Survival of the Foal-ist Part 2: Nu Nummies (by Nundevwizer)

Lemon Tart slept soundly despite the desperate cries of her foals. Her exhaustion overpowered her maternal instinct of comforting and feeding her babbehs. They all cried continuously hoping to wake her up.

After a few moments, she stirred and finally started to wake up. She woke to the sounds of multiple foals crying.

“Wahs wong babbehs?! Nee huggies?”

One of the foals responded with a sharp chirp.

Chirp! “Babbeh nee miwkies! Mummah!” Chirp Chirp!

“Sowwy babbeh. Mummah nu hab miwkies wight nao.”

The foal, orange with green mane, cried loudly.

“Babbeh hab tummy hewties! Why mummah nu hab miwkies?!”

The other foals cried in agreement.

“Mummah nu hab nummies foa wong time. Nee nummies foa make miwkies.”

The pink unicorn, her bestest babbeh, stepped up to her with tears streaming down its face.

“Mummah! Bestest babbeh hungwy! Gib miwkies nao!”

Lemon Tart was starting to get worried. She just fed her bestest babbeh just a little bit ago and now she wants more.

“Sowwy bestest babbeh. Oda babbehs nee miwkies tu! An ou jus hab miwkies!”

The pink unicorn wasn’t having it.

“Nu cawe! Gib bestest babbeh bestest miwkies nao!”

Lemon Tart was facing a serious dilemma; she was tired, but now her entire liter, including her bestest babbeh, was hungry. She realized that if she were to get any sleep, she’d need to find plenty of nummies to make enough milk to feed them all.

She sighed. “Mummah be back, babbehs. Mummah nee go find nummies foa make miwkies.”

She gets off her rump and waddles over to the side of the bush before crawling under the branches to reach the outside. She eats a couple of leaves off the side of the bush, before realizing she might leave her babbehs exposed to the elements if she ate the leaves. She sighs as she walks away from the bush to the sidewalk. She eyes a garbage can down the way and she galloped towards it.

Unfortunately, the can was empty. She sees more cans lining the street and tries her luck with them. Her luck doesn’t improve and for several cans, she only found scraps.

One can was loaded to the brim, she thought she hit the jackpot, but the can was too heavy for her to knock it down. She was denied food again.

For several hours, she searched the block, only to come up empty-handed. As she returned to her bush, she could hear the cries of her babbehs inside, still hungry. She eats a few more leaves from the bush before crawling back inside.

“Hewe babbehs! Mummah hab miwkies nao!”

The orange foal came up to one of Lemon Tart’s waiting teats and starts gulping down milk. The green Pegasus foal started to approach Lemon Tart’s other teat, but the bestest babbeh shoves him aside with her hoof.

“Move oba dummeh! Miwkies awe foa bestest babbeh!”

The pink unicorn clamped down on the teat and sucked away. The green Pegasus started to cry.

“Mummah! Sissy gib babbeh hewties!” hu hu huuu!

Lemon Tart paid little mind to her green wingie babbeh and just watched as her bestest babbeh drank away.

“Bestest Babbeh nee moa miwkies.”

However, not even a minute in, Lemon Tart already ran out of milk and her bestest babbeh started throwing a fit.

“Wah happen tu miwkies?!”

“Sowwy babbeh. Mummah hab nu moa miwkies.”

The pink unicorn then puffed its cheeks and yelled.

“Yu am wowsest mummah! Nu gib miwkies tu bestest babbeh!”

She puffs her cheeks at Lemon Tart and turns around.

“Bestest babbeh gib sowwy hoofsies!”

The foal starts kicking Lemon Tart with her rear legs.

“Owwies! Pwease nu hit mummah, bestest babbeh!”

But the pink foal didn’t listen, she kept kicking her mummah. Until the older blue unicorn stirred from his slumber.

“Wah gow’n on hewe?! Fwuffy twyin to sweep!”

The bestest babbeh stared back at the colt.

“Mummah nu big miwkies tu bestest babbeh, so bestest babbeh gib wowsest hewties!”

The Colt stood there with an angry look on his face as he recalled the last bestest babbeh from his own litter when it didn’t get what it wanted. That littermate was long gone, but the memories were still fresh on his mind.

“Mummah tiwed an nu hab nummies. Gu tu sweep an mummah will hab nummies next bwight tyme foa miwkies.”

The bestest babbeh was not easily coerced.

“NU!! Bestest babbeh nu wan go sweepies! Bestest babbeh wan miwkies nao!”

The bestest babbeh then stuck out its tongue. pbbbbft

The blue unicorn was getting agitated as his one eye started to twitch in anger. The bestest babbeh kept kicking Lemon Tart.

