’t you mean “galore?”
That oughta mean a snoot-booping for autocorrect.

A creature with intelligence approaching a human, but reaches adulthood in months and doesn’t last a decade.

Fluffverse humans seem to be mostly just human versions of Smarties. They’d likely get more satisfaction out of killing someone’s pets, unless a reward is likely in which case many would feed it a slow-acting poison then turn it in.


Yeah I kinda fail to see how it wouldn’t extend to other shit if they could get away with it.

Depends on the artist/writer

Even in Hugbox stories though, the world seems full of mostly sadistic morons.

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One problem though. They can still hug each other.
My solution to this is dividing this box into sections with boards. It will

  1. limits the physical contact with other fluffs
  2. makes it even more tight
  3. makes the box more effective if only one fluffy is currently inside (although you can have some permanent inhabitants of the box as filler to combat this :smiling_imp:)
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I’d suggest that in the panic and cramped space that jostling each other creates they would be more frightened and less prone to hugging.

But any owners that isn’t removing legs and inverting genitals for offenses probably doesn’t want one slipping under and being trampled or any broken wings/horns/tails.

Fluffy mosh pit is still an idea though.

Actually, strobe light torture? Then again they probably go into seizures easily.

Industrial lanterns. From every direction