Survival of the Foal-ist Part 1: Mummah's Miwkies (by Nundevwizer)

The first of one of many mini-series that follows up from Birthday Party Poopers. This one follows the mare and its foals. The first parts of the other mini-series following different characters are soon to follow.

Lemon Tart sat inside the bush trying to catch her breath after running for so long from the hoomin with the loud boomie thingie. The other hoomins held him down, but that didn’t stop Lemon from making a run for it to protect her babbehs. She and the rest of the herd had been travelling since the start of bright time. They managed to find some trash nummies at a park earlier, but they came across some hoomins that had skettis on a table. Skettis, the bestest nummies there is. Unfortunately, they were chased off before smarty fwiend could get them and the herd had scattered. Now Lemon Tart was all alone, save for her and her many babbehs. She had been crying after realizing that her bestest babbeh, the orange howny babbeh was missing. She gave no thought to the poopie babbeh though, it was a bad babbeh that didn’t deserve huggies and wub, only poopies… and enfies if Smarty wanted them.

As she sat, two foals suckled milk from her teats.

“Gud babbehs”

The rest of her brood lay in a fluff pile together. She remembered when she did that as a babbeh herself. The one foal, a red earthie babbeh, stopped and sat down to lick its lips clean of milk before joining the fluff pile. Another foal, A green Pegasus, a Wingie babbeh, stepped over and began to drink its mothers’ milk. The other foal was a pink unicorn, who was her bestest babbeh now since the orange one was gone, most likely having forever sweepies by the hoomin with the boomie thingie. The pink unicorn soon had its fill of milk and snuggled up beside Lemon Tart before falling asleep. Another foal noticed the now free spot for Lemon Tarts teat’s, but as it come up to her, she put out her hoof and stopped it in its tracks.

“Nu! Miwkies onwy for gud babbehs!”

The poor foal had dark green fluff and a grey mane. Colors most fluffies considered ugly. To make matters worse, it was a runt. Smaller in size compared to its brothers and sisters, it also had an underdeveloped rear leg. Its eyes were on the verge of opening, but it chirped a plea for Lemon Tart to let it drink her milk.

Chirp chirp… chirp!

But Lemon Tart was unmoved by its own child’s plea to drink her nutritious milk.

“Dummeh nu smeww pwetty babbeh, gu way!” She shoved the foal on to its rare as it continued chirping.

Chirp chirp!

The foal then began to open its eyes for the first time and saw Lemon Tart sitting there as the green wingie babbeh was still drinking from her teat.

“Mummah? Mummah!”

The foal hobbled over to her teat on its three functioning legs and tried to wrap its legs around her one teat.

“Babbeh wuv mummah!”

But before it could take in a drop of Lemon Tart’s milk, she kicks it in the face with her leg. The runt flies backward with a welt over its eye from where she kicked it.

“Nu! Ugwy nu smeww pwetty twee weggie nu ge miwkies!”

The foal’s happy expression turned to one of sadness and confusion.

“Buh… babbeh wub mummah…”

Lemon Tart was unfazed.

“Mummah nu wub ugwy nu smeww pwetty babbeh! Gu way! Ow Mummah gib ou foweba sweepies!”

The foal was utterly heartbroken and started to cry.

“hu hu hu! Pwease mummah! Pwease wub babbeh! Hu hu huuu! Babbeh nee miwkies an huggies!”

Lemon Tart just stood there with a condescending look on her face. The foal then got an idea and sat on its bum with its front legs up.

“Wook mummah! Am dancie babbeh!”

The runt started moving its legs to an unheard rhythm. After gaining some confidence in its movements, it tried to stand on both its hind legs.

“Babbeh dancie foa mummah!”

The runt then started to sing a little tune.

“Babbeh wub mummah! Mummah wub babbeh! Mummah gib miwke an huggies for babbeh! Babbeh gib mummah huggies an-“

Before the runt could finish its bar, its malformed leg snapped under its weight and the foal fell onto its side screaming, smacking its lower jaw on the ground hard enough to snap down on its lip and causing it to bleed. The foal started to cry in pain.

“hu hu huu! Mummah! Babbeh hav mowf owwies! Nee huggies! Hu hu huu!”

As the runt cried, one of the larger foals in the fluff pile woke up.

“Who make noisie?! Fwuffy twying to sweep!” This foal was almost a colt, born from Lemon Tart’s last litter. It was a blue unicorn. He sees the runt crying over near his mother and he decides to shut the runt up so he could go back to sweep.

“dummeh babbeh bwudda make tu much noisie!”

The foal looks at its older brother.

“Pwease bwudda! Gib babbeh huggies for weggie owwies!”

The older fluffy swipes at its smaller brother with its left hoof, hitting the runt in the face. The runt tumbles backward and hits the back of its head on a rock.


The runt’s asshole sprayed feces all over its brother as it felt the rock break through the back of his skull and numbed his legs.


“Dummeh poopie babbeh! Take foweba sweepies!”

Peep! Pee-

The runts crying was cut off by the brother stomping him in the face. The older brother crushed the runts skull under his hoof. Killing the runt instantly. It was now quiet again, the brother went back to the fluff pile and went back to sleep.

Lemon Tart smiled as she watched her eldest foal sleep soundly.

“Gud babbeh. Mummah sweepie.”

Lemon Tart closed her eyes as another foal, with magenta-colored fluff and a pink mane, came up to her to drink from her teat.

“Mummah? Babbeh wan milkies!”

Lemon Tart didn’t reply, she was fast asleep. The foal simply hobbled over to Lemon Tarts waiting teats. The red earth foal had taken its share of milk and was sleeping beside their mother. The magenta foal clambered up to a nipple, clamped its mouth down, and began to greedily suck. At first, milk gently gushed into the foal’s mouth which it readily swallowed, but after just a few gulps, the teat stopped giving milk.


The foal was confused, why did mummah stop giving milk? The foal noticed the other teat and decided to try that one. As with the first one, it clamped its mouth down and sucked as hard as it could, a few drops came through, but not much else. The foal let go of the teat and booped the nipple with its hoof. It bounced a little. The foal started to cry.

“Why mummah no gib miwkies? hu hu. Am bad babbeh?”

The foal had failed to realize that Lemon Tart had run out of milk as two other hungry foals from the fluff pile had come to get their much-needed milk as they hadn’t had any for several hours while running from the hoomins. Then another foal came up, complaining of tummie hewties.

“Mummah! Babbeh nee miwkie… hab tummie hewties… hu hu.”

More and more foals came up, save for the few who already had their milk, and were fast asleep. Despite the cries from multiple foals, Lemon Tart was out like a light. She was exhausted from all that running and now she needed sleep. While her foals needed milk… milk she did not have.


What an asshole mother, hope something bad happens to her on part 2


Wholeheartedly agree. Her “best” foals should die brutally one by one




What? Why? That runt suffered a deformity, and realistically wasn’t going to make it out in the wild anyways. And when resources are limited, you have to kingpin a little to guarantee at least SOME of the litter makes it to adulthood. Rodents and birds have to do this all the time. Very standard behavior in a litter based family.


Looms like she’s gonna get her worst karma soon enough.


Yeah but at least confort the foal hug it and scald the motherfucking murderous colt.