“Bestest babbeh! Pwease stawp gibbin mummah hewties!”

The pink unicorn didn’t listen and kept kicking.

“Dummeh mummah! Nu gib miwkies to bestest babbeh! Hatechu! Gib miwkies nao!”

When the pink foal said hatechu, Lemon Tart was heartbroken.

“Nu! Pwease dawn hate mummah, bestest babbeh! hu huuu!”

The foal stopped kicking and then squinted. The blue unicorn could hear a slight noise coming from the pink foal… and then he realized that the pink foal was pooping on Lemon Tart.

“EY! Wha am babbeh doin?!”

“Gibin wowsest mummah sowwy poopies foa nu gib bestest babbeh miwkies!”

Lemon Tart was horrified.

“NUUUUUUU!!! Hu hu hu huuuuu!!”

The Blue Unicorn had had enough. He swipes his hoof across the pink foal’s face, sending it flying into the dirt. A bruise started to form on the foal’s face and its eye became bloodshot and swollen. The foal started to cry.


The blue unicorn walked up to the foal and raised his hoof.

“Fwuffy gib bad babbeh sowwy hoofsies for gibin mummah sowwy poopies.”

Before he could land another hit on the foal, Lemon Tart screamed out.


The blue colt stopped his foot less than an inch from the foal’s face and turned to look at her.

“Pwease nu gib bestest babbeh owwies! Am onwy a widdow babbeh!”

The blue colt was stunned, Lemon Tart still cared for her bestest babbeh, despite the fact it had just given her sowwy hoofsies and sowwy poopies. She now was protecting it.

“Mummah! bestest Babbeh gib yu sowwy poopies an sowwy hewties! Bestest babbeh am BAD babbeh! Nee tu be taught wesson!”

Lemon Tart plopped down onto her front legs and waddles over to stand between the pink foal and the blue colt.

“Bestest babbeh nu am foa hewties! Am for wub and huggies!”

The blue colt stood in mute shock as Lemon Tart was trying to defend the misbehaving pink foal.

“Mummah! Bestest babbeh tweat yu wike poopies!”

Lemon Tart continued to defend the pink unicorn foal.

“Bestest babbeh am onwy wittle babbeh! Bestest babbeh don know!”

As Lemon Tart said this, the pink foal cowering behind her stuck her tongue out and mocked the colt. He stepped forward… and Lemon Tart panicked.


She swipes her hoof across the colt’s face. It was a light jab, barely hurt. He faces her again.

“Gu way munstah! Weave bestest babbeh and bestest mummah awone! Oa ge wowsest owwies!”

The colt now realized that Lemon Tart was a lost cause. He simply frowned his brow and turned to walk away.

“Fine. Fwuffy weave.”

The colt slowly walked his way out of the bush as Lemon Tart cooed over the pink foal.

“Mummah wub bestest babbeh! An bestest babbeh wub mummah!”

He knew the abuse she put herself through with the pink foal would only resume once its injuries healed. He steps out of the bush and out into the night. His eyes adjust to the occasional beams of light coming down from the bwight tings above him.

As he made it past the first trash can. He can hear barking noises and a fluffy shrieking coming from the direction he came. It was coming from the bush. It was Lemon Tart; she and her litter were being attacked.

He almost turns around to head back to protect them… almost. He then remembered Lemon Tart telling him to go away. She failed to see reason in how she was being taken advantage of by her bestest babbeh. He then decided to leave them to their fate. He would strike it out on his own, find a mare for him to give special huggies, have a litter of his own, start a herd, and make sure all the babbehs are treated equally. He had no fond memories of the last smarty; a red unicorn who killed his daddeh, who got scared away by the hoomin with a boom boom ting and scattered the herd.

He kept his pace, hoping to get back to the city to find a pwetty mare. He felt a slight stir in his special wumps as the urge to give special huggies was coming. He hears Lemon Tart scream again.


After a second… he smiles.


It’s hard to find a dumber mother. The “bestest” shitstain could kill all her other foals and she would still try to protect it.

Edit: actually, fluffy mothers can be so much dumber.


Absolute CHAD fluffy right here


Yeah its karma,serve that dumb mare sadly most of her foals dead and gone , she might as well by the dog.


BUT, the colt learned and with luck he will pass on the knowledge. That’s a plus


Yup sad his dad died by a cowardly smarty that scattered the herds, guess that brat of a foal is his, and now as doggo food mwahahhahaa!!!:smiling_imp:


Roses don’t rise from ruin.

Anything he builds will be tainted by the sin of killing his brother in anger. He can never be a Smarty-friend.


Lemon tard and her “best baby” deserve to have many horrible things happen to them